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            1ST & 2ND HEAVEN



                     EDUCATION BARNONE
























MARK 10: 29-31








                THE CENTER OF THE EARTH




                                     THE   UNITED  STATES   DEBT    2021





Bidens docs


Israel Study

Study shows natural immunity

is 13 times more protective than  vaccines.

Dr. Robert Redfield,

the director of the U.S. Centers for

Disease Control and Prevention under

President Trump; said he believes the virus

originated in a lab in Wuhan, China.

Dr. Mary Gillis 

Johns Hopkins: Covid-19 escaped from the Wuhan Lab.

Nurse Jennifer Bridges

 leads the fight against mandatory vaccines.


Doctor Marty Makary

The largest study ever performed were in Israel; and it shows that national immunity is 13 times more effective than vaccinated immunity. The opposite of what our public health officials have been trumpeting for the last year or so. …and it's interesting the largest and most powerful studies at anemia logically are coming out of Israel and kudos to them for tracking things very well.

But where is the CDC?

You know when it came to studying cloth versus surgical masks only cluster randomized controlled trial was done in Bangladesh. We’re The United States of America. We spent $4 trillion on healthcare. The CDC has 41,000 employees along with the NIH. They have 20 times the data. We should be producing the most definitive conclusive data on boosters, natural immunity, child vaccination outcomes: all kinds of stuff. But instead their stuck to their legacy processes. Where for sample the NIH spent twice as much money on aging research last year. Then it did on COVID research. So we have these basic questions public is asking. How does it spread? When are you most contagious? We had a vacuum of good data to answer those questions; and as a result political opinions filled that vacuum and that was really how we got behind the eight ball with such a polarized debate this pandemic.






Politicians “divide and conquer” the population for their own ends. Democrats and 

Republicans alike — for promoting racial division in the country, saying they are trying to “make whites and blacks not like each other.”

Charles Barkley



120 retired Flag Officers sign letter

urging Americans to fight against Biden-Harris’s Marxist government.





                                                             PRES.  BIDEN'S  APPROVAL  RATING


                                                                          VICE   PRES.   KAMALA   HARRIS'S   ROLE


                                  ECONOMIST:   RECESSION   FORECAST   8   MONTHS   IN 


                                            THE  ECONOMY  &  INFLATION 


Townhall appearances and nationwide

rallies 2021 leading into 2022

Former Pres. Donald Trump

                                             NATIONAL   SUPPLY   CHAIN    DISASTER


                                                             THE IRS: I SPY '1984'

                                                                           BUYER'S   REMORSE   'GUTSY'




‘WE The People’

CNN Poll by SSRS

Americans; three quarters of republicans, half of

Independents and a little few than half of democrats:

all agree democracy is under attack.

Thoughts From The Obstinate Grandmother

Last week I heard Joe Biden say our patience is wearing

thin with the unvaccinated. His patience is running thin? Oh honey

you have no idea. First of all did you notice the complete absence of

any mention of any people who have contracted covid and have a natural

immunity? What about those people? Why are they being forced to be

vaccinated? My body, my choice!

                                        3.5   TRILLION    $$   COMMUNIST   SPENDING   BILL   "AMERICA'S    INDEPENDENCE    DECAPITATOR"




                                                                                         CELEBRITY   VOICES


Nicki Minaj

They want you to get vaccinated for the Met. If I get vaccinated it

won’t be for the Met. It’ll be once I feel I’ve done enough research. I’m working on

that now. In the meantime my loves, be safe. Wear the mask with 2 strings that grips your

head & face. Not that loose one.

My cousin in Trinidad won’t get the vaccine cuz his friend got it & became impotent.

His testicles became swollen. His friend was weeks away from getting married, now the girl

 called off the wedding. So just pray on it, & make sure you’re comfortable with Ur decision; not bullied.

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan ‘stands with’ vaccine skeptic Nicki Minaj.

@nickiminaj & all who see what is happening. Both of us know the powerful elite &

it’s likely you do not. If you are freaking out because she said something you don’t believe, its

most likely because you are scared to examine the thought too closely. Millionaires have become billionaires,

 billionaires are now trillionaires. Think, question. Just cos you want to believe what your cult leader says doesn’t make it a fact.

Comedian Jim Breuer

I have to stick to my morals. I had the coronavirus; why would I get vaccinated?

NJ based comedian is canceling a December show at Montclair’s Wellmont Theater, among other performances due

 their vaccination policy. What he is calling ‘segregation, by the theaters. “I know I’m going to sacrifice a lot of money, 

but I’m not going to be enslaved by the system or by money; and nor should anyone who wants to laugh or be entertained.

Sean Danielson-Smile Empty Soul

Sean Danielson lead singer and guitarist has defended his bands decision

to cancel a few of its previously booked shows; because the concert venues

in question were requiring a Covid-19 vaccine for fans. “I stand 100% for

freedom and medical freedom is especially important to me. I believe you

should get the vaccine if you want it; but should not have to if you don’t want it.

Gina Carano

Warns about ‘freedoms you surrender’!

“Sure I’ll take the vaccine just mail it to me. My health and safety are too

important to show up in person. Just like mail in voting you know, safe, secure

 and honest. So just mail it to me and I’ll give myself the shot and send the paperwork

 back saying I’m vaccinated. You all trust me, right?” The freedoms you surrender today are 

the freedoms your grandchildren never knew existed.

University Students

College students packed football stadiums around the country

maskless chanting f…. Joe Biden. The chants broke out at Coastal Carolina University,

Virginia Tech, Auburn University, and Texas A&M.

Bill Maher

Scolds liberal media for scaring

The s…t out of people ‘over Covid.

They’re afraid to go out.

Greg Gutfeld

The great unifier Biden is saying that all those are that are vaxed are mad at those who aren’t. So this is not true. It's all there to just gin up more animosity and cause division. Basically he said the unvaxed are the new terrorists. That's what he did. He showed more anger towards that 80 million that he actually won't specify what constitutes the 80 million which is kind of interesting. But he showed more anger towards them than the orderly and kind Taliban; right very businesslike. He also lied; basically this whole thing was he was blowing his own horn. Because he blew it in Afghanistan. This was his way to show that maybe he is competent. So he had to gin up the fears; interesting little game is saying everything's great, but it could just totally go to h.ll in a minute and it wouldn’t be my fault. lts these other people’s faults and then he’s comparing the passed before he got there to now.

People have to remember; this is a guy that said don't trust the vaccine. That’s the guy, the same guy who said that is now saying people who say that are publicly dangerous. Or endangering public health blocking public was the word that he used. I think the thing that bugs me most about it is that he found an easy target. It’s a target that the media likes to punch. It's a punching down thing but he won't say who they are; right. …and I don't trust anyone; especially him; who says the only way to get back to normal is to do X. But they keep changing X because it depends on how it effects them politically. So in his government said we're not doing mask mandates as much as three weeks ago.

… and now he's basically created unlimited power. He has unlimited power he can have private businesses fire employees…

Jon Stewart

“The coronavirus has the same first and last name as the Wuhan Lab; duh”.


                                                       DR. FAUCI:    751,000 INNOCENT AMERICAN DEATHS



Richard H Ebright- American Molecular Biologist

The materials confirm the grants; supported the construction-

in Wuhan; of novel chimeric SARS related coronaviruses that combined

a spike gene from one coronavirus with genetic information from another

coronavirus and confirmed; the resulting virus could infect human cells. The

document makes it clear that assertions by the NIH Director Francis Collins

and NAID Director Anthony Fauci; that the NIH didn’t support gain-of-function

research or potential pandemic pathogen enhancement at Wuhan Institute

of Virology: untruthful.

Senator Dr. Rand Paul

“Think about all of the health care workers who’ve risked their lives taking care of COVID patients, got COVID themselves, and now they’re being insulted by their employers saying, ‘Oh, you can’t come back until you’ve been vaccinated?’ even though you’ve already got COVID? That’s not really obeying the science.”

It’s a felony casual up to five years in jail. We referred it to the Dept. of Justice. I don't think Biden’s Department of Justice will do anything with it. But yes it is very dangerous to have public officials who we need to have trust in; coming and lying to us. But he’s (Fauci)  lied dozens of times. Usually he tells us that it's for our own good. But yes he has dissembled, he has obfuscated; there are other nicer words; but he is definitely lied to the American public. He should be held responsible. But not just that the judgment that we should continue to fund this lab. .. and that the virus in all likelihood came from the lab. I think it's such incredibly poor judgment that he (Fauci) should be immediately removed.

Gov. Ron DeSantis

U.S. District Court Judge K. Michael Moore allows DeSantis mask mandate ban. DeSantis threatens $5000 fine per violation; to local government or businesses attempting to enforce the vaccine mandate.

DeSantis was right, study shows remdesivir saves lives. DeSantis went on the offensive to promote the drug as an effective weapon against Covid-29; and the study shows he was right.

In return; the Biden-Harris regime vindictively moved to slash the supply of monoclonal antibody treatment available to Florida. Restricting or limiting Florida’s supply proves two things. 1. Biden

does not care about American citizens or their health. 2. This is not about getting control to the Chinavirus. It’s about authoritarian controlling Americans. Charges must be brought against the B-H

regime for deliberately withholding effective weaponry against

Covid-19 from American citizens.

Sean Hannity

New details emerge about Covid research in Chinese lab.

The bat coronavirus grant provided EcoHealth Alliance with a

Total of $3.1 million, including $599,000 that the Wuhan Institute

of Virology used in part to identify and alter bat coronaviruses

likely to infect humans.

Senator Tom Cotton

I've said for months that Tony Fauci should be fired. Now it’s clear he’s lied to Congress. He should be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. You know for 18 months have been saddling up his moral high horse and clunkiness tongue at colleges kids who want to celebrate a football game. In an outdoor stadium on a nice cold day. Or parents who don’t want their kindergarteners to wear a mask their entire lives. Telling you, you have to wear three mask. When all along he’s been lying; not just to congress; but to the American people. About his role in funding the very reckless dangerous research at a Chinese Communist lab that unleashed this pandemic on the world. It is disgrace and it's time for Tony Fauci to be held accountable.

One of the biggest scandals in Washington modern times. He funded a laboratory that in all likelihood is the source of this once in a century pandemic. That has upended so many of our lives. Hundreds of thousands of people dead. Many more seriously ill. Kids have lost a year; now going on second year of their education, weddings postponed. Jobs have been lost; businesses have been closed. … and Tony Fauci all along has been lecturing you while hiding the fact; that without proper notification is political superiors in the executive branch funded this reckless dangerous research in Chinese Communist lab. .. and then it went to great lengths to try to excuse them. I was wonder why early on in the pandemic Tony Fauci insisted there's no way the virus could have come from that lab. Now we know it was to cover his own tracks. It was to conceal what he had done with your tax dollars and incredibly  reckless research in Chinese lab.

Senator Cotton calls for investigation into Dr. Fauci over Wuhan, calling it the biggest scandal in Washington.

called for Pelosi to subpoena Fauci on Covid-19 origin.

Washington State Troopers, Firefighters & State Employees

In August, Inslee ordered all state employees to receive covid -19 vaccines

By October 18 or face being fired. Washington state vaccine mandate is one

of the strictest in the Country. State Troopers, Firefighters & State Employees have filed a lawsuit against Gov Jay Inslee, a democrat for his Covid-19 mandate; alleging he is overstepping his authority and violating state law. Lawsuit filed by Attorney Nathan Arnold.

24 Attorney Generals

Are threatening to sue President

Joe Biden over the Covid-19

vaccination mandate for businesses.

Sarah Palin

Says she hasn’t been vaccinated

because she’s already had Covid.

Lawyers for Liberty & Anti-Vaxers

Anti-Vax groups are circulating a letter threatening

headteachers legal action if children are given jabs at school

without parental consent. Lawyers for Liberty, a campaign group

has offered to send those letters.

Former President Donald Trump

Trump says Biden to blame for vaccine hesitancy.

Former Vice President Mike Pence

The president’s speech yesterday was unlike anything I've ever heard from an American president. I mean to have the president of the United states say that he's been patient; but his patience is wearing thin. That’s not how the American people expect to be spoken to by our elected leader. To say that it's not about freedom; that exactly about freedom. America is about freedom and the ability to make the best decision for your family for your business. … and now to have a president not just scolding the American people; but scolding governors around the country it's just it's just not the American way.




AUGUST 28, 2021





Ms. McCullum-Goldstar sister of Rylee McCullum

“You cannot kneel on our flag and pretend you care about our troops. You can’t f*** up as bad as he did and say you’re sorry. 

This did not need to happen, and every life is on his hands,” Ms. McCollum said.


Mother of Rylee McCollum

I woke up 4 o’clock this morning to marines at my door

Telling me my so was dead. I never though in a million years

He would die for Nothing. For nothing because a feckless,

dementia ridden piece of crap; decided he wanted a photo-op

on September 11th. 


Father of Rylee McCullum

That’s exactly why I chose not to speak with

Pres Biden. Everything he’s done was completely wrong.

We had opportunities to do this the right way

And we absolutely failed miserably as an administration.

I can’t blame the entire thing on one administration. It goes

Back; we’re more than 20 years into this. But when it came down

To pulling people out; pulling troops out of the country; he couldn’t

have picked a worst way to go about it. 


Mark Schmitz-Goldstar father of Jared Schmitz’s

It didn't go well

He talked a bit more about his own son

than he did my son and that didn.t sit well with me.


Aaron Hoover Gold Star father of Darin Taylor Hoover

We said absolutely not.

We didn’t want to deal with him.

We didn’t want him anywhere near us.

We as a family decided that that was the way it was gonna be.

In reference to the checking of his watch . that didn’t happen just once.

That happened on every single one that came out of that airplane. It happened

on every single one of them. They would release the salute and he’d look down at his watch on every last one; all thirteen. …and as a father, seeing that and the disrespect; and hearing from his former leader. One of his master sergeants said that’ this was avoidable. That they left them over there, they had them over there and let them down. We can’t have that; it can’t happen ever again.


Shana Chappell-Goldstar mother of Kareem Nikoui

Pres. Joe Biden This message is for you. I know my

face is etched on your brain!

I was able to look you straight in the eyes yesterday.

and have words with you. After I lay my son to rest; you

will be seeing me again. Remember, I’m the one that stood

5 inches from your face and was letting you know I would never

get to hug my son again, hear his laugh; and then you tried to

interrupt me and give me your own sob story; and I had to tell you

‘that it isn’t about you; so don’t make it about you’.

You then said you just wanted me to know

that you know how I feel; and I let you know that you

don’t know how I feel; and you do not have the right to

tell me you know how I feel.

U then rolled your f….. eyes in your head

like you were annoyed with me; and I let you

know that the only reason I was talking to you was

out of respect for my son; and that was the only reason

why. I then proceeded to tell you again, how you took my

son away. ... u turned to walk away, and I let you know my sons

blood was on your hands." "threw your hand up behind you as you

walked away from me like you were saying 'ok whatever!'"

You are not the president of the United States

Of America, Biden!!! Cheating isn’t winning!!! You

Are no leader of any kind. You are a weak human being and

A traitor!!! You turned your back on my son; on all our Heroes!!!

You are leaving the White House one way or another; because

you don’t belong there. MY SDON’SD BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS!!!

All 13 of them, their blood is on your hands!!!

If my president Trump was in his rightful seat,

my son and the other heroes would

still be alive.

You’ll be seeing me again very soon!!! Btw

as my son and the rest of our fallen Heroes

were being taken off the plane yesterday; I watched you

disrespect us all; 5 different times by checking your watch!"

"What the f**k was so important that you had to keep looking

at your watch?

"You are nobody special Biden!!! America Hates you!"


Karen Vaughn a Goldstar mother

I remember those exact feelings of just outrage.

Right now she's just trying to reconcile something in her brain; that she can't fathom has actually happened. …and you know that the righteous indignation of having your child die for nothing; is almost overwhelming. I understand her feelings completely; I felt the same way after Aaron died.

…and even more so with her situation.

Yes, we were done; the work had been going on for 20 years.

It was over! It was time to withdraw. It was time to have a strategy,

a plan and there was none. As a result of that her son and twelve others

are dead. …and I can only I can I truly empathize with her anger

and rage right now.


Karen Horton Gold Star mother

You know I don't know

anyone that can say that it’s been

handled well. I've been getting calls from Democrats,

members of Congress, and from Republicans. Nobody knows

how to get anyone out.

So there’s been this fast elaborate network

of service members and operators that have been

doing everything they can to create operations

to get people out. You know people are up 23 hours a day,

24 hours a day; trying to get our friends and our allies of our precious

Afghan fellow humans out of this horrific situation. So it's been horrible for 

everyone. I've gotten thousands of calls asking to get people out; and I wish we could 

have done better for these precious people.


Chad Robichaux

I’m working directly with a military unit.

We’re just trying to get people out. We quickly

assembled our team. We came together and put a

team on the ground in Kabul and the Middle East for

joint operations command center as well as team back in

Washington DC. We consolidate our efforts in six days we got

12,000 people out. We have been stopped in a recent we cannot

take anymore. Not because of our capabilities underground. It’s because

there's nowhere else to put them. we brought 12,000 to a country that gave

us a limit of 4,100; and so we overshot our market little bit; we’re over achievers. 

So many countries have taking people where we filled those countries up and it's

 just so tragic. There's so many so many thousands and thousands still there left

 behind tragically there are thousands more.


Corey Mills (Saturday-28Aug21)

As you are aware after the brief explosions which

we had guys on the ground. They (military) had already

welded two of the gates. Which really cut down the flow of those

who were trying to get in. There were

Americans outside the gates; waving their

passports trying to get in; who were being waved

off (military). Obviously, I understand the security of American

service members is key. But there were quite a few Americans

and 1,100 SIV’s that were supposed to be taken by Brit, Hungry

and other Countries. So we are seeing a continual uneven flow;

and military projection now; more is on getting equipment out and

not necessarily personnel.


Glenn Beck

I’m in Afghanistan. I’m the region that are actually taking these people as refugees. This is a waiting station just to get them off of the tarmac. They do not want to be identified because they are concerned about the new coming terror that’s gonna be happening in the region. I will tell you that we have pulled out 5100 people. Christians, women and children and put them on planes. The last plane that took off before the bombings.

Today we had about 500 refugees, women and children mainly. We had them inside the airport today and one military official ordered them to go back on the other side of the gate. I have pictures of them this morning pleading to get back through the gate. ...and then I have pictures of blood and body parts and nothing but death in that same area.

Our state department is responsible for what we believe are some of these people. I don't know how many survived. The country I’m in right now is at their limit. There are only three countries.

The state department has blocked us every step of the way. The state department and the white house have been the biggest problem. Everyone else has been working together putting their differences aside; trying to get these people to safety. The state department and the White house have blocked us every single step of the way.

In fact an ambassador was called in Macedonia last night; and told not to accept none of these people as we were trying to get them off of the tarmac here to keep the airport flowing; in getting these Christians out. We haven’t been able to move anybody for about 12 hours. Our mission is now changing greatly . We have to send people now into greater danger. Try to smuggle these Christians out; who are marked not just for death: but to be set on fire alive; because they're converted Christians.

Tomorrow I'm getting back onto another plane, so you know not funded by the Nazarene fund. Nothing I am doing here; I paid for this clear. Copeland Ministries let me borrow their jet. But we're going someplace else to open up two countries; and I don't even want to say who they are. Because I'm afraid our state department will call them, threaten them.

But we are going to move these people to new homes...and they are going to be a blessing to some country.

I don't know why we have open borders. I mean it’s really interesting. We have open borders and closed airports. People are exploited, raped, killed, by drug cartels and then the other people are raped, exploited and crucified or set on fire by terrorists.

There seems to be a pattern with the Biden administration.

This country I’m in; I begged them to let me tell the world who

they are. They have more compassion for these Christians than our

American government. It is insulting, embarrassing and wrong; and

what our government is doing now I believe is out and out evil.


Lara Logan

I have friends tonight. People that work for me at 60 minutes; worked with me. I have people who are high risk vulnerable targets; who work very closely with U.S. military; with special operations forces. They’re in hiding now trying to make it through the night.

Do you know what it's like to have them screaming down the phone begging for help. Begging you please America don't do this. I have videos of Afghan women trapped outside the airport; begging Joe Biden: please Biden save us. Please save us. I mean how did it come to this. Do you know the special operations community is reeling.

Sean I know that you speak to a lot of these guys as well.

I know Colonel North does too. Dan Crenshaw you do as well. There are literally like entire battalions strength in numbers of Americans: who are flying into Afghanistan to rescue people. Going into the region who are risking everything. It is it is like people; they're not even thinking about anything else except that: they know that this is wrong.

… and the worst part is to see that General. How dare he? How dare these people in the administration stand there and pretend that this absolute Armageddon isn't happening .


Former President Donald Trump/ 26Aug21

Well it’s so sad; it’s probably, from the standpoint of military

tactics; just an embarrassment. The most embarrassing thing that has

ever happened to our country. We look like fools all over the world. We’re

weak, we’re pathetic. We’re being led by people who have no idea what

they’re doing.

They take the military out of it. They say now we’ll bring out the people.

All of a sudden the Taliban walks in. We had the Taliban so under control;

They wouldn’t have moved without getting our approval.

We had an incredible agreement. They weren’t killing our soldiers.

You know that, it was part of it. In fact, Biden actually said that today.

He said, ‘ they weren’t killing them because of the agreement we had’.

They hadn’t killed any of our soldiers in many, many, many months and they

weren’t going to; because they were afraid to. …and we had them totally

in control.

All of a sudden the Biden Administration takes over; and they say

We’re taking the military out. They didn’t say they were taking the people.

First, you take the people out; and then you take the equipment out. We

left up to $80 billion worth of equipment.

I want to tell you, I think Our soldiers, even civilians. I think our soldiers are in tremendous danger. I think airplanes flying in and out of the airport are in

tremendous danger.

They have the best equipment, the best apache helicopters, the best

rockets, the best tanks. A lot of them that are immensely valuable. By the way Russia wants them; because they want to examine them because we have far

more superior technology. China wants them.

This is the dumbest thing. I think it’s the dumbest move anybody’s

ever made; perhaps in the history of our country. Taking the military

out; and then saying we hope to get the people out.

Then when I hear General McKenzie say, the Taliban

is going to protect them. The Taliban is the enemy. I deal

with the leader. This is not a boy scout. To put it in another way

this is a tough hardened person. He’s been fighting us for many years;

and we’re using them now to protect us.

Look what happened to their protection.

One hundred people. They say more than a hundred

people were killed and thirteen of our incredible military

were killed. And that’s just the beginning because many of

our military are in the hospital right now. Very badly wounded

and hurt.

So they gave this list of Americans to the Taliban

whom we’ve been fighting for many, many years.

And they’re tough fighters, they’re good fighters; but now they

can be much better; because they have the best equipment in the world.

So much of it they don’t know what to do with it. They’ll

be selling it on the open market. ..and they gave that to these people.

…and ISIS X, you know I knocked out 100% of the ISIS califate.

I knocked it out in Syria and Iraq. So now they have a new ISIS

Called ISIS X. …and that’s members of the Taliban that are far more

vicious because they don’t the way the Taliban is behaving; they’re

not vicious enough. So this is Taliban fighters who are

much more vicious.

…and we’re using the Taliban and giving lists of

Americans to the Taliban. So now you just knock on the

door and grab them and take them. This country has never

seen stupidity like this.

                                                                                         WOKE MILITARY LEADERS


                                                                          BIDEN-HARRIS    ADMINISTRATION     FOREIGN      AFFAIRS







                                                                                  SOUTHERN  BORDER  CRISIS


"This is a refugee border crisis"

Cecilia Muñoz, director of former President Barack Obama's

Domestic Policy Council on the surge at the border.

                                                                                BIDEN-HARRIS IMMIGRATION





Governor Greg Abbott

President Biden is becoming a habitual violator of the United states constitution. Do you recall that it was just recently that he said; he did not have the authority to impose the moratorium on evictions. …and yet he did and of courts ruled against it. He also said, he didn't have the authority to and would not mandate the vaccines on people of The United States of America. He does not have that authority under the constitution.

As you brought out it is states and governors that have the authority.

Sean, I’ve issued an executive order already in existence that prohibits any government from

 imposing a vaccine mandate on my fellow Texans. So we're gonna have a constitutional showdown. 

I believe governor's orders will supersede the president orders because the president does not have the 

authority to impose it. this But more practically Sean, is the effective President Biden is having on businesses.

Biden’s order may cause businesses to shut down. I've seen the report that showed as many as 40% of workers may not show up to work and then required to get a vaccine shot. That will cause employers not to be able to have the employees they need to run their businesses. So this is very dangerous for business. In fact the Texas Association of Business said this is a frightening precedent; established by Joe Biden. Because if he's able to do this he would be able to establish any type of regulatory regime over the way businesses operate.

Biden’s mandate is an assault on private businesses. I issued an Executive Order protecting Texan’s rights to choose

 whether they get the Covid vaccine. Texas is already working to halt the power grab.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich

Arizona AG Mark Brnovich ‘freedom and

bodily autonomy (of illegal immigrants) more than

American citizens.

No illegal alien from the US border or from Afghanistan

detention facilities and military bases are required to get the Covid-19

vaccine. Yet, the B-H regime issues an emergency executive order

mandating vaccines to the American citizens that fund his paycheck.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced he would sue Biden and

His administration over the order. His claim; because ‘migrants who cross

the southern border illegally are not subject to any vaccination requirements

even when released directly into the United States ‘the order reflects

favoritism for undocumented migrants’.

Judge David Hurd-Utica New York

Judge David Hurd blocks mandates on vaccinations for healthcare

workers. He issued an order after 17 healthcare professionals, including

doctors and nurses, claimed their rights were violated. The Judge gave

New York state until Sept 22 to respond to lawsuit in federal court.

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                             PRES.   OF   AFT   &  NEA   TEACHER'S  UNION  THREATEN  TO   SUE   PARENTS






Teacher Ramona Bessinger speaks out against

critical race theory entering in schools.



Randall Township, NJ residents

stand up to Board of Education called

for their resignation; for bringing ‘woke

and cancel culture into the school system and won.

                                         DEFUND     THE       POLICE