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MARK 10: 29-31


























1 February 22-Mayl 22

As a radical disciple for Christ,

relentless warrior for Jehovah God

and a toddler student of The Holy Ghost ;

I feel compelled to speak out, let my voice be heard.

It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it!

Since I'm on Trinity Kingdom assignment,

I might as well

Go for Broke;

No Fear, Never Back Down; Over & Out!!!

Good Trouble!!!

…Justice must prevail…

For the record, I'm not attempting to meet anyone's standards,

be politically correct; or be sparse with my words. Let me

establish that I'm not a republican or democrat;

I'm an independent. Allow me to also

establish the only side I'm on is

The Trinity Triune's,

Jehovah God, Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit

The Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit


King Yahweh, Prince Yeshua, & The Holy Ghost

It’s time for me to step into the Warrior’s lane.

Where I see myself as bulletproof; where whatever I say,

I better mean it; because I can’t take it back;

and I don’t intend to. Where, I’m looking the assassins directly

in the face; two fingers at you; eye to eye. LOL



Psalm 2: 1-12

Absolutely, positively No Fear, I’m Built for this!!


This is real personal; current and future generations are at stake.

Besides; I got what they want, what they secretly claim to be theirs.

What they’ve already plotted to steal.

The Gold, Eternity’s Gold.

The Priceless Limitless GOLD that has no expiration date.

Oh, they know about the Gold.

My 6 internet babies have been on public display since 2010.

EYES Website, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace

There is no other supernatural cinematography in the entire world.

Which makes me the richest person ON PLANET EARTH.

An Italian Job, Oceans, and Hustlers Special.

Marching Orders: steal, swindle, manipulate, bully, snatch; then kill.

Heck; do whatever it takes and by whatever means necessary.

Just don’t come back without it.

You know greed-mongers, control freaks, always want what they 

can't have; other folks stuff: but some how that thing always

comes back to shoot itself in the foot.

...and then there are the recruiters, the bounties; the soul snatching

perverted blood sucking PREDATORS. The witchcraft, black magic

sorcery, voodoo, treehouse masters, warlocks, valley of the ugly dolls; ghosts,

kettels, digs, golden needles, graveside chats: didn't work..

The Devil's Rejects: five words:

...Catch Me If You Can...

I'm standing boldly in your demonic territory

about to come down your lane, which is really my lane.

Yeah, I'm selling noise

You better move out of my way, or you will be trampled by The Holy Ghost.

Heck, I even hear Satan calling you; useless humans!

If I were him, you'd be fired already

little ole me against your massive demonic brigade

I can't be looking at his best, if so; even he needs to retire.

and let's be very clear, there's only one reason 

Jehovah God, The Father, 

allowed you sorcerers, warlocks and witch doctors

to enter my territory, uninvited, unannounced and unrestrained.

your entrance gives me automatic access into your territory 

the same exact free rein: for one purpose demonic demolition

all while flaunting Eternity's Limitless Gold in your face; 

it's time to platform holy

The plow; highway thru hell

All Aboard

 The USA Titanic

follow me and watch your step

due to 40-year high inflation, gas prices, 

rent skyrocketing climbing to 8.5 percent; and 

the economy shrinking 1.4 GDP in the 1st quarter; 

for the 1st time in 70 years; threatening a recession-depression;

 as early as 2023: all in one year: we can't afford insurance.

Remain skintight close, 

there are one million illegal stowaways on the ship, 

including unidentified drug cartels, human sex traffickers

and an estimated 750.000 gotaways.

We've already lost one hero soldier, tragically. He jumped in the water

 trying to save two; who turned out to be drug smugglers. A precious life lost; 

for naught. Even more egregious is the B-H faux regime's refusal to take accountability 

for the senseless loss or even celebrate the hero.

Listen up; an American insurrection; 

killers, terrorists; a confirmed 42 are also on the ship;

 and the ships commanders have no idea where they are. 

Many countries; all allowed to board free of charge, full amenities

compliments of dumbo and dumber..


...enter at your own risk...

Listen, this last year was never about covid;

it has been about conditioning Us

'We The People'

for their vicious plot of perpituity control. There’s one thing hampering the

Biden-Harris faux regime of dumbo and dumber; malicous vile agenda. 

Sustainabiliy! I got the Gold and we're on opposite sides.

Big Slew Foot stepped in the lane flagrantly confident; Waay too soon.

Their agenda America Last. 

Illuminati One World Communist Socialist Authoritarian Order 1st!

In other words, mind, body, and financial control: human slavery

Decades of planning and it all comes down to this very moment.

My agenda

The Trinity Triune Kingdom

Jehovah God, Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit

Service to Man

America and it's Citizens's 1st.

which includes Israel


The Ministry of Repentance

The Sons

Spotless Blameless

The Trinity Kingdom 

Miraculously Aligned Assigned Universal Church

Z Nation $

All the Money in the World

Coming to America

Eternity’s Priceless Limitless Gold

Second-Sight Supernatural

Vision Photography

A League of It's Own

The Only Game in Town, Country & World.

EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC


The Mother Yacht

...America's Rescuer...

The lane that defends and protect

'We The People'!

EYES Mission:

The American Dream

Put America 1st, Put America Back to Work,

Make America Safe again, Make America Whole again;

and for God Sake Protect the Children.

Today; with a vengeance; without apology!

Boss Baby

Is The New Sheriff In Town, Country & World.

Whoever Has The Gold Makes The Rules!

Heck Makes New Rules!!!

Coming to America!!!

All The Money in The World!!!

Unstoppable, Uncomprehendable, Spectacular!

No matter which direction I choose, I enter the Marketplace

strong, 9 zeros, cash and carry 100% debt-free. Where 1000-dollar bills

become more common than 100-dollar bills.

Move over boys, there’s a girl in the room, seated at the head of the table.

Not your table; mines, I’m in a league of my own; meet, Boss Baby.

Yours; broke busted and disgusted: and Mines;

 good Limitless Jesus's Gold and plenty.

Despite the current verbiage;

all sides nationally and internationally

are desperate because thanks to good ole Chinese corona;

quiet as it’s kept the entire world is broke…

...You're in recession barter territory...

It ain't personal; it's business. No financially secure entity would align

 itself with unwarranted debt. This is not the judgement zone,

 we just have two completely opposite visions.

Yours America Last:  Mines America 1st.

Yours socialist, communism: Mines freedom, liberty

Yours; One World Order; totalitarian dehumanization

Mines America the Greatest Independent Nation in the World

Yours censorship; Mines free speech

Now there are two tables in the room: Like I said,

 Big Slew Foot stepped in the lane waay to soon!!!

Unstoppable, Spectacular, Phenomenal!


Follow me, stay skintight close and again, watch your step!!!

There are floodgates of illegals barging thru the frontdoor.

If you're not careful you'll get run over or accidentally fall overboard.

This mass invasion is purposefully calculated by the B-H faux regime. The goal

turn America into a 3rd world country. Beat us into submission, take away our voice,

make us welfare dependent; where we can't afford food, houses, or cars.; unless we obey. 

Also, they're counting on the illegals vote; out of loyalty which automatically 

gives them the leverage needed to retain perpituity power.

But for 'We The People' 

Take the Giant Step

Let's annihilate their plan; 

and give them each free one-way tickets to the 3rd world country

of their choice.: China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, North Korea

Z Nation $

dont take my word for it, see for yourself.

Allow me to take you on a Tour of the USA Titanic Wreckage.

We'll start with the Upperdeck, where the rule makers are 

partying. blissfully. The biggest bash of the century. The party of 

Rules For Thee but Not For Me.

Heterosexual Women & Mothers

 Sitdown & Shutup

You've Been Nullified!!!

..and your children, babies, toddlers; mentally, sexually belong to us...

Partying: oblivious to all the pain and heartache they've 

caused, are causing us; ; without remorse or regret.

Stay focused.

Take a transparent bifocal look folks,

the scoundrels leading America the Biden-Harris

faux regime 'dumbo and dumber' have led the entire

world into a recession; miliseconds away. They literally turned

America's control keys over to our most violent adversaries.

Oil-Russia, economic supply chain, intellectual property superiority,

family wartime secrets-China, and our massive weapons of warfare-

Afghanistan-Taliban featuring ISIS; with Iran and North Korea coming up the rear.

Hosting a freelance terrorist invasion from allsides through the southern border.

Consistently writing blank checks in a deliberate attempt to bankrupt 

America. Spruing every vehicle or tool to keep Us divided; 

demonizing each other from; censorship, cancel culture, 

woke, crt, Jim Crow 2.0, The Black Lives Matter Org. Imposters

the counterfeit voting rights bill, labeling parents terrorists, vaccinating

 our children without our permission, the processional obliteration of straight

women and mothers; the advancement of transgender as real women, the perverted 

sexual war on our children, the free speech fear-factor 

 and the demolishing of the middle-class and the rich who 

refuse to obey.

...public sujugation of the defiant...

...a straight out public lynching...

 ...and then there's their greatest threat; the Church. 

Pethaps not, because I'm looking at punk pulpit pontificators

flagrantly flexing hand allegience too;  to the Illuminati One World Order. 

..and let's not forget channeling with the devil instead of submitting to The Holy Ghost.

These are the worst; traitors to The Trinity Kingdom; without a cause.... 

Oh that's right; the Mt. Pinnacle bow: in exchange for fame, fortune and power.

Luke 4

Observe their inheritances , then observe at mines

They have mansions, bentlys, mega churches and planes.

I have inherited Eternity's Limitless Gold.

..and what I have been awarded, the Devil doesn't even have access to.

I'm simply pointing out, they have been duked by the Devil.

Even what he gave them is minuscule compared to what he actually owns.

They're bold enough to flex hand signals to the Illuminati; One World Order.

Jehovah God said; expose them; call them out!

It's all good!

No sweat; Jehovah God, The Father, has hidden warriors

 male and female already warmed up to take their place.

The Sons!!!

Romans 8: 1-14

Besides, We're about to throw the greatest

Authentic Come to Jesus Bash

Phillippians 2:10-11

that ever existed on planet earth. 


Clean House: Rework

Matthew 11:12

...and just so there is no discrepency about the Jesus, We come to boldly celebrate; 

unfortunately due to fake profitliars, there are many different versions.: clarity.


The ONE Raised In The Hood


Can anything good come out of Nazareth?

Who hung out all by himself; gangsterlene as a child.

Even Mom Mary and Pop Joseph had to look for him.

Who’s best friends and closest confidants were gangsters.

The 12 disciples; He actually started out with 70.

Shoot! Peter cut the soldier’s ear off in defense of Jesus.

Of course, Jesus rebuked him and put the ear back on the

soldiers face. But the fact remains that was a gangster move.

The Jesus who gangster whipped; beatdown the imposters

while using strong words; and kick them all out of the Temple.

The Jesus who endured that brutal execution silently


But rose like KING GOD!!!


John 1:46, Luke 2:41, Luke 6:13

John 18:10, John 2:15,

Psalm 24, Psalm 50:12, Psalm 2:1-12,

Matthew 27 & Matthew 28

This is a significant moment in the history of all mankind. 

For the very 1st time in the history of man Jesus and Satan are

expecting the same exact thing. Well actually Satan is demanding it,

Jesus is freewill-adwill requesting it. Either way the great divide, wheat vs tare.

What is it, I'm glad you asked? Unwavering allegiance, loyalty and dedication.

Breakin news, frontpage, out of the closet, ready to die for; wait for it.

Satan's demand; Jesus's request: zero ounce of betrayal.

...last chance; pick-a-side...

..keep walking...

..Captain and Co-Captain's Quarters...

...Stay close...

...and allow me to elaborate the backup weapon 

that ensures 'we peons stay in our place; welfare controlled dependent 

on them. The phoney climate change initiative. I kept wondering why supposedly 

the most brilliant people in the room; graduates of Harvard University, Stanford University, Massachusettes Institute of Technology, University of California of Berkley, Oxford University, Columbia  University, Yale, and Cornell University: Wall Street, Silicon Valley: millionaires, billionaires:

business moguls, worldwide philanthropist; the best of the best.

Would conjure up a plan,' that makes absolutely no sense. 

Absolutely no sense! A plan that literally places the cart before the horse. 

Completely, asinine; and I'm not cursing. There's simply is no other

descriptive word, to get my point across. 

 I'm thinking can they really be that incompetent? Or do they think we are?

 Then I started analyzing their pattern. Low and behold, I realized

 Biden's executive orders have pursued the same exact asinine pattern 

throughout his entire agenda: 

From the border ' just let them in' citizen's safety insignificant.  

Vaccine mandates; 'obey or else' you won't work, eat or sleep

except on skidrow. 

Oil, gas and coal: shut it all dowm now! You will respect and honor our adversaries.

We buy from them instead. Independence what? 'come on man'!

Afghanistan: let them have everything, compliments of Joe and Kamala.

I can't be up pass eight; and I need my sippy cup of milk and cookies.

Dead soldiers; what about them. They got what they signed up for! 

Hello! Come on Man!!! Stupid S.O.B.

Russia; listen my hands are tied;

 as long as he's still my friend; that's all that matters. 

"Remember during the Summit, I talked about the proposition that certain

 critical infrastructure should be off limits to attack period. I gave him a list,

 if I'm not mistaken;  16 specific enities: 16 defined as critical infrastructure for 

U.S. policy; from the energy sector to our water systems". 

Well I can't afford for him to get mad at

me and begin attacking them!

...what you talking about willis?! is he nsane, senile, and enemy criminal complicit?

can someone put him in a nursing home; quick with guard

 rails, a muzzle and a child monitor?

The fastest and strongest way to collapse a Country

is to attack it's energy and water systems. This idiot, by 

his own admission; gave Vladimir Putin a specific list of our

 most vulnerable power and water infrastructures. 


The B-H faux regime's

 1st Public Auction of America

16 Front Door Key Free Giveaway

The Pandemic of Dumbo and Dumber

...listen for yourself; you can't make this stuff up...

again, wouldn't that be considered treason?

I see you agree; it's treacherously ugly...

...shsh; listen...

Do not call Vlad a mad man; it might provoke him to turn

our lights out; cyber crash; with locks, chains. and ransom.

Get him on the phone right now, I need to make sure we're still good.

..and make sure you reassure him, we will continue to purchase 

670 barrels of oil a day. Keyrock what?

Do not bother me with such nonsense.

Get Khami on the phone; tell him forget about the disposal

of nukes; let's make a deal!! 

Today, right now! His Call, his way!

Get Ping on the phone too, negotiate whatever necessary 

to keep him from entering Tai. It's the only thing that will save them.

 Remind him of our close intimate relationship.

Whatever he wants; I said; whatever he wants!!!

What do you mean Biny won't take my call? Call him back,

see what kind of concessions we can make?

Did anybody call Nic? What are you waiting for?

What you mean Vlad's killing people; it's a war; right? What about Zen? What about

him; he's getting exactly what he sign up for when he resisted my precious friend's demands.

He shouldn't have been so stubborn. It would have been alright for him to give 

Vlad a smidget of Krai. Come on man! Just a smiget.

Nobody can't say I didn't try to help Zen. But there are limits; because I'm not

doing anything to provoke Vlad. Vlad's my boy. You'll see he'll come around. 

No! I'm not doing anything to disrupt his main source of revenue.

 ...and don't ask me again about turning our faucets back on; 

that would prove to be wartime betrayal.

Just leave Vlad alone; he'll come around and then

we'll be back to business as usual.

You'll see!

He just bombed a children's hospital; 

and what's your point? 

Ole calm down it was an accident!!

What's Nicky saying, did anybody get him on the phone yet?

We need oil, at least temporarily?

  Dumbo & Dumber's Best Friends & Confidants Are The Communist Terrorists

In the poignant surreal words of Senator Bill Haggerty

The Biden Administration favors

International Killers over American Drillers.

..God Help us..

...Jesus take the wheel...

Is anybody home?

...again, is dumbo insane, senile, and enemy criminal complicit?

...and then there's scramble brains...

The former press secretary to President Zelensky

tweets ' It would be a tragedy if this woman won the presidency'.

..and what even more catastrophic than her statement is; 

it's true.

Folk are literally being slaughtered; men, women, pregnant women and 

children. More than 4.5 million refuges have left Ukraine, millions 

of soldiers and civilians on the frontline; and thousands lay 

dead in the streets and in open graves.

Not only did Kamala not put on her Sunday best; by atleast reading from a kid prompter like her brainless sidekick; who belongs in daddy-daycare. But, she evaded serious questions; in the midst 

of this horrendous crisis; on the w.o.r.l.d.s.t.a.g.e.

 She starts laughing, giggling and cackling hysterically; then turns to 

Polish President Andrzej Duda spitting out

'A friend in need is a friend indeed'; then continued laughing.

The Polish President literally put his hand out as a 

gesture for her to stop laughing!!!

No display of human connection, sympathy, empathy!

Some say, laughing is what she does when she gets nervous or cornered.

Ok, but after the laughter, the only thing we get or experience is childish gibberish.

Home Alone 2?

dumbo and dumber

beam me up scottie

put the child gate up,

...hurry she's fragile

we don't want her to fall down the stairs...

...scramble brains Kamala...

Boy does she put Howard University and UC Hastings College of Law to shame.

Not to mention, us, Black African Americans, Asian Americans and women. There hasn't been

one VP assignment where even her honing as a wordsmith; has met the standards of a lawyer; nevertheless a seasoned Attorney General of the 3rd largest state in the entire Country. What ever happened to articulate, well versed, over prepared; thorough; self sufficient; presidental material? I am not second guessing her education. Education is my famly legacy and a major influence lane in 

my assignment for others. I'm extremely proud of any minority whom 

achieves what was at a significant point in history;

literally impossible for us to attain; an education.

...and allow me to establish there isn't one woman in the entire U.S. or minority, regardless of party;

 that hasn't wanted Kamala to succeed; including me. Her standing in that position is

 historical for all of us. 

It even appears as though she has ran her own staff out of town.

Individuals with stellar resumes and reputations.

Come on people, black folk, minorities are saying 'kick rocks'. 

Thirteen top officials have resigned in the last nine months; without hesitation or reserve.

As a black individual myself, I will venture to say, if we leave;

  like slam the door shut; on a prominent position;

one that we worked hard for, earned, bringing sound structure and stability to.

The situation or circumstance has exhausted itself to the point of no return.

She fell down and she can't get up:

again, put the child gate up;

the steps are right there, hurry!

..and be careful walk around the child gate;

watch your step...

again we don't have any insurance...

quick sidebar

you can all seat along the ledge

and eat your packed lunches

I really need to get this out

I'ma need a minute; I'm hot as fish grease!!!

....breathe Spring, breathe....

I am addressing every heterosexual woman 

 mother, grandmother, daughter and granddaughter in America. 

This is not the time to sitdown, and shutup; or remain quiet. 

1st of all;

Any woman that identifies as a woman should not be voting for Katanji Brown Jackson.

Any woman who has a mother should not be voting for Katanji Brown Jackson.

Any woman who birthed or adopted a daughter should not be voting for Katanji Brown Jackson.

Any woman who has a granddaughter should not be voting for Katanji Brown Jackson. 

Any woman who has a grandmother should not be voting for Katanji Brown Jackson

Just in case anyone needs a reminder of 

what a woman is; since Katanji couldn't tell us.

I'll ask old faithful; Mr. Webster; who was created in 1831, Springfield Ma. .

His standards, definitions and synonyms have been consistent,

 elementary and basic for 191 years.

His description has not changed or deviated from at 1st.

He says a woman is an adult female human being.

synonyms: female, girl, damsel, broad, dame, lady, gal, sister, mother, grandmother

Pretty basic right?

Listen; we women have fought this battle too long,

 earned the right to be identified not only as a woman, but strong,

 intelligient, battle ready, battle tested, prodigy, genius, smart. Capable 

of not only handling, but engineering, instituting, creating, developing, brainstorming,

from the kitchen to the boardroom. Heck, today 2022, and especially after the Chinavirus;

we are every woman; meaning we can conquer any challenge.

This is truly our Hour of Power!

What Women Want!!

Real Women, We Are Some Baad Sisters!!!

Again, this is not the time to sitdown, shutup; or remain silent!

Can't nobody cancel us. 

They may try, but they won't succeed, not on my watch!

..and I'm confident there are alot of trailblazers before me, 

standing beside me, and coming behind me.

...we ain't having it...

You better catch up or you will be left behind!

This is not a new plight for us; we are battle tested and battle ready.

The 1848 Seneca Falls Woman's Rights Convention marked the beginning 

of the women's rights movement in the United States. 

Ain't nobody playing 'cancel us' think again; brawl of the century.

..and I hate to remind yall but;

I got the Gold...

Z Nation $

...any door you shut; whether your goal is to 

cancel, woke, censor, transgender replace me, due to 

my untamed, uncut, unapologetic, cutthroat, authentic, truth

will remain shut generationally...

Remember I said this; because it appears as though a major part of 

your system of elevation is based on: favor for favor. 

I don't ask or accept favors. No Hooks people.

Trinity Kingdom Culture.

You shut the door, I caulk seal it; permanently, generationally.


..and as for the democrat women, it's one thing

 to be loyal to your party. But when your party is not loyal to you; 

because it comes to annihilate, eliminate, nullify, disenigrate, 

invalidate, rescind: cancel your generational woman, female legacy. 

Need I say more; the only thing you should be saying is duces!! 

Not to your party, but to the defectors in your party.

...and as for black women; this ain't the time to be gullible. 

Girl please we been through too much to turn a blindeye to this.

 ..and please stop acting like we're stuck on stupid.

Can we stop labeling everything as racist? 

Does systematic racism exist in America; yes? 

Is America racist; no?

Stop holding the enitre country hostage for a small group of people.

I'm specifically calling out the media. Don't you realize you're diminshing your

prodigy, genuis by not calling a spade a spade. By labling every resistent

act racist and any black person whom doesn't agree with you; an uncle Tom or 

aunt Tomosina, or every white conservative a white supremist, or Trump radical.

Instead you're adtually implying your brains, gifts, talents, skills, and due dillgience

 are insufficient, inadequate, deficient. Which places you in the category of unqualified; 

even though you are very qualified. You are killing your Queen Crown.

This is not about racism toward Katanji. This is about stopping

the defectors in your progressive democratic party from using Katanji

as a weapon of destruction against us women and our children.

....and to all white women, you are phenomenal too.

1st allow me to start, by applauding 

your ancestors; whom started the women's rights movement. Our 

ancestors would have been standing right beside them, but unfortunately

 they were forced to wear chainlinks around their neck, hands and feet. With

 that being said, both white and black women have demonstrated we

know what it is to fight for rights. 

While your ancestors  fought for women's rights,

 our ancestors were fought for human rights.

Please listen carefully, white, caucasian women. 

The last thing we strong, dominate, thorough, genius, prodigy, smart, 

black women of excellence need; is a pity vote.

Allow me to clarify exactly what I mean. 

I'll use Katanji as a example since she's the one in the hot seat.

Senator Marsha Blackburn asked Katanji a simple question.

  'Can you define a woman?"

The question was not racist, or demeaning. She wasn't asking about sexual preference.

It was a simple commonsense question.

Not only did Katanji not answer her, she appeared to be struggling with the answer!

..and perhaps even more egregious was Senator Cory Booker coming to her rescue with

a deflated fake superman cape; and her dropping crocodile tears.

 Both were extremely degrading to any black accomplished woman's crown.

 Just to get my point across, I'm going to give you some examples

of some strong, powerful, black women. Who identify as women, 

and wear their superwoman cape confidently. I'm talking about 

some of the baadest bosses on planet earth.

 I'm intentionally choosing black women from various fields. 

As well some who's views and career choices are totally different 

than mines; but they're still wearing the superwoman cape and have

 earned their Princess and Queen Crowns.

History makers, game shakers, revolutionaries!

Heck, Done Did or Are Doing The Darn Thang!!!

Black Woman Exellence

The Original Gangsters

 The Legends

Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Ida B. Wells,

Claudette Colvin, Madam C.J. Walker, Lyda D. Newman, Ruby Bridges,

Fannie Lou Hamer, Marsha P. Johnson, Audre Lorde, Marian Anderson, Dinah Washington

Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, Mamie Smith, Ella Fitzgerald, Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, 

Mahalia Jackson, Etta James, Bessie Smith, Nina Simone, Minnie Riperton, Sarah Vaughn, 

Roberta Flack, Esther Rolle, Diane Caroll, Marla Gibbs, Isabel Sanford, Roxie Roker, 

Zara Cully, Denise Nichols, Karen Valentine, Eartha Kitt, Pamela Suzette Grier, 

Phyllis Hyman, Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson, Gail Fisher, 

Baby Gangsters

 Shirley Chisholm., Coretta Scott King, Mae Jemison, Octavia Butler, Katherine Johnson,

Maya Angelou, Dianna Ross, Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick, Tina Turner,

Aretha Franklin, Gloria Gaynor, Chaka Khan, Donna Summers,  Shirley Ceasar,

Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Dottie Peoples, Whitney Houston, Alfrie Woodard, Tracie Chatman,

Anita Baker, Natalie Cole, Albertina Walker, Babbie Mason, Marian Williams, Bobbie Humphrey,

Dr Alveda King, Oprah Winfrey, Debbie Allen, Phylicia Rashad, CeCe Winans, Yolanda Adams,

 Vicky Winans, Karen Clark Sheard, Twinkle Clark, Dorinda Clark Cole, Regina King, Naomi Campbell,

 Debra Antney, Tisha Campbell, Toshina Arnold,  Lana Michelle Moorer, Dana Elaine Owens, Yolanda Whitaker,Angela Bassett, Mariah Carey, Erykah Badu, Vivica Fox, Tyra Banks, Halle Berry, Toni Braxton, Brandy Norwood, Robin Roberts, Arthel Neville, Holly Robinson Peete, Wanda Sykes, Laila Ali, Harris Faulkner, Melissa Arnette Elliot, Janet Jackson, Judge Karen Mills-Frances, Judge Glenda Hatchet, Judge Lynn Candace Toler, Jacqueline Yvonne Harry, Tia Mowery, Tamara Mowery, Belinda Tolbert, Ebonie Smith, Donna Summers, LisaRaye McCoy , Shawntee Harris,  Tionne Tenese Watkins, Rozanda Thomas, 

Lisa Lopes, Kimberly Denise Jones, Lisa Leslie, Sheryl Swoopes, Candace Parker, Yolanda Griffin, Cynthia Cooper  Dyke, Brittany Grier, Dawn Staley, Deborah Roberts, Janet Du Bois, Bern Nadette Stanis, Lisa Bonet, Lynn Whitfield, Robin Givens, Lisa Thomas Lawry, Aaliyah Dana Haughton, Ashanta Shequoiya Douglas, Judge Mablean Ephriam, Lauryn Hill, Iman Abdulmajid, Kim Fields, Cynthia Bailey Hill, Neicey Nash, Tempestt Bledsoe, Valerie Simpson, Sheryl Underwood, Cheryl Burke, Jill Scott


Venus Williams , Beyonce Knowles, Monique Angela Hicks, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, Paula Patton, Sherri Shepherd, Angela Rene White, Nini Leakes, Shaunie Oneal, Faith Evans, Alicia Keys, Tamala Mann, Mary-Mary, , Mary J. Blige, Kim Burrell, Onika Minaj Petty, Jennifer Hudson, Serena WilliamsKesha Cole, Megan Goode, Nia Long, Tasha Smith, Viola Davis, Wendy Williams, Eve Jihan Jeffers, Countess Vaughn, Kimberly Ellis, Reminiisce Mackle Smith, Kandi Burruss, Tameka Harris, Jessica Dupart, Linnethia Monique Johnson, Angela Simmons, Latoya Luckett, Lena Waithe, Karen Hubbert

Celestine Ann Beyince, Judge Lauren Lake, Kerry Washington


Tishroura Jones, London Breed, Vi Lyles, Latoya Cantrell, Muriel Bowser, Kim Janey,

Symone D Sanders, Ashley Etienne, , Tiffany Haddish,   

Tarana Burke, Tamron Hall, Gayle King, Elaine Welteroth, Issae Rae, Ibtihaj Muhammad, , 

Tracee Ellis Ross, Lena Waithe, Allyson Felix, Shonda Rhimes, Simone Biles, Tarai P. Henson,  Quinta Brunson, Lizzo, Amanda Seales, Jackie Aina, Lupita Nyong'o, Jurnee Smollett, Allyson Felix, Misty Copeland, Marsai MartinTabria Majors, Laverne Cox, Ruth E. Carter, Natasha Rothwell, Kizzmekia 

Corbett PhD, Naomi Osaka, Amy Sherald, Ava DuVernay, Raven Saunders, Tamar 

Braxton, LaLa Anthony, , Megan Markle, Ciara Princess Harris, , Keke Palmer,  Tasha Cobbs Leanard,  

Kierra Sheard, Jamie Grace, Mandisa, Kierra Kiki Clark,  Sinach, , LeAdria Johnson, Megan The Stallion, 

Tami Roman,Lashun Pace, , Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, Monica Arnold, , TaRhonda Jones,

Solána Imani Rowe, Gabriella Wilson, Gabourey Sidlbe, , Gracie Gealey, Serayah McNeal,

Diamond White, Amika Calhoun, Calesha Murray, Karlee Redd, Mimi Faust, Eva Marcelle, Vanessa Simmons, Nauturi Naighton, Sapphire Romona Lofton, Gelila Beckle, Kenya Moore, Sheree Whitfield, Drew Sidora, Porsha Williams, Phaedra Parks, Lisa Wu, Gizelle Bryant, Candace Dillard Bassett, Charisse Jackson Jordan, Robin Dixon, Mia Thorton, Ashlee Darby, Kalendra Rowland, Solange Knowles, Michelle Williams, Rasheeda Frost, Toya Johnson, Regina Carter, Zonique Pullins, Ayesha Curry

Put Some Respect on Our Name!!!

Not Equity Respect, but Equality Respect

Aint' nobody looking for a welfare handouts!!!

There are waay more Princesses and Queens, some I can't put on this

list, because they have become too radical; killing their much earned Crown.

...and the women on the list are just the tip of the iceberg. 

I'm not saying government is the arena for some of these ladies, nor am I saying I

align with some of their career choices. But what I am alluding to is; the authenticity pertaining to 

their gifts, talents and skills. I proudly salute every single one of them

for manning, honing and courageously indisputably earning their well deserved

 Princess-Queen Boss Crowns.

The ultimate point; if Senator Marsha Blackburn would have asked anyone of these

phenomenal, outstanding, powerful, talented, gifted, intelligent, smart prodigy phenomenal sisters

from several different eras and genres; not one would have studdered or been hesitant to define 

what a is woman'?

Furthermore, I'm more than confident if 

Condeleeza Rice, Kesha Lance Bottoms, Winsome Sears or Susan Rice 

would have been seated in that chair, not only would they have answer the question, 

thoroughly, contextually, competently; but each would have put their hand up to 

fake cape wearing Cory Booker; as a gesture of 'Chill; I got this'!!!

...and what about the other black female judges 

whom were also interviewed for the Supreme Court position;

Judge Leondra Kruger and Judge J. Michelle Childs? I mean what are the chances 

of these two refusing to define a woman? ...and what are the chance of these two also 

having a horrendous, detestable, despicable records of releasing child sexual predators

back into the community, with minimal to barely no legal repurcussions for their heiness crimes

like Ketanji Brown Jackon?

As a victim of sexual molestation starting at the age of four

that was so traumatizing, my only coping mechanism as a child and as an adult 

was hiding in a emotional  dark, pitchblack, inescapable hole full of dirt and filth.

 With repetitous playbacks of the actual events but blackouts on who was doing it

 and had done it to innocent me. All I could see were sillouettes of the vile monster continually

violating a helpless little me. Now commonsense says there is no coping mechanism in

the horrific; but somehow being forced to endure the mental replays in my mind; became my 

armour of protection from the wicked world. It's sick, but it's true. 

When I was 38 and fully saturated, drenched in The Holy Ghost; Jesus revealed 

who had done it. Even more tramaitic was who the culprit was. I'll spare them 

for now, but I won't in my book. I approached the decrepid, they admitted it,

started crying; but never apologized. Instead about a week later they said; 

it was all my fault. Talk about adding insult to a very critically injured Spring.

 This time I even tried telling folk whom I was close to, who I thought really

 loved me. But the only response I received each time was

'get over it'

Now I'm all the way in the hole; dirt and filth on top of my head

the only one that can pull me out is 

Jehovah God, Jesus Christ & The Holy Ghost.

The Trinity One

...and I Arise Unbreakable 

Solid as The Justice Rock

Jehovah God!!!

Thats right solid, unbreakable, unpenetatable, 

a Holy Ghost filled saturated drenched Church steel emotional boulder.

Emotions and faith can't walk down the street at the same 

exact time and you get a Holy Ghost Victory.

Jesus said; "upon this Rock I will build my Church

and the 'gates of hell' shall not prevail against it". 

Matthew  16:18

The Rock, Jesus was refering to, is His Father.

An authentic relationship with Jesus is built on trust.

Not can you trust Him, but can He trust you.

His trust in you, opens the vast supernatural door not only to 

His wealth, and inheritances; but to His most precious possession

His Father, Jehovah God. 

 Him introducing you to His Father

automatically transforms and transitions you from Church to Kingdom.

It is His Father Jehovah God, whom declares you joint-heir with 

Jesus to the Throne.

and only Jesus can introduce you to His Father. 

Jesus said, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life

no one cometh unto the Father but by Me.

John 14:6

..and it is The Holy Spirit alone whom declares you a child of God. 

The Holy Spirit is The Trinity Kingdom's Body Guard

If you chose not to come thru Him, via preaching, teaching, evangelizing

you simply remain on the outside looking in.

Just like Satan.

Scripture says' The Spirit itself, beareth witness with our spirit

that we are children of God. ...and if children, then heirs, heirs of God, 

and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with Him, 

that we may also be glorified together. For I reckon that the suffering 

of the present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory

which shall be revealed to us.

Romans 8:16-18

I've shared this extremely private side of my life as a voice; 

advocate for all the innocent victims that Ketanji Brown Jackson didn't even 

take into consideration when she lowered the detestable predators sentencing in such

a way; it bore zero accountabilty or punishment in comparison their malicious, deliberate,

 premeditated, coldblooded calculated; atrocities and afflictions toward pure, 

virtuous virgin, children.

If there's one thing I learned about the cuprits., predators, vultures. They literally have no compassion,

sympathy or empathy for their victims, prey. ...and the majority of them are detached from reality.

So, what does that say about Ketanji?

The evidence is before us, her sentencing record. Everytime she refused to sentence the predators

appropriately, even going against the law and the prosecutors recommendations; but, 

instead choosing to recite the same exact prewritten script in every instance.

She was telling 

all victims; it's all our fault. 

....and to my black and white sisters; in congress, the senate and the house.

This was a job interview

It is my brutally honest oppinion that Katanji's interview responses were subpar, insufficient

and deficient. I don't recall once where she gave a straight answer to any of the questions.

Moreover, her answers were like jigsaw puzzles of intellectual words; with no point of connection:

 absolutely, positively, no substance.

 Seriously, I was initally thinking when Pres. Joe Biden was bragging about

her years of experience and background; that she was going to come out confidently

swinging superb thoroughness simuliar to Winsome Sears, Susan Rice or Condeleeza Rice. 

Instead, she came out like sramble brains Kamala and senile Joe. 

Like a deer in headlights with a selective amount of intellectual words or no words at all.

This is more than a hot mess! It's a literal disgrace to all women and especially black women.

Again, we don't need your pity vote. 

We have a verage of Princesses and Queens wearing their

much earned crowns appropriately. Who have earned the right to to sit on the 

throne of their endeavors. Not brainwashed or seduced by sinister power and stammering

when asked a simple commonsense question. Not like those who are so desperate to be in

power; they willingly submit to the type of authority that is deliberately employed to

decapitate, destroy, us peons.

 ...Woe Timeout...

I honestly didn't think anyone could do any more damage to the image of women

 than scramble brains Kamala and especially the black woman. But I take that back, Ketanji

 is a national disgrace to every black woman. This is personal, real personal. 

The number one goal the slave masters were successful at; was stripping our ancestors of their idenity. They legally categorized and treated them as inhumane animals.

Harriet Tubman, Sojouner Truth, Frederick Douglas, Rosa ParksThurgood Marshall

and a few others took courageous action in the vicious pursuit of

  identity, dignity and  humanity restoration 

and were successful.  

walk with me for a minute, I'm going somewhere.

Biden said he was sending a black woman to The US Supreme Court.

Yet, he chose a woman who refused to define what a woman is. Refusing to do so, 

from my perspective; suggests one of three things. 1. Equity: meaning she believes transgender

women are equivilent to any birthed female who identifes as a woman. 2. There are some individuals who don't identify as male or female gender; nonbianary; perhaps that's Ketanji.  ...and if so , that's her perogative. But if so, that would suggest her appointment was based on calculated deception.  3. The Biden-Harris faux regime's radical disrepectful, arrogant, condecending, 

socialist, communist, authoritarian, totolitarian agenda. Their dullusional hypocracy

 makes her placement a catastrophic failure. Instead of black woman celebration, 

the transparent reality has become  black woman exploitation.

 The slave master's mentality was a muffled mouth. 

He did whatever he wanted to do; with our ancestor women..

...I mean whatever....

and he left indisputable evidence behind, which is why

 we're a vast variety of shades possessing various hair textures.

now the exploitation of our innocent virgin children.

according to Biden; is not: it takes a village. But instead;

our children belong to them.

 Take away his presidential status.

 Seriously how does that really sound coming from

 an old withered white man, best friends with the KKK, 

who's defending the introduction of sexual, homosexual and

 transgender lifestyles to our 1st through 3rd graders; 

without our permission

That sounds real creepy people.

...I'm just saying...

My grandchildren call me: MeMom

MeMom to the rescue foot-fist fury;

...ain't no turning back; full speed ahead...

It's real personal, it's one thing to attack me.

But an old withered white man, front man; pushing the 

communist regime; calling open feast on my grands; 

now you're bringing out the Camden Hood!!!

I learned a long time ago, if you want something done right; you have to do it yourself.

..and with this B-H faux regime; the only way to thrive survive is to

fight fire with fire.

because they literally come to decapitate our very equally existence

1st things 1st, I'm going to caulk seal the same exact door, that Ketanji shut, permanently generationally.

The door she shut on every woman, mother, daughter, grandmother and granddaughter. She refuses

to recognize us, women: except when it's convenient for her; like in an acceptance speech.

Well, EYES, will never acknowledge or do business with Ketanji or her generations.

Meaning she will never be invited to any of EYES private functions or events. 

...and if she chooses to come to the public ones, she will never be acknowledged. The same

exact sentiments goes for Cory Booker, Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins.

Mitt, Lisa and Susan had front row seats to the fiasco of 'women and child abuse nullified'.

Yet, they intentionally crossed over to the other side. ...and Lisa's statement for doing so,

from my perspective is divisive and unacceptable.

Listen I refuse to cheer an individual just because they're Black African American.

I cheer all black people who are determined to pursue excellence, stellar performance,

due dilligence; in whatever their chosen endeavors, careers.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's Sentencing Record

      Can you define a woman?             Child Pornography Predators                 Sexual Predators

EYES Doors to business and all private events will

remains shut caulked and seal permanently, generationally.

ALSO, to the following:

AFT-Randi Weingarten- for threatening parents with lawsuits

NEA-Rebecca S Pringle-for suing a parent over request for CRT curriculum

Attorney General Merrit Garland- for labeling parents terrorists and

defending mobilizing the FBI to work with state and local law enforcement

& his family CRT wealth and greed business.

US Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona- for taking the stance of parents

don't have a say in their childrens education

US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas- for admitting privately

the border situation was unsustainable; but pursuing zero intervention.

Any teacher's union mandating teachers to introduce CRT and

1st thru 5th graders sexual education will also be added to the list.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, for doing and saying, lies, deception and 

deflection whatever it takes or took to protect and defend the B-H faux perpetuity empire.

Chuck Schumer for provoking the Supreme Court twice with hostile word; threatening violence

toward a couple of them. ...and recently agressively impluring protestors to attack. As well,

refusing to condemn the criminal breached insurrection on the Supreme Court.

Disinformation Czar Nina Jankowicz- for accepting the position intended to silence

"We The People" free speech.

Listen up Kamala,

I'm going to give you one last chance to do the right thing.

As the border czar, you have the authority to close the border and complete the wall.

and put a system in place that allows illegal immigrants to enter our Country legally.

Protect 'We The People'.

You choosing not to protect Us, automatically

bolt seals the door you shut;

permanently, definite , final, generationally.

...and perhaps the straw that breaks the camel's back...

It just seems like 8 years of public housing in the White House

wasn't enough for this guy. It appears as though he has promoted himself

from president, to private citizen, to king.

Former President Barak Obama- Stanford University

the pretty voluptuous pig

What I consider a 'pretty pig' is someone attempting to use reverse

psychology to steer the herd in a tamed direction; unbeknown to them.

Like pigs being led to the slaughter

For example:

His words: "I am an absolutist of free-speech,

a free speech advocate. I fight for the truth."

that's the pretty voluptuous pig

Key word; absolutist.

Which according to Oxford languages means

a person who holds absolute principles in political, philosophical, or theological matters.

"he was a moral absolutist with little patience for shades of gray"

yet, he doubles back with these trickery slippery slick; condescending words.

"The 1st amendment is a check on the state. It doesn't apply to private companies

like Facebook or Twitter; anymore than it applies to editorial decisions made by

The New York Times or Fox News, never has."

"Social media companies already make choices about what is or is not allowed on their platforms;

and how that content appears both explicitly through content moderation and implicitly through algorithms. The problem is we often don't know what principles govern those decisions.

And on an issue of enormous public interest there's been little public debate and practically no democratic oversight. 

here's his delusional power grab

"#3. Any rules we come up with to govern the distribution of content on the Internet will involve value judgements. None of us are perfectly objective we consider unshakable truth today may prove to be totally wrong tomorrow. But that doesn't mean some things aren't truer than others. That we can't draw lines between opinions, facts, honest mistakes, intentional deceptions. We make these distinctions all the time in our daily lives at work, at school at home, sports. … and we can do the same when it comes to Internet content. As long as we agree on a set of principles, some core values to guide the work."

here's the king rising to his faux throne

"So, in the of interest of full transparency; here's what I think our guiding principles should be.

When I'm going to evaluate any proposal touching on social media and the Internet is whether it strengthens or weakens the prospects for a healthy inclusive democracy weather in courage robust debate and respect for our differences whether it reinforces rule of law and self-governance whether it helps us make collective decisions based on the best available information and whether it recognizes the rights freedoms and dignity of all of our citizens. "

"Whatever changes contribute to that vision;

I’m for; whatever erodes that vision; I'm against. just so you know"

now that's the slaughter..

A direct sledgehammer attack on the very thing he just said he was firm

and unwavering on; free speech.

Translation: 'Rules for Thee; but not for Me!

'We The People'

We commoners, peons, should not be allowed

our God given and constitutional generational right 'free speech'.

and finally, bow down to your majesty

"The internet is a tool. Tools don't control us. We control them;

We can remake them".

the king has spoken

The question is king of what or who? Does Obama own an Internet

company? Is he the dictatorship leader of silicon valley? Are internet companies

mandated to bring their proposals through him for approval? Seriously, words like

"Any rules we come up with to govern' and

"here's what I think our guiding principles should be"

sound like dialog coming from someone in absolute authority.

Y'all see this right; it can't be just me.

The same door he's attempting to convince others to slam shut;

will remain shut; caulked and sealed to him and his generations, permanently


Former Pres. Barak Obama 'Pretty Pig' Stanford University

2nd; Queen and King Palaces will be erected at EYES World Fare to

represent every American citizens achievements;

EYES will never do business with these individuals, or their generations;

and their names will not be included in any part of the American celebration.

EYES LLC is solely owned by me, Apostle Spring Washington

It is and will remain a privately owned family business.

Canceling us, automatically cancels them. NONNEGOTIABLE

When EYES World Fare is over these monuments will be reerrected in States across the Country.

For clarity purpose; this is not a revenge move.

I have already forgiven each one.

It's a declaration of sides.

America 1st vs America Last

The radical socialist progressive democrats are self destructing based on their inhumane policies

and communist agenda. They are out of touch with what "We The People' want and deserve.

Be very encouraged people.

The Biden Harris faux regime just took seven major blows.


A left hook to the chest, coming from Virginia by " We The Parents"

who took a giant step by kicking CRT to the curb; shut it down, now;

and refund our black colleges. Governor Glenn Youngkin & Leutinent Governor Winsome Sears

Double knee cap wobbling blows on the rejections of Build Back Broker and defunding the filibuster. Everybody go sit down and shut up; it aint happening by courageous Joe Manchin and Kirsten Sinema.

A devastating punch to the gut with irrepairable damage to the intestines

on national mandatory vaccine mandates by The US Supreme Court.

Back up buddy, you've overstepped your constitutional authority.

A black bulging left eye hanging out the socket by a thin nerve. it kinda looks inoperable.

by Former Pres. Donald Trump; with Truth Social. Which currently ranks #1 in free speech platform.

The King of rallies across the country, speaking truth to power. and his precise selection of

individuals poised in postition to Snatch America, the Beautiful Back; without apology.

A swollen black right eye; can't see with Operation Lone Star and the transporting of illegal

immigrants to the front door of Biden-Harris's public housing, The White House

Capital, Washington D.C. by Governor Greg Abbott

A double right hook to the chess straight the heart; on killing Disney's sovereignty when it pertains to the exploitation of our children; and the elimination of CRT in the schools curriculum.

by Governor Ron DeSantis. Who is also, promising to drop those illegal immigrants in Joe's

backyard, Delaware. Let's see if Joe can keep them out of his house; with that massive security

fence that 'We the People paid for.

and finally the uppercut to the jaw, like hood brawl busted; emergency hospital

ambulance, immediate surgery raw; by Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter.

...and he ain't coming silently nor is he mincing words.

he's a man of profound vocabulary and expression: here are some of his tweets

"For Twitter to deserve public trust, it must be politically neutral,

which effectively means upsetting the far right and the far left equally."

"By free speech, I simply mean what matches the law

I'm against censorship that goes far beyond the law. If people

want less speech, they will ask the government to pass laws to that

effect. Therefore going beyond the law is contrary to the

will of the people".

"Free Speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy,

and Twitter is the digital town square; where matters vital to the future

of humanity are debated.; said Mr. Musk"

"Also, I want to make Twitter better than ever by enhancing the

product with new features., making the algoritums open source to increase

trust, defeating the spam bots, and autheniticating all humans."

"Twitter has tremendous potential- I look forward to working with the

company and the community of users to unlock it."

"The far left, hates everyone; themselves included.

But I'm no fan of the far right either."

"I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter

because that's what free speech means."


I said all that to say.

You're looking at small soldiers "People"

with an enormous mic. They're down to skeletal bones,

...Fragile is an understatement...

Seriously, The Ministry of Truth

The Mis-Disinformation Governance

Who's brilliant idea was this? LOL

This is actually what obsession looks like.

Got to have it, never stop, never stop!!!

These folk are drueling like drug addict hooked on

heroin, crack or fentanal. The drug, 'control' human slavery.

Let's do our part by, voting, recalling and impeaching.

Power to 'We The People'!

3rd; the one that's the most precious; the innocent children

that this administration has deliberately come to devour.

I'm brainstorming placing K-12 schools in all 50 states; 10 states as a time.

Schools that are parallel to the most vulnerable; the public schools.

These schools will cater to the underprivileged; at no cost.

Another brainstorm, 8am to 2pm K-8 and 3pm-9pm 9th thru 12th.

That way we'll be in position to accomodate more children at the site.

It will also keep the teens from becoming distracted.

No child turned away. Finally, the disadvantaged, the poor and middle-class will have

the same exact opportunity to The American Dream as the elites. Philanthropy and charity

will be accepted; put your money where your mouth is. These schools will not only be free to

the public; but debtfree to taxpaying citizens. The only requirement 100% citizenship.

The 1st 10 states will serve as the pilot of improvement,

moving toward stellar excellence for all.

Schools that are free of indoctrination and sexual exploitation.

Our curriculums will be made public. It's core lessons will consist of math, reading

science, history;, writing, computers, gym: electives: public speaking, foreign lauguage, art, bible.

...I'll be calling TRUSTWORTHY faculty out of retirement...

We're going back to the basics folks.


are my breast babies.

Israel, Schools K-12 and The American Dream

are my hip babies.

....prepare for the midwife...

I'm starting to feel some contractions;

these babies are coming starting 2024

America's XXtreme Home MakeOver

A 32-year vision

I built for this...

well rested

let's keep going

we're only on the top level of the Titanic

there are two more below deck levels

The B-H regime of dumbo and dumber have finally exposed their hand; especially

when it pertains to black women. Which actually includes all women, especially

straight women. Hello! Mic'd Up USA!!!

Biden's red neck racism and male chauvinism is shining like a geniune diamond.

Unfortunately every male chauvnist pig is greedy; they want their cake and eat it to.

..and all male chauvinist like their women dumb and stupid;

...just bend over or get on your knees.; here put this in your mouth; you talk too much...

The nomination of Katanji Brown Jackson confirms it. Her nomination even confirms Kamala's pick as Vice President. It's all transparently clear now. Both meet Biden's only two criteria's; black and a woman. Everything else and I mean everything; must be an empty shell, bare canvas.

Empty as in vacant, ready player one for programming.

Record, stick to the script; now push play; replay....

Finally , I get it.

Kamala was hired for photo-ops and that's it.

Which is why she has failed at every job given her. It's all a front.

She wasn't hired to solve problems; she was hired for one thing 'lights. cameras; action.'

Katanji on the other hand; job is to infiltrate the system upclose and personal for one purpose the disbandment of the consitution. I would venture to say both should be a shamed of themselves; but unfortunately their postures are generational. Which is why every culture in the entire world has inseperable bonds accept the Black African American.

..and the white man has played his hand

based on our horrendous family dysfunction for generations.

We love to blame it on slavery; but the truth is we're all grown up now.

Besides many white people risked everything; died protecting and helping slaves escape.

The change hasn't come because we African Americans have been too busy stepping on and over

each other; to get what we want; without remorse or regret.

It's who they really are. For Kamala African Americans are insignificant as long as she gets and continues to get what she wants; the spotlight. For Katanji women are inconsequential

as long as she gets to put on the national cape.

For Katanji to say 'she's not a biologist', when asked to define a woman; by Senator Marsha Blackburn.

Well let just say; she; in normal circumstances would be considered 'pathetic or delusional'.

A person who is married to what appears to be a man; and birthed what appears to be

two beautiful daughters. But these are not normal circumstances; folks.

...and for Senator Cory Booker to come to her defense;

literally serenade her; then add God to the equation.

I'm thinking why is he serenading her, she just dehumanized,

demeaned; the existence of women? ...and what God is he talking about?

Because the one in the bible gives us a transparent definition of the difference

between a male and a woman. .. and just think I voted for Cory everytime

he was on the ballot; that won't ever happen again..

I give Katanji credit for one thing;

while her response was extremely offensive to all straight women:

she was speaking her truth. She obviously doesn't see herself as a woman.

...and that's okay; that's what makes America the Melting Pot...

Furthermore, her response confirmed she was taking a strong stand for transgender,

gay, bisexual, and fluid individuals.

Now before you go there; I hear you. I am not homophobic.

My oldest deceased brother was gay, seeking a sex change. He even recieved the harmones that developed his breast. He wore dresses, heels, wigs, women's apparel when it was illegal; and spent countless days in jail for doing so. He dated straight men who lavished him with material possessions.

He was one of the most intelligent and gifted individuals I know

. ...and I was labled a fag-hag throughout my entire high school years,

because my best friends were all gay men.

So kill the noise....

Now what I learned from my brother, in a full confession

many decades after his attempt at a full transition. Even though he

only dated straight men; most of them married. They entered his bedroom

straight; but left bisexual. for my gay friends; the one thing they used to brag about

was how many straight men they could turn out. Like a real live competition.

They would inform me which guys not to date; by secretly pointing

out those whom were in the closet. ..and it was always the ones appearing to

be the most masculine, with tons of women.

...and since I'm always talking to two different audiences...

Allow me to reference Christ's family. To you, beware because the thirst is real.

We're looking at the vampire who will die unless he or she gets some fresh-flesh

blood to suck; man, woman, child, infant.. in real time.. Desperate is an understatement .

because the Devil has put a demand on them; forced compliance.

They're already looking at generational disasterous ruins.

But Satan is wicked, he'll take what they've already earned generations

of wealth and give it to a new upcoming soldier;

who has bore no stripes. Just to prove his point; he calls it his wealth transfer.

Which is why Katanji admits the child predators online are abhorrent; dispicable,

egregious; paraphrased; but her sentencing bares zero reflection of penalty.

It's impossible to punish and defend at the same exact time. Now am I

saying all gay, transgender, homosexual, bisexual, fluid people are predators; no!

But, I am saying it's a part of the-life; it comes with the territory.

It all comes down to personal choice. At this point the pond is extremely dry,

folk need some fresh flesh; which is why the assault has begun on

our children in school without our knowledge. Parents are

attempting to change their childrens genders,


the child is old enough

to identify

with any gender.

She was purposely handed this particular platform in efFort ot unravel the constitution

to implement the dissoluttion of heterosexual women, eliminate the boundary lines of perverted child predators, follow their number one storyline of tell us absolutely nothing, just lie, lie, lie.

The only way a African American woman can succeed

under their faux regime; she has to be incompetent, 


Come on people; wake up! 

This is a real hot fumigating TITANIC mess!!!

 Joe and Kamala were funding Vladamir Putins war against Ukraine.

The B-H faux regime were spending approximately 22 million a day, still purchasing 670 barrels 

of oil from him. When we have the ability to produce our own oil. We were energy independent when they both walked across the White House lawn, just one year ago. Biden is refusing to turn our spigets back on, and struggled with shutting Vladamirs off. ...and he's about to enter a

 deal with Iran; the nucleur king.; with Putin negotiators.


Who purposefully forfeits revenue that belongs to their household; crippling it; and instead gives it

 to their most ferocious aversaries? Who would continue to leave their own house in disarray of uncertainty

while continuing to fully fund the combatants?

Who would remain committed to financially supporting  a

stone cold killer of millions of victims, casuailties 

of a figment of his lunatic, maniac, psychotic, psychopath, schizophrenic imagination

delusionally obsessed

a commodity of humans belongs to him.'

If he can't have them, nobody else will; and he's definitely going to kill the one

 that stole them, took his property; away from him...


Warped, twisted, demonic, dark sinister minds think a like..

Only vile heartless calculating monsters just like him would deliberately become complicit

in the malicious murders, BOMBINGS of innocent victims.

we're allowed in this chamber

go in take a seat

Powerful Voices

democrats and republicans

men and women


Biden's deceit is so blatantly habitual.

 The only reason he has conceded pertaining to sanctions

 on Russia's oil; is because a group of bipartican leaders formed 

a bill sanctioning Russia's oil; days before. He has been love tapping Putin 

with frivilous sanctions; until faced with irrevocable oppostion

from democrats and republicans

In the words of Kudlow

"The Calvary is Coming"

and in case you haven't realized it

"The Calvary" is us "We The People'" ...shsh listen...

Now that we're out of there

...put your ears to the walls...

and  be real careful;'s pitch black in here,

turn your flashlights on

stay close, step up and make sure you

hold on to the rails...

Biden has executive ordered everything

including our personal bodies; but refused

to executive order the ban on Russian energy.

We have more oil than any of the foreign countries.

and our oil is the cleanest in the entire world. Russia's

energy is filthy. But instead he's buying and begging these

enemies for their filthy oil. ..and let's not forget about Biden's 

continual withdrawal from our reserve. 

Joe and Kamala are like drug addicts that come to rob

 their own family and turn all the goods over to the drug dealer.

They deliberately shut the electric and gas off. 

Give the dealer the keys to the front and back door. 

Hand over blank checks; let the squatters in; shared every household 

secret; and pee on their family and sware to them it's raining.,

...they're peeing on us folks...

can't you smell it, the stench is rank and foul

all while the foreign squatters get to 

live in our house, eat our food. and spend our money....

...wake up smell the pee...

it's strong aroma of flagrant lies, absolute deceit, 

and treacherous treasonous betrayal

...and it's far worse; as in unfathomable..

Word on the street;

Biden is working with Vladimir Putin to secure an Iran deal.

Right now this minute; as Vlad's army slaughters thousands of innocent men,

women and children in Ukraine; at his command.

This decrepid administration is not only complicit by funding Vlad's war.

But it admits securing an Iran deal; would not include

eliminating or preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

and here's the part they're not admitting..

Securing such a deal would give Putin a backdoor, back into the global economy.

As soon as they sign that deal it would completely undercut or eliminate every

previous sanctions. Because Putin would have all access through Iran to conceal

all his financial transactions.

Now we all know the pursuit of an Iran deal is really about Joe

fulfilling Obama's legacy. Him making Barak whole; at the expense of

'We The People' , America the Beautiful!

These vicious vipers are obsessed with communing

and making written pact alliances with dictators, authoritarians, marxist,

totalitarian, communist regimes; killers. 

They are consumed with transforming America into

a socialist totalitarian government of perpituity power and control.

Barak the behind the scenes navigator

Joe and Kamala play the point;

Hunter the man in the middle;.

There's only one conclusion: wicked demented, evil lives here.

What we’re experiencing right now is the puppet master’s

desperation; deadline. It’s coming down to the wire. Produce or die.

The deals made in the dark; are coming to light.

Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, North Korea;

ain't nobody backing down

produce or die

…assassins guns positioned and pointed…

Every move dumbo and dumber are making right now

is about saving themselves; and their co-conspirators

it has nothing to do with us.

Come on people 

Vlad just put out his hit list.

This ain't the time to be naive.

Vladimir Putin sanctioning somebody, thats hillarious..

Do you see him sanctioning Zelensky and Co?

No, he's killing, maming, and executing people; the victims.

...and we see the B-H regime of dumbo and dumber

shaking like fragile wet leaves on a windy day; every time

 he sends a mere threat their way.

He even singled out the blast from the past.

Ask yourself, how did Hillary backdoor, Psaki frontdoor, 

and Hunter the middle; end up on that hit list.

Oh it's real personal..

Perhaps this a a hint

Hunter Biden received 3.5 million wire transfer 

from the wife 

of former Mayor of Moscow, Russia.

Ok, stop everybody put your walking shoes on

because the tread is deep and long...


Xi Jinping is siding with Vladamir Putin.

China admits it relieved trade restrictions or measures with Russia on wheat.

Despite the rest of the global community placing strict financial sanctions on Russia.

Which is equivilent to throwing them an economic lifeline.

He has not condemned Vlad on anything. 

Word on the street, Xi has positioned himself to become

Vlad's banker.; not sure if that's true. But the question becomes:

are we looking at bestees?

As well, recently exposed intel shows

 Xi is warming up, pushplay, fastforward for his autumn debut in surround sound Taiwan.

With no real pushback, just words; from the B-H faux regime.

Perhaps another hint.

Hunter Biden

was paid $5 million from

Chinese Oil Company CEFC

Created $1 billion investment fund BHR with state owned

Bank of China.

He was also given a 3 carat diamond by a communist Chinese businessman..

An engagement or a bribe?

... and newly exposed Hunter Biden emails show he recieved $31 million from 4 Chinese

businessman with links to the highest level of Chinese intelligence.

I hear you, well what does Ukraine have to do with it?


...another hint

Hunter Biden earned $83 thousand a month to service on the

Board of Ukrainian Energy Company Burisma.

..and Hunter arranged for his dad, Joe to meet with Barisma lobbyist.

Listen; I know it's a lot; but 

you have to keep up; or you'll get left behind.

We have to get thru every level of this Titanic; time sensitive.

So if you're not up for it; turn around now!

Hillary, Barak and Psaki will help you make a quick exit.

...for sure...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, what does Joe have to do with all this,

 Hunter's a grown man? Well let's start with this is the most important

story when it pertains to corruption in Washington DC; in the history of America.

Remember this; Joe on Hunter?

"He's a grown man. He is the smartest man I know. I mean from 

a pure intellectual capacity; and as long as he's good: we're good."

Now was Joe referring to Hunter running prostitutes, sleeping with his 

deceased brother's wife, smoking crack, his connect the dots paintings

 or him bilking Russia, China and Ukraine 

billionaires out of millions? 

Finally, they're cornered and times up. According to the New York Post's

headline: 'The Spies Who Lied. the intelligence experts who falsely discredited

the emails on Hunter Bidens' laptop. No more censorship, media protection from this

horrific truth. The laptop is real folks.

 But we knew that seventeen months ago.

 Meaning the emails found on Hunter's laptop are authentic.

The emails refer to Joe Biden as 'The Big Guy'. The emails also show

there were specific percentages, payouts allocated to 'The Big Guy' for secret meetings

held at the White House and Cafe Milano; with Ukranians, Russians and 

 Cosic Stani businessmen;  while he was Vice President. 

Hunter recieved the funds and Joe was a recipient and beneficiary.

 Joe and Hunter shared bank accounts, credit cards; Hunter paid Joe's bills,

They are literally living off of dirty foreign money from Russia, China and

Ukraine. ..and according to Peter Scheitzer each of these countries have policies

of using commercial ties, financial ties; as leverage over foreign elites.

It's a family affair.

 This family is getting filthy rich off of China, Russia and Ukraine.

Tony Bobolinski, the whistleblower states; he met with

Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Jim Biden; Joe's brother, Rob Walker and James Gilliard

multiple times. He also say's he was told to only refer to Joe as The Big Guy in emails.

The other whistle blower, John Paul Mac Issac, Hunter's laptop repairman; recieved

death threats, was forced to shut his business down and he was run out of town.

.. and newly exposed Hunter Biden emails show he recieved $31 million from 4 Chinese

businessman with links to the highest level of Chinese intelligence.

So then; the question becomes what were these foreign corrupt dictators

receiving in return for the millions they were delving out to the Bidens?

Common sense says the meetings were with frontmen; on behalf of behind

 the scenes orchestrators. You and I both know nothing is for free. The Biden's 

were receiving the creme-da-la creme; in wire transfers in exchange for what?

What could they possibly have in their possession that would prove to 

be that valuable to these foreign communist dictatorship government officials?

That's it you guessed it; tens of millions; in exchange for us: 'We The People'.

One World Illuminati Order

..and there's only one way that could happen successfully 

a rigged election.

That's right, rigged thru propoganda, censorship,

cancel culture, they get to control the narrative.

It's called condtioning, in other words; brow beat ones mind to follow

unyielding. 'Conditioning' is another word for 'slavery'.

'Mental Slavery'

A rigged election places them in complete control. 

Once Biden won, he came out with the sledge hammer,

axe and shotgun on everything representing

life, liberty,  freedom, and independence.

Executive orders non-negotiable 

keystone, vaccines, border, censorship

He's attacking our homeland security, our humanity,

our free speech and deliberately

obstructing our sovereignty: ability to survive. 

One thought media, small business and school demolitions.

Astronomical Inflation, food rationing, gas hike.

The 'conditioning' do what I say, or you won't eat, sleep, 

or live; except on skidrow.

....An American Insurrection....

...Sound familiar saints...

Wake up! Discern the times.

Jesus gave us the street and the address!!

If you're still sleep it's because you want to be.

No dead weight!!!

This thing is off the chain. 

king Biden's own words; "this is not about personal choice."

Yet, Hunter is galavanting around country and world; as if he's 

the perpituity prince of America. "Mums the word on everything 

pertaining to corrupt Hunter. 

The narrative on us peons: though: 

anyone stepping out of line destroy on contact.

 Permanently squash like the cockroach that invaded our space.

 Ruin them, flip the script. The only villian is the one telling the truth.

Our lies are truth, because I said so!

I know what you're going to say and let me stop you in your tracks.

 This is not about Donald Trump; 

although he's the pon in the middle. It's bigger than him.

..and as for Hillary, I voted for her over Trump; so there's no vendetta.

..and I voted Trump over Biden.

I'm simply speaking Truth to Power

It's a Dirty Job, but somebody's gotta do it.

This is about us 'We The People'.

These scumbags were paid and made daily wagers in 

exchange for our lives, and livlihoods. They stole our careers, 

our children's education, our mortgaged homes; and invaded our territory

 with foreign strangers, drugs, rapist, cartels, human smugglers,

and terrorists. In one year....


But something went deadly wrong.

Whatever the behind the scenes wagers were, Vlad got shortchanged,

that's why he's taking what belongs to him. At least in his warped 

figment imagination. He even has some sidekicks, demanding we

turn over; no excuse me; 'return' Alaska as reparations for the economic sanctions.

Now that makes me very curious. I mean with the free for all, on the 

southern border; are wagered states a part of the reconfiguration.

If so, they're looking at some serious debt, owed to all sides.

Because there's only 8 months left; without a doubt 

'the calvary is coming'

for sure; the B-H regime of dumbo and dumber are looking

at buyer's remorse; they're stuck with no way out.

8 months to deliver

They either deliver us or else

Can't you smell the fear, anxiety, trepidation?

The debt, the ruins, oh the ruins!!!

It smells like dead bodies to me.

...guns pointed, sharp shooters, bedside buddies...

All I know is the republicans

 better come right 'action' the only thing 

that makes sense to me is  'jailhouse rock'

with 'socialist, marxist, woke, extraditions

to all their favorite countries'.

Vladamir's Hit List: It's Personal

Xi Jinping Preserves Vadimir Putin Economic Status: Bestees?

Corrupt Hunter Biden & Joe Biden 'The Big Guy'

Hunter Biden's & Joe Biden Whistleblowers Silenced During 2020 Election

and if that's not enough, 

dumbo and dumber are running to

Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela.

The most vicious killers on the planet.

.and theres the matter of Ali Khamenei'

His men plotted the assassinations of John Bolton and others.

Then Iran shot missiles just a few feet away from the US embassy.

Woe, that atleast requires some fight words right?

Instead, B_H faux regime are refusing to publicly

indict the men; and are blowing off the missile deadly threat.

are anxiously running toward them as if they are best friends.

Connect The Dots, Folks!

...Only, this is far worse; as in unfathomable..

Word on the street;

Biden is working with Vladimir Putin to secure an Iran deal.

Right now this minute; as Vlad's army slaughters thousands of innocent men,

women and children in Ukraine; at his command.

This decrepid administration is not only complicit by funding Vlad's war.

But it admits securing an Iran deal; wouldn't include

eliminating or preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

and here's the part they're not admitting..

Securing such a deal would give Putin a backdoor, back into the global economy.

As soon as they sign that deal it would completely undercut or eliminate every

previous sanctions. Because Putin would have all access through Iran to conceal

all his financial transactions.

Now we all know the pursuit of an Iran deal is really about Joe

fulfilling Obama's legacy. Him making Barak whole; at the expense of

'We The People' , America the Beautiful!

These vicious vipers are obsessed with communing

and making written pact alliances with dictators, authoritarians, marxist,

communist regimes. They are consumed with transforming America into

a socialist totalitarian government of perpituity power and control.

Barak the behind the scenes navigator

Joe and Kamala play the point;

Hunter the man in the middle;.

There's only one conclusion: wicked demented, evil lives here.

What we’re experiencing right now is the puppet master’s

desperation; deadline. It’s coming down to the wire. Produce or die.

…Guns are pointed…

...This is crazy...

...shsh listen...

100 American Closet Defectors

There are those in power on the right side of the constitution;

and those in power whom chose to circumvent literally break the law, disregard

the constitution, America and WE The People in order to bring forth with force their totalitarian

agenda; by any means necessary. Real life traitorship.

Don’t let the smokescreen fool you. The defectors publicly and in the shadows with scum 

bags and scatter brains are democrat, republican, libertarian, independent, White, Black, Spanish; in government,entertainment, business and standing boldly every week behind that pulpit. 

There are approximately 100 of them.

More chiefs than indians. That’s why we’re looking at thirteen months of catastrophic disasters.

Disasters they refuse to acknowledge.

Don’t get me wrong the collapse of America is their perfect plan.

You know Joe and Kamala are not in charged; both are brainless.

Brainless and spineless


The designated leader of this pact of malicious wolves

is not Barak Obama; either; Barak is a puppet. A puppet dancing to the strings

his micromanager. .. a pea brain at that.

Allow me to speak directly to Mr. Pea brain for a minute.

I feel the need to express myself; uncensored.

You, Mr. Pea Brain possess limited cogitation. Come on; there is

nothing brilliant about this plan. Every true mastermind has a genius strategy.

Not you; that’s why scum bags and scatter brains were the

perfect frontline dummies. You can’t handle brilliance,

prodigy, intelligent, smart, independent

thinkers; under your tutelage.

I just feel like spanking you right now, this minute for this disgraceful façade

that you have your flunkies calling a victory on the frontline.

America has always been the pioneer, leader, innovator,

frontrunner, #1. Doggonit, you need a good ole

fashion Holy Ghost backside whooping.

Yes, beat you down in Jesus Name.

No real leader accomplishes anything; without a fool proofed mastermind plan?

We’re talking you had decades of planning. You’re worse than the idiots being led by you.

No firm direction, no solid strategy, absolutely positively no brains on the frontline. This is a scandalous!!!

Like mamma saying ‘get your but in here so

I can tear you up for embarrassing me like this!!!

Your lead ‘authoritarian control’ accosted by

four words. Because I said so!!

There is literally no evidence of

independent thought.


The one-thought pattern that

has the delegated lead; presumably

yours; is impotent, incompetent,

unintelligent; just plain stupid.

The greatest tragedyto your leadership is your submission to the

Chinese, Russians and the terrorists.

Instead of looking like a victorious hero; you look and stench smell like

the traitor, scoundrel, treasonous punk that you are.

Your faux castle soldiers are scared to say it; so I’ll say it for them.

This level of incompetence would be sad; if it wasn’t for the fact;

the actual attack is on Us ‘WE The People’!!!

Everyone from scum bags, toscatter brains on down are singing the

same two lyrics: complete silence or

brazen hostile habitual lies.

Folk that been in the business

20,30, 40 heck 50 years; dead silent on

the real issues; or boldface habitually lying

about the facts;

I’m talking about strong,

thorough, stellar journalists. Travel

around the world correspondents’ wreaking

the same stench; as if there’s a shutoff valve on

their brain and their tongue. Brilliant, prodigy, intelligent

minds. The best in the business; it’s depressing. Generational

models and mentors; at least up and until 20 Jan 21.

Back to the 100

treasonous traitorship American

despicable, vile, disgusting defectors.

I hope you have enough generational

wealth to support your families.

Because the vast door

you deliberately slammed shut on

WE The People’ will remain shut. As

A matter of fact WE’re going to caulk and

permanently seal it on our side. That way if and

when times get tough for you;

you can’t come through it.

WE don’t need that door!!!

We’re coming through a new door.

One you know absolutely nothing about.

One you have no authority to open or shut.

It's not like they didn't tell us.

Barak said Joe was fulfilling his legacy.

..and Joe told us on the White House steps, day one

he was fulfiling Baraks legacy.

.... Connect The Dots....

It all comes down to Family Secrets

The Biden Family Chronicles

starring 'Hunter Biden'


Russia, China and Ukraine

Connect The Dots; People;

if you won't: I Will.

....stay tuned....

The Pandemic of Dumb and Dumber!

Break America's Back Broken

Again; Big Slew Foot stepped in the lane flagrantly waay to soon.

Its time to take control of the TITANIC'S steering wheel.

It's time to take the Giant Step



Now when the richest man in the world; who is an American.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Musk added $121 billion to his net worth in 2021, becoming the world's richest man who briefly saw his net worth cross $300 billion. As of December 29, Musk had a net worth of $277 billion. Who sells the most electric carsin the entire world.. 

The Tesla Model 3 was the world's most popular plug-in electric vehicle with 

worldwide unit sales of roughly 501,000 in 2021.

Calls for increased oil and gas production immediately.

In other worlds turn America's spigets back on; right now!

Don't take my word for it; be courageous 

....push play...

Bloomberg on the left; Musk on the right.

Deranged, delusional minds think different from those 

whom are sane. In most cases think completely opposite. 

If you notice, while the country and the world is proccupied 

with the Russia-Ukraine war. Joe, Kamala, and the far left

are adamantly promoting climate change. 

The phoney climate change initiative is the needle

that threads together every facet of their agenda ironclad advancing 

perptituity power and control; once and for all. 

It's the pinnacle of the collapse of America.

. Actually this would be the perfect time'

to enforce it. Take away our ability to reduce the price of gas and oil. 

Keep those spigets closed; nonnegotiable. Let the prices spiral out of control;

then the argument for resulting to electric becomes legitimate.; right.  

 Slaves to the master forever!

Aside from open borders, total dependence on our most violent enemies,

and mandate-executive order control.

Take away all fossil fuels immediately: replace with electric, wind and solar.

Who cares how long it takes? That's the plan. The longer it takes to replace

what was deliberately broken; the more vulnerable, weak 'the peons' become.

Copy that to 'no economy'; it minimizes who can drive, own property,

sustain electricity, wind or solar. Now 99.9% are right where they should be.

Obey or Else!!!

It's their final move. If they don't succeed; then

Illuminati, One World Order is Over!!!

What these infidels have yet to realize or are in staunch denial.

It's already over. Their greed, arrogance and control 'people as property' delusion

has already backfired.. Their people property obsession; has spiriled maad man Vlad

into 'not only are you mine; you belong to me and me alone. ...and if I can't hsve you;

nobody will! I will burn the whole house down; and nobody willl lift one finger to stop me.

Watch me! Watch!!!

His treacherous actions sends the entire world into a recession;

miliseconds away. Decades of planning up in nuclear smoke.

When I was a little girl we used to sing this song.

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

All the king horses and all the king's men.

Couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back togeher again...

Battlebots; what obviously looked like a brilliant

plan to them; has proven to be the greatest defeat of

dumb and dumber.

All while hogting Us 'We The People'

to mandates and vast limitations to keep us oblivious to the planned


The USA Titanic.

Back to the backup weapon that ensures 'we peons stay in our place;

welfare controlled dependent on them.

...and by the way Mr. Pea Brain is really running things

from behind the scenes; I'll discuss him later. Stay focussed.

Listen, the world was already broke busted and disgusted: moving everything

on a paper trail. Which os why this thing has come down to teritorial control

of people; souls. However, because they trusted the maad man to at least play

nice with them all based on the pledge. This thing has backfire; worldwide recession,

miliseconds away; unavoidable.

However, for us "We The People' this is truly our hour of power!!!

Definitely the hour for the misunderstood, the underdogs, the sidelined warriors,

those standing at the back of the line.

For such a time as this!!!

Limitless Jesus's Eternity Gold, endlessly good and plenty.

It aint personal; it's business. No financially secure entity would align itself with unwarranted liability. This is not the judgement zone, we just have two completely opposite visions.

Theirs America Last, Mines America 1st.

Now there’s two tables in the room:

Like I said, Big Slew Foot stepped in the lane waay to soon!!!

Unstoppable, Spectacular, Phenomenal!

EYES Mission:

The American Dream

Put America 1st, Put America Back to Work,

Make America Safe again, and Make America Whole again;

Today; with a vengeance; without apology!

 The fact that we're in 2022, and I even feel the necessity to

 address the following issues is ludicrous. But the government has gone too far....

We elect individuals to manage the affairs of the United States. 

It's policies, foreign affairs, national security, regulations, all the components

that make and keep ' We the People' the only 'free safe nation in the entire world'.

Not to act like radical tyrants, that push their foot of authority

 through our front doors. 

First of all, this is the most incompetent, entitled, bully,

lazy, unintelligible government cabinet I have witnessed in my lifetime.

Why would anyone desire to listen, nevertheless less follow; any instruction 

veering from that direction. It is excruciatingly embarrassing, frustrating, 

and devastatingly painful to watch; nonetheless be forced to endure. 

Are we in 2024 yet? 

If not; we have to push through,

 'Vote Out, Recall and Impeach


the communist, marxist, socialist faux regime

Take the Giant Step!




Nancy Pelosi

Chuck Schumer

Liz Cheney

Kathy Hochul

Gavin Newsome

Raphael Warnock




Eric Swalwell

Maxine Waters

James Clyburn

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Ilhan Omar

Rashida Talib

Ayanna Pressley

Jamaal Bowman

Cory Bush

Adam Schiff




Biden-Harris Administration

John Kerry




Bernie Sanders

Elizabeth Warren 

Let's issue each one of them a one-way

ticket to the communist country of their choice;

China, Russia, Iran; on Us 'We The People!

'We the People' must get rid of

the riff raff; dangling participles, of communism, socialism 

marxism and authoritarianism. Demote and denounce with vigor

all those whom no longer 'love' the United States of America,

 it's constitution, it's laws and liberty freedoms.

 America the Beautiful; the Land of the Free! 

The United States cannot afford to become nationally

 and internationally fragile, because there are extremists,

 greed mongers, sleaze bags; whom sold their own families 

into authoritarian slavery for

 much of naught, kibbles and bits ..and are now attempting to 

wager Us as if 'We The People' were a part of the package deal.

Can't you see them running scared giving our well know

enemies, Russia, China, and Iran, everything they want upon request;

 while they vicious maliciously endeavor to supersede all laws in 

an attempt to hogtie chain Us 'We the People" to

Obey of Else!

Not only are there no mature, seasoned and

experienced, sane adults,  in the room'.  But the 

assault on "We The People" is hostile ruthless deliberate!

Politics is not my thing; but this situation is

impossible to observe and not put a citizen voice to.

My heart and head aches, every time I turn on the television and watch

or listen to this administration and the frontline progressive democrats.

 Folk are laughing at serious matters, labeling 

crisis's minor or nonexistent, vacationing on our suffer, capitalizing on

our misfortunes; and spruing misinformation on relevant issues. Labeling 

their lies as truth and authentic truths as lies. ...and bully daring anyone to challenge

them; as if this is their perpetuity monarchy and we're under their rule

 in a third world communist country.

Not to mention; talking down to us, hollering and scolding us

 as if we're children whom not only need their guidance;

 but are forced to submit to their authority or else!

This vaccine mandate fiasco is the final straw

Tearing up households, costing folk their jobs, livelihoods, careers,

 and physical lives. All because there are infantile drivers, dementia ridden 

and power obsessed individuals steering the wheel

of authority, on the frontline and behind the scene; in the wrong direction. 

There's nothing worse than being led by feeble minded, dimwits,' dumb 

as door knob; obsessed tyrannical wannabe dictators.

A pure debacle; a hot raging fire ferocious TITANIC mess!

Allow me to put a quarter in the meter. 

I am not a rebel, but I am a nonconformist. 

In other words, nobody tells me what I better do or else;

 but Jehovah God !!!

 ...and even He gives me the free-will to decide which direction

 I choose to go in; but He doesn't give me the free-will  

in the consequences of those choices. 

On that note, let me claim my God Given

 birthright freedom and boldly chant the song

 "I am Not vaccinated"! 

Do I plan on getting vaccinated 'NO!

I asked, Jehovah God and His response was 

NO! Dangerous!

I choose to Obey Him !!!

For those of you whom know Him, 

His NO, comes without explanation; because 

He already gave us the wisdom, knowledge and understanding

to discern the seasons and the times. 

You know what time it is!!!

...and if you claim; you don't know

 you're either; comotose asleep on your assigned post,

not chosen, in denial or complicit?

...and here's a suggestion; you might want to reconsider

flaunting those illuminati, one world order hand signs:

Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers

you eloquent pontificators of the precious script writ:

in Jesus's Pulpit

Hell, fire and brimstone shame on you! 

 Last chance: choose this day!

...Clocks ticking and running out...

Revelations 13

I know some of you can't relate to the Trinity Triune God 

experience ...and since I'm addressing two different audiences 

here's my stance in the natural. ...again NO!!!

 I am a vegan. I chose to become a vegan at Jehovah God's request. 

I have been a vegan for 26 years. For those of you whom are not familiar.

 A vegan doesn't eat or digest anything that has animal blood in it or the biproduct

 of blood. For example; meat, fish, chicken, egg, milk or cheese; none.

 The majority of what I consume is all natural.

Never! I will never get the vaccine!! It would pollute my system.

Besides scripture tells me to obey God, rather than man. Acts 5:29

Do I believe my path applies to others 'NO! I believe

there are individuals whom need the vaccines. It should be

handled on a case by case basis; not as one size fits all.

 We have more pharmaceuticals, medicines and remedies 

under this administration. We have thorough effective and efficient

 medical analysis nationally and internationally. 


Yet, there are more people dead,  900,000 

 under this administration. This is a catastrophe.

 More people have Covid-19,  74, 000,000 under this administration; 

including and especially the vaccinated. All because politics 

and authoritarianism has superceded science's medical intelligence

Commonsense suggests; if the national and international

medical community's theories, diagnosis, hypothesis are accurate 

when pertaining to therapeutic medicines, and vaccines.

...and we're still being steered in the wrong direction, landing in the

middle of nowhere; at the hostile demand of 'dumb and dumber.'

going down, underwater, rapid, fast, full speed ahead; the

TITANIC...and let's not forget the ship is on fire.

Savage, merciless, fires coming from three different directions.

With the Commander and Chief blaming his failures on

everybody but himself. ...and his name calling; I take very personal.

It is a deliberate deflection of his negligence, dereliction of duty;

on those of Us whom 'choose Not to be vaccinated'.

Condescendingly, scolding and labeling Us as

'the pandemic of the unvaccinated';

well let's just say: I'm hot as fish grease!. 

Their inescapable mandates, quarantines,

name calling and divide and conquer tactics; have nothing

 to do with the Chinavirus. But everything to do with conditioning. 

That's right, beat us into submission; by whatever means necessary.

 When in America, the Land of the Free does a politician brazenly move 

as if he or she has been awarded the throne authority to belittle, demean, 

suppress, oppress, verbally, mentally, emotionally, and physically us, 

the citizens? Igniting wars between us ,subjecting our children 

of all ages; to low-self esteem; while aggressively attempting to

 strip we the parents nationwide of parental rights.

Secretly, labeling parents as terrorists.

When the real terrorist are being ushered

in by the hundreds of thousands, along with drug trafficking,

sex trafficking and cartels; compliments of Joe and Kamala.

directly through the front-door; the wide open border. No fencing

allowed; Americans don't need or deserve protection. 

But faux king Joe didn't hesitate to protect the

 Biden wannabe monarchy. He spent $500,000 in 

federal funds, our money, to rapidly build

 a fortress fence around his home.

..and let's not forget about the 99%,

more likely than not assassins; that were flown

in from overseas, out of terrorist lifestyle territory.

Grown men married to little girls, some on the terrorist

national and international watch list. Hosting the ultimate

betrayal; leaving the true soldiers behind, Americans and allies.

At minimum 9,000 Americans were left behind. Not only should

that amount to an indisputable impeachable offense; but it should

also accost the doggy tags of treason around Biden, Harris and their

woke generals necks. with lifetime perpetuity prison leashes. 

It's an extremely dangerous smoke screen for the real agenda.

The Collapse of America.

Decades of planning; international illuminati alliances. These are brutal, cold, callus

taskmasters. The B-H lawless regime is the prosperity killer.  Disintegrate the middle-class,

kill any and all options pertainingto prosperity; without coming through the B-H regime’s perpetuity power; their generational legacies. Their ultimate goal is to collapse America’s  

entire financial system; place the entire country on welfare. 

So only a few select succeed.

Make the Church insignificant; enslave the Church folk. 

The government placed Churches, houses of faith in the  nonessential catagory. 

Completely, shutdown our Churches. Lock us up; if caught preaching, teaching or praying. 

Pastors dragged, handcuffed and locked up for opening their churches for worship; 

 But the bars, spirits, liquor stores are deemed essental and and open for

 business during the entire pandemic.

Next:Limit public dialog. Censorship, cancel culture and the Woke.




 …and make unisex the only recognized gender.

Real Talk

Sex IS The Strongest Drug

The Unquenchable Thirst

The majority of these tyrantsare closet, secret gays, bisexuals,

homosexuals, transgender, swingers and some have crossed over into predators.

27-hour party people and One hundred percent perverted: any way which up; from the chandeliers.

They desperately want to comeout to the world; but can’t handle the rejection.

Legally declaring unisex as the only gender; puts an immediate end to any public

rejection, scrutiny or humiliation. ..and swings the doors wide open

to entice and take advantage of the most vulnerable; our youth.

For the record the strongest drug is not actually any drug 

althoughall drugs are life threatening dangerous.

The strongest drug is SEX. 

That is if indulgence comes with very little or absolutely positivelyno boundaries. 

Which leads to perversion; which leads to an insatiable thirst. That’s right perverted

sex comes with an untamable craving. A thirst that’s neversatisfied. Therefore; 

will cause the individual to seek or dowhatever it takes; cross whatever norms, 

ignore any humanecompass in a desperate attempt to extinguish that unquenchable

thirst. Vampire Zone; eventually requiring and desiring fresh flesh.

The crossover; children, 

animals, things; and or objects. 

Unimaginable sadistic role play. You know 

what I’m saying it true about these decrepit human being. 

Because, they’re not trying to acquire a seat at the table alongside

 heterosexuals. Their only agenda is to eliminate the heterosexual. Wipe

us out. That’s because the vampire thirst is real.

That’s why Hitler Pelosi and Schumer

was attempting to introduce bills that legally kill religious freedoms.

The Equality Act. Demanding those in the House, Senate and Congress use

 gender neutral terms only.. Which is the most vicious

attack on families. All purposed; divide the family

and build individual alliances through this new

authoritarian rule.

Specifically targeting the

young generation.

Black Lives Matter

The Authentic Church

Authentic Church folk

are the main, number one threat; to their communist regime

rise. Our values and faith GOD, family, no abortions and heterosexual marriages; 

sabotage any chance of advance and hostile takeover. Therefore, pressure, intimidate,

bully and categorize Church as nonessential are their desperate options. Instead 

bars, spirit and liquor stores; remain essential; are king in the middle

 of a pandemic. Any biblical God alliances are completely out 

of the question. Haven’t you noticed every agenda the B-H lawless regime pushes; 

is not only radical; but it’s against our will. It’s like we need to be beat

 into submission. Look around folks; the evidence speaks for itself. 

The majority of it’s our fault because we have punks, wimps, traitors

and chumps; standing boldly beside the devilin the pulpit. Taking orders from him.

No lifestyle; dead words, trickery scripts;more talk about celebrities and the world; than about Jesus’s salvation promise; comingacross the holy podium.The Holy Ghost is labeled as It; the emotional

one. The word ‘sin’ istotally eliminated, deleted from any and all pontificated text. Jehovah

God has been completely evicted from the Church, its’dialogue. Jesus is God all by

Himself; no acknowledgement of The Holy Trinity. It’s impossible to preach,

teach what one doesn’t live. Thedevil knows the bible by the back of his

hand; he just can’t live it. These are image whores!!!

A city of witches, warlocks and wizards. Psychics, fortunetellers seated in the pulpit; right beside the preacher. You need an answer; don’t ask Jesus; ask Sylvia; the psychic. But, don’t forget to

demand Jesus, give you material wealth. Demand He turn it over; right now!!

Give me my stuff, Jesus!!! Churches run like businesses. Some preachers

even have landline phones next to them in the pulpit. While

others have named the Church after themselves to ensure

the family brokered legacy continues. Male led

households that wreak the world’s stench.

Unequally yoked marriages; meaning either the husband is holy, and the wife is helly; or the wife

is holy, and the husband is helly. As a direct result the children are out-of-control. Funneling

helly; instead of holy into Jesus’s sheep; the congregation. Eliminating the voices of the

seniors; the very ones whom witnessed and experienced God’s real power.

It’s really baad!!!

Let’s be very clear,

I’m talking about apostle, prophets, bishops, pastors, evangelist, and teachers.


Folk that were definitely called: whom have become behind the scenes pimps, drug brokers, assassins, mafia, illuminati, illegal guns distributors. Basking in and with concubines, deploying prostitutes,

madams and drug dealers. Real life Dr. Jekyll; Mr. Hyde. But definitely not chosen;

because Jehovah God knew in eternity; they would viciously, maliciously betray

The Holy Trinity Kingdom. Traitorship without a cause…

…Last chance…

Unfortunately, they have allowed Satan to tempt them with the lust of the flesh, the lust of

the eye and the pride of life. In other words: seduce them with wealth, fame and

fortune in exchange for souls. Starting with their own family

and anything else he demands.

Luke 4

The perfect example: of how rouge church leadership has become.

Tricky slick scripture; Raphael Warnock. Who was rebuked for his Easter message 

downplaying Jesus resurrection. The Georgia Democrat, who rose to national prominence

 as senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, said in an Easter Sunday tweet that the holiday is about more than Jesus rising from the dead, and that people

 can save themselves by helping others.

“With all due respect, this is literally the opposite of what the Gospel says. 

Ephesians 2 states that clearly. Faith alone, Christ alone,” 

said former ESPN producer Jason Romano.

He deleted the tweet several hours later after being lambasted on Twitter as a “phony pastor” 

and “false teacher” and for promoting “false doctrine,” “blasphemy” and “unbiblical 

theology.” Oh, he knows what scripture says.

He's inevitably the worst sabteur.

  A true Judas. 

A traitor to Jesus The Trinity Kingdom.

A traitor to his own congregation of christians.

A traitor to black folks, African Americans.

...and a traitor to the democratic party.

His egregious tweet is not a mistruth, misprint or fluke.

But instead a delberately calculated lie.  The real question becomes; Price. 

How much, how much; what price did he place on his own soul; 

to betray Jesus; 

in exchange for world reknown

 fame and fortune. 

Mr. Warnock is just one of many thousands 

of leaders standing behind the pulpit in America 

teaching false doctrine, sacrificing their flock, families, 

friends, and even constituents for world gain.

...and 13 American soldiers dead.

As he stands before the families on

funeral salute day, consistently gazing at his 

watch, like is it over yet; I have better things to do. 

...and let's not forget there are an additional

18 soldiers wounded, 7 severely. he's grinning like a chessy cat, in front of his

daddy-daycare teleprompter and faux white house

romper briefing room hosting the flagrant audacity to say.

He has no regrets.  He's more than a monster, he's 

a heartless murderer, a traitor, coward and a punk. 

The blood is on his and Kamala's hands! 

She said, she was in the room right?


Marine Corps Lance Cpl. David Espinoza, 20, of Rio Bravo, Tex.

Marine Corps Sgt. Nicole Gee, 23, of Roseville, Calif.

Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Darin Taylor Hoover, 31, of Utah

Army Staff Sgt. Ryan Knauss, 23, of Corryton, Tenn.

Marine Corps Cpl. Hunter Lopez, 22, of Indio, Calif.

Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum, 20, Jackson, Wyo.

Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Dylan R. Merola, 20, of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.

Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui, 20, of Norco, Calif.

Marine Corps Cpl. Daegan William-Tyeler Page, 23, of Omaha

Marine Corps Sgt. Johanny Rosario, 25, Lawrence, Mass.

Marine Corps Cpl. Humberto Sanchez, 22, Logansport, Ind.

Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Jared Schmitz, 20, of Wentzville, Mo.

Navy Hospital Corpsman Max Soviak, 22, of Berlin Heights, Ohio

28 August 2020




Ms. McCullum-Goldstar sister of Rylee McCullum

“You cannot kneel on our flag and pretend you care about our troops. 

You can’t f*** up as bad as he did and say you’re sorry.

This did not need to happen, and every life is on his hands,” Ms. McCollum said.

Mother of Rylee McCollum

I woke up 4 o’clock this morning to marines at my door

Telling me my so was dead. I never though in a million years

He would die for Nothing. For nothing because a

 feckless, dementia ridden piece of crap; decided he 

wanted a photo-op on September 11th.

Father of Rylee McCullum

That’s exactly why I chose not to speak with

Pres Biden. Everything he’s done was completely wrong.

We had opportunities to do this the right way

And we absolutely failed miserably as an administration.

I can’t blame the entire thing on one administration. It goes

Back; we’re more than 20 years into this. But when it came down

To pulling people out; pulling troops out of the country; he couldn’t

have picked a worst way to go about it.

Mark Schmitz-Goldstar father of Jared Schmitz’s

It didn't go well. He talked a bit more about his own son

than he did my son and that didn.t sit well with me.

Aaron Hoover Gold Star father of Darin Taylor Hoover

We said absolutely not. We didn’t want to deal with him. We didn’t 

want him anywhere near us. We as a family decided that that was the way 

it was gonna be. In reference to the checking of his watch . That didn’t happen just 

once. That happened on every single one that came out of that airplane. It happened

on every single one of them. They would release the salute and he’d look down at his 

watch on every last one; all thirteen. …and as a father, seeing that and the

 disrespect; and hearing from his former leader. One of his master

 sergeants said that’ this was avoidable. That they left them over 

there, they had them over there and let them down. We can’t 

have that; it can’t happen ever again.

Shana Chappell-Goldstar mother of Kareem Nikoui

Pres. Joe Biden This message is for you. I know my

face is etched on your brain! I was able to look you straight in the eyes yesterday.

and have words with you. After I lay my son to rest; you will be seeing me again. Remember, 

I’m the one that stood5 inches from your face and was letting you know I would never get 

to hug my son again, hear his laugh; and then you tried to interrupt me and give me 

your own sob story; and I had to tell you ‘that it isn’t about you; so don’t make it 

about you’. You then said you just wanted me to know that you know how I 

feel; and I let you know that you don’t know how I feel; and you do not

 have the right to tell me you know how I feel.

U then rolled your f….. eyes in your head

like you were annoyed with me; and I let you know that

 the only reason I was talking to you was out of respect for my son;

 and that was the only reason why. I then proceeded to tell you again, how you took my

son away . ... u turned to walk away, and I let you know my sons blood was on your hands."

 "threw your hand up behind you as you walked away from me like you were saying 'ok whatever!'"

You are not the president of the United States Of America, Biden!!! Cheating isn’t

 winning!!! You Are no leader of any kind. You are a weak human being and

A traitor!!! You turned your back on my son; on all our Heroes!!!

You are leaving the White House one way or another; 

because you don’t belong there. 


All 13 of them, their blood is on your hands!!!

If my president Trump was in his rightful seat, my son 

and the other heroes would still be alive. You’ll be seeing me 

again very soon!!! Because as my son and the rest of our fallen Heroes

were being taken off the plane yesterday; I watched you disrespect us all; 5 different

 times by checking your watch!" "What the f**k was so important that you had to keep looking

at your watch?

"You are nobody special Biden!!! America Hates you!"

Karen Vaughn a Goldstar mother

I remember those exact feelings of just outrage.

Right now she's just trying to reconcile something in her brain; 

that she can't fathom has actually happened. …and you know that the righteous 

indignation of having your child die for nothing; is almost overwhelming. I understand

 her feelings completely; I felt the same way after Aaron died.

…and even more so with her situation.

Yes, we were done; the work had been going on for 20 years.

It was over! It was time to withdraw. It was time to have a strategy,

a plan and there was none. As a result of that her son and twelve others

are dead. …and I can only I can I truly empathize with her anger

and rage right now.

Karen Horton Gold Star mother

You know I don't know anyone that can say that it’s been

handled well. I've been getting calls from Democrats,

members of Congress, and from Republicans. Nobody knows

how to get anyone out.

So there’s been this fast elaborate network

of service members and operators that have been

doing everything they can to create operations

to get people out. You know people are up 23 hours a day,

24 hours a day; trying to get our friends and our allies of our precious

Afghan fellow humans out of this horrific situation. So it's been horrible for

everyone. I've gotten thousands of calls asking to get people out; and I wish we could

have done better for these precious people.

...and lets not forget Biden-Harris left all of our 

valuable equipment behind. ...and they gave up Bagram airport.

Only a punk, coward, wimp wus would do that....

So let's see, Biden-Harris ran like a wimpy coward from the enemy.

Got 13 precious troops killed and 18 severely injured; gave

up our most sacred territory in the enemy's region, Bagram airport

left behind more than 800,000 pieces of our best advanced war 

equipment. ...and ultimately left behind approximately 

9,000 Americans and countless allies.

As if that wasn't enough, he had the nerve

to airlift and escort those same terrorists enemy's,

 relatives here from Afghanistan; offering full amenities;

imposing the real

insurrection threat on America.

More than 76,000 Afghans have been brought to the U.S.

since last summer, when they were airlifted from the Kabul airport

during the chaotic final weeks of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

More than 62,000 have already moved off U.S. military bases

into communities around the country. No vaccine or , ID required.

Enjoy all the amenities too,

free food, lodging, healthcare, education, checks, permanently.

All paid for with taxpayer dollars.

While simultaneously opening the front door wide, the southern border; 

zero locks for all of our enemies Russia, China, Iran to stroll right on in,

again offering full amenities. Posing a double insurrection threat on

the peons 'We The People'. 

U.S. officials came across nearly 2 million

unauthorized migrants in 2021. ..and what does Joe, Kamala

 and Alejandro do? Defund and handcuff ICE, and border agents. 

Set the immigrants up in hotels, charity missions, army bases; all while 

secretly flying them around the country into our neighborhood. Not their

neighborhoods! Recently we've seen single grown men being flown during

 the night throughout the country. No notice to the local government.

No vaccine or , ID required. Come one, come all!

Given free access to buses, taxis or planes;

 to the city, state of their choice, anywhere in America. 

Enjoy all the amenities too, free food, lodging, healthcare, education, 

drivers licenses, checks, permanently.


Here's a question; why would an

illegal immigrant need a driver's license? 

Not a state ID, but a legal driver's license.? 

They didn't drive across the ocean from Afghanistan or across the southern border? 

Nor did either have an automobile shipped into America!

This one is very personal for me... 

Let me put another quarter in the meter and address the other name caller;

who boldly flaunts the America Last agenda; Governor Phil Murphy. 

He literally singled out peaceful protestors, some whom previously voted him 

in Office. He called them knuckeheads on national television.

...again I'm not as fish grease. 

...push play...

Listen to

10th District Lawmakers:

26 August 2021

Murphy Catering to Illegal Immigrants While Legal Residents Suffer

Illegal immigrants will be eligible for New Jersey driver’s licenses beginning May 1,

and the 10th District Legislative team today said it is one more example of Murphy

Democrats turning their backs on law-abiding residents to help those who are here illegally.

“The Governor continues to ignore issues that make it unaffordable for life-long New Jersey

families and retirees to remain in the state,” Senator Jim Holzapfel said.

“Residents should be priority No. 1.

“Murphy’s agenda has always focused on making New Jersey more 

accommodating to undocumented immigrants, including his plan to commit $40 million

to illegal immigrants revealed this month. It is insulting to hard-working families

when state leadership demands tax money from them and uses it to promote

a political agenda.” More than 400,000 immigrants will become eligible

for a license when a law signed by Murphy in December goes into

effect on the first of the month. 'The Motor Vehicle Commission’s

performance has been abysmal throughout the pandemic. Offices have been closing

left and right and people have faced excruciatingly long lines to conduct basic transactions,” said Assemblyman Greg McGuckin. “It is clear MVC has been in over their heads since before

COVID, and the influx of almost a half-million ‘new’ drivers seeking licenses will

create even more problems. This is a bad idea, and once again, New Jersey

residents will left holding the bag.” “Our constituents are being

treated like second rate citizens,” said Assemblyman John Catalano.

 It is time to stop rewarding rule-breakers

and take care of our own residents first.”

...Taxpaying Citizens Last...

Back to my original question: why would an

illegal immigrant need a driver's license? 

Common sense suggests, if the B-H faux regime

is giving away everything free of charge and arrogant

Murphy is a vital part of their team. ...and Biden is busing,

taxiing, and flying illegal immigrants in secret, deliberately

circumventing, averting, covertly

state authorities; as if he's king of the land. 

Then free automobiles is a given.

shsh... Secretly, shsh...

All paid for with taxpayer dollars.

I'll get back to oppressor Murphy, that was my

  1st soft blow;  right now there are bigger fish to fry.

Again 'citizen's voice'. No hidden agenda.

My assignment  

America & America's Citizens 1st. 

My focus:

The Break America's Back Broken

defectors  of 'dumber and dumber' the Biden-Harris

fake wannabe regime. Tear, rip, terrorize, oppress, suppress, 

demoralize, belittle, heck starve all opposers and our children

to death. White collar, blue collar, rich, middleclass and the poor. 

Doctors, nurses, lawyers,  scientist, philosophers, teachers, truckers,

police, fireman, retired, or homemaker. White, Black, Asian, Puerto Rican;

if the 80 million people choose to object to our illegal vaccine mandate

 strip them, of their jobs immediately. Children, who cares about their children.

Daddy Daycare Senile Joe

"This is Not about freedom or personal choice. 

...this is the pandemic of the unvaccinated..."

...the pandemic of the disobedient....

Cut and dry; obey or else.

I've been patient long enough. How dare you disobey, my order!

You heard him; this might be the one time he didn't stutter

or fall asleep at the toddler podium.

...push play...

In the mean time, open up the flood gates

to every nation's migrants. Everyone; the criminals, cartels,

human smugglers, rapist, especially terrorist. It's the only way and

quickest way to turn America into a 3rd world country;

which will give us perpetuity authoritarian power.


...again push play...

whats missing? deleted?

At least 27 states Attorney Generals file lawsuits 

against Biden's vaccine mandate for businesses.

Yeah America, got Baack!!!

Allow me to express my gratitude to all 27 state Attorney Generals , 

the Federal Judges and the US Supreme Court 

who Manned Up,  not succumbing to the pressure of putting

politics over the US constitution.

If it wasn't for the Supreme Court's partial intervention. Faux king

Biden would be completely out of control like his buddies, Gavin Newsom,

Kathy Hochul,  Phil Murphy and Randi Weingarten. The blood sucking vampires

 of slavery by another name: mandates, statewide mandatory quarantines

and child education supression..

I'll elaborate a little later. Stay focused...

Partial via the Supreme Court, because all Americans have

God given rights per the US constitution. The Biden

administration should not have been

awarded authority over any citizen rights.

These vicious vipers have no respect

for America's citizens.

Hello, these are not kingship, queenship positions;

neither are they in perpetuity. These Offices have term limits.

Offices that require American citizen votes.





whats missing? deleted?

While Biden didn't get my vote, I saw racist Biden

coming a mile away. ...and his partner in crime Harris confirmed it, during

the presidential debates. All though she betrayed every minority with her silence

after being chosen as his vice president. If I remember correctly she actually

apologized, in an interview. Roll back the tape...

Biden is an imposter,

a racist, a race baiter and a propagandist.

Again, anything for perpetuity power

You must admit,

Joe’s dementia hasn’t

hindered his habitual lying.

He’s the king of boldfaced lies.

His lying is so egregious it’s like the

most vicious contagious disease one

could catch.

His words defile, corrupt

and violate the minds of all

those whom choose to listen and

follow him. As in you are what you speak;

and you become what you listen to. I’ve tried;

he’s hard to listen to; because his trickery deception

consumed is self-destructive.

What’s even more disgusting

is his obsession. To dangle black folk

in midair, with a noose around our neck and

a plank hanging over our head flaunting two words:

Jim Crow 2.0. For this purpose alone perpetuity power.

When the authentic truth is he is the epitome of Jim Crow.

faux king Joe Crow 2.0

The truths that break Joe's

blasphemous lies to my people.

He publicly supported segregationist

James Eastland, Herman Talmage; and George

Wallace. As a little girl, I remember George saying

“all negroes need to be sent back to Africa”.

George blocked the doorway of an Alabama University

to keep two black students from entering.

He said ‘segregation today, tomorrow, forever’.

Joe worked diligently

with former Klansman Robert

Bird; to stop the integration of schools.

Joe said’ he didn’t want schools to become racial jungles.

Robert was the former majority leader in the senate. Robert organized

and led a 150-member chapter, or "Klavern," of the

Klan as the "Exalted Cyclops.

You witness numerous individuals following the BH faux regime’s lead;

wild N out. Saying and doing anything to retain power; regardless

of legality. Perverting the law, in words, actions and

deeds. Suddenly, the constitution, legitimate

voting rights, filibuster; free speech, right to privacy

parents rights, citizen rights; carry no legal weight;

in contrast to their authoritarian socialist agenda.

again, Biden is an imposter,

a racist, a race baiter and a propagandist.

anything for perpetuity power.

In 2020, Joe Biden said, if you don't vote for me you aint black.

Here's a perfect example of his blasphemous

traitor ship toward black-African Americans.

The fake voting rights bill.

Here's the bill my people read it for yourself.

HR 1



The federal government decides the voting rules.

verses; the state legislature.

Voters are allowed to register at the polling place,

on election day without a photo id.

Federal requirements in this bill override state law.

Voters would automatically be registered to vote

at 18; without their knowledge; making illegal

immigrants eligible to vote.

Voters would be allowed to turn in absentee

ballots without a photo id or any other form of id.

The bill is seeking to make Washington DC a state.

The bill restricts the state’s ability to take citizen’s

who have died or moved away off the voter rolls.

Politicians would get government funding for their campaigns.

It would allow ballot drop boxes at remote sites; with no supervision.

States would be required to mail ballot request forms, to all voters;

regardless of a request to whatever address the state has on file.

This bill would not require anyone to prove who they are.

This bill would override any state laws that require a photo id.

All criminals, including violent felons would be allowed to vote.

Political parties would be allowed to collect thousands of absentee

ballots and present to county clerks with no oversight.

The state laws would be considered null and void.

States would be required to accept and count ballots received

10 days after the election.

The states voting laws would be written by leaders in

Washington specifically, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Identification is required to sign up for welfare,

receive food stamps, wick, housing voucher, purchase

clothes with a debit card,

acquire a bank account, PO Box at the Post Office,

get a driver’s license. But progressives are adamant that it’s

offensively racist to require one to vote; despicable.

Their flimsy argument: the obligation to require a photo id,

effects Black and Latino voters who often lack an id,

and the inability to obtain one.

It’s insulting, degrading,

and atrociously disrespectful on

every level. Actually, it’s reverse racism.

It suggests Black and Latino citizens are all illiterate,

incompetent, and uncivilized individuals. Now if that’s

not Jim Crow degradation, I don’t know what is!

With the incapability to rise to basic norms and forums

of civilization; in 2021-2022. Boldfaced oppression, suppression,

political tyranny. All for this purpose; fragility, insecurity

of losing their bigfoot, midget minded; socialist, marxist

communism, totalitarian phantom imaginary rule.

The Jim Crow King and Queen; the rule writers

EXPOSED: Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.



Here are the policies Senator Chuck Schumer

says he will push through the Senate

if the filibuster is removed.

Defund the police, take money from the budget

and transition it into social services and public housing.

Raise taxes by repealing the 2017 tax bill; which cuts

taxes for all Americans.

Provide citizenship for over 11 million illegal immigrants,

allow previously deported immigrants back into the Country;

and provide taxpayer funded attorneys to each immigrant.

Pass a Green New Deal, slashing fossil fuel consumption;

advancing the costs of electricity to families; and eliminating

hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Raise taxes and then spend citizen tax dollars to

fund political campaigns.

Make Washington DC a state; awarding it two senators.

Ban sport, assault rifles and require gun owners to

register nationally.

Pass a Medicare for All Plan; forcing all Americans

to comply. Eliminate all private and union sponsored

health coverage; with a price tag of 32 trillion dollars.

Increase the size of the Supreme Court; pack it; to

reshape constitutional law in a liberal direction.

Allow democrats to pass anything they desire in perpetuity;

ending bipartisanship forever.



Just in case, you haven't realized it, Joe Biden

and Kamala Harris defunded Black Colleges.

In other words, the yearly automatic funding that

former President Donald Trump awarded Black Colleges

these idiots took away, snatched back; without hesitation.

It's more than despicable, horrifically atrocious,

These racist Jim Crow 2.0 vicious vipers still think they

can use Us as Ginny pigs. See Us as unintelligible,

less than human-beings.

...and what's even more heinous ruthless; are the

real uncle Tom's , Thomasina's, or house negroes;

Kamala Harris, James Clyburn, Barack Obama.

and tricky-slick scriptures Raphael Warnock.

They literally put their seal of approval on our

"We The Black-African Americans' demise.

I'll elaborate more later. Stay focused...

Back to the matter at hand,

racist, traitor, daddy-daycare faux communist dictator

Joe Biden and the chronicles of his family's

hostile arrogant flagrant corruption.

Let’s see:

Hunter Biden

Was paid $5 million from

Chinese Oil Company CEFC

Created $1 billion investment fund BHR with state owned

Bank of China.

Received 3.5 million wire transfer from the wife of former

Mayor of Moscow, Russia.

Earned $83k a month to service on the

Board of Ukrainian Energy Company Burisma.

..and currently in line to receive up to $500 thousand for amateur

paintings; with the White House as his acting security guard.

He boldly smokes crack, parties with prostitutes', was sleeping

with his deceased brother's widow. Neither, he, his father, or mother

show any remorse for his deplorable actions. Instead Joe defends Hunter,

says he's the smartest man on earth he knows.

Even more egregious

Attorney General Merrick Garland

refusal to answer any basic questions pertaining

to the criminal case against Hunter Biden. He's protecting Hunter

as if, he's his son. The secrecy, the lack of transparency and the

democrats remain silent. The same exact democrats whom failed

to impeach Trump twice and are currently holding the the Capital

Insurrection Commission. Have deliberately turned a blind eye to the

Biden Family evidenced corruption.

Where is the media?

The media, with the exception of

Fox News; the Justice Department

and the democrats are all dead silent.

As if this family's national and international

evidence of criminal bartering with our most fiercest

enemies poses no threat to them.; nevertheless all of us!

Has everybody sold their souls to the devil?

Forensic analysis of Hunter Biden’s

Laptop by ex-FBI agent finds ‘no evidence’

of fake data. It was determined the data found

the laptop believed to be Hunter Biden appears to

be authentic.


Hunter Biden named ‘Investor of the Year’

After making a 3000% return on investment into

Columbian Sinaloa Cartels, the Stonk Market.


Over 300 petitions demanding inquiry into

Biden family corruption.


Laptop shows Joe Biden attended

meetings between Hunter and his Mexican

Business partners.


Biden picks second DOJ nominee

with Hunter Biden connection.


White House brokers deal with gallery

over Hunter Biden’s $500,000 amateur

picture sales. Hunter Biden and the

buyers names protected.

Obviously dementia, daycare Joe isn't faux king.

Ok, Hunter's in charge!

No, it's Mr. Pea Brain. Let's keep moving,

I'm saving him, the wicked best for last!!

Russia, China, Iran- connect the dots.

Jill Biden

Kamala, ole Kamala! 

Lights, cameras; action! Are the cameras still on me?

 After all I am the Black-Asian Nubian Queen. 

I don’t care what you fools do; mums the word; as in crickets. 

As long as those lens are pointed at my gorgeous face, my red bottoms

 and my Prabal Gurung, and Altuzarra originals.

 I know I’m an accomplice to the bailed-out mob. Yeah, I told them

 not to ever stop! I even paid for them to get out. But, that was because

 they were nowhere near my home. I’m with Nancy ‘law and order’; keep that compound up!! 

Keep chanting: Donald Trump and Insurrection!!! My people, what about them,

I’m the best thing that ever happened to them. Just keep rolling the tapes and watch 

them worship me. Again, easy fix ‘skin chip territory’. Jab or Job!!

 Kamala Harris is useless

and an embarrassment to all women, black and brown folk; all Americans.

How many roles does she have; let’s see.

Lead Border Czar.

She has yet to visit the real border.

Grade: Triple Offensive F

Chair of Pro-Union Taskforce.

Children out of school for year.

Grade: F

Lead Efforts to Expand Nationwide Broadband Access.

NO Action

Grade: F

Chair the National Space Force Council.

Her main topic: trees

Grade: Triple F

Embark on Vaccine Education Tour.

Two or three private tours.

No Evidence of Advancement?

Grade: F

Lead Efforts to Protect Voting Rights.

Jim Crow 2.0

Grade: Triple Offensive F

Promote Biden’s Child Tax Credit.

Jury’s still out.

Munich Conference 

Clean up Woman

Circle Back Psaki

Wild N Out!!!

The Clean-up Woman

Smears The Crap!!!

Let’s start with Joe’s

potty-training Nanny Jen Psaki.

She literally has the dirtiest job. Joe

and Kamala are pooping egregious lies,

deception, and arrogant hypocrisy all over

the place; both smiling like a chessy cats. Daring

folk to challenge actual evidence. Conversely, bully

demanding everyone take the fantasy freedom ride.

Leaving Jen to clean-up

what’s impossible to clean because

the aftermath is filthy, stank, stench. It

smells so awful, she would have to ‘out’ them

in order to eliminate the repugnant abhorrent odor.

Instead, she becomes

what she sees and listens to.

Contrary to bailing out in a year, she

signs on the dotted line for the duration.

Then puts on new gear. She went from circle

back Psaki to; whatever they said; it is. Including and

especially the double minded gibberish.

Psaki’s assignment;

do whatever it takes to protect

and defend the perpetuity empire. Cross

every moral, ethical line of authenticity; when

necessary. Mirror her bully pulpit lead identical

to Pelosi and Schumer. Don’t let anyone stand behind

her mic too long. … and for God’s sake muzzle Joe,

every chance she gets.

Her clean-up mission

quickly became a smear the crap;

everywhere campaign. Treat Joe and

Kamala’s never-ending defecation as sweet

smelling expensive perfume. Browbeat the audience

and taunt all resisters. On second thought; that won’t be

necessary. The room already knows the rules. If they want to

keep their jobs; douse in the horrific aroma.

Oh no; there’s

one resister’ Peter Ducey.

He keeps his foot on her neck:

strategically unwinding, untwisting,

unraveling, undoing and untangling

the BH regime’s vicious web of lies and

deceit. Who does he think he is?

Why’s he acting like

he didn’t get the memo; on

live television? Why is he not

following house rules? He’s literally

referencing the stench; and calling it

stank stench; again on live television.

Challenge after challenge: CDC, teacher’s union,

Hunter Biden, and White House-Facebook collusion,

mask mandates; just to name a few.

Boxing him is like

boxing Goliath. Initially,

Jen refuses to acknowledge

him; dismisses him in mid-sentence.

…and he’s definitely blacklisted from any

direct dialog with Joe; unless he hollers out his

questions; and Joe forgets and mistakenly responds.

Then, Fox News journalists

begin calling her out nationally

for refusing to take his questions. So,

she begins begrudgingly weathering the

perfect storm of Peter Ducey.

The White House Titanic

is already doomed; its riddled with

massive holes of deception, collusion, fraud,

imposters, and delusions of grandeur.

I don’t know how

Psaki sleeps at night. She’s

even starting to bark back like Biden

and Harris when confronted with the truth:

after smearing crap everywhere.

The Biden-Harris-Pelosi-Schumer

fantasy authoritarian forever cruise ship.

Is a quick sinking nosedive; with all its passengers

scrambling to the back of the ship. While Peter is

circling like a shark seeking to devour any signs

of repugnant, repulsive life.

Crazy Loco BobbleHeads


The Getaway Driver

...and then theres faux king #2 Dr. Anthony Fauci

staunchly seated on the throne of vanity.

Who is so arrogant, he publicly denounces anyone who disagrees

with him. 3rd in command to Biden, Harris per the B-H faux regime.

He's like the butcher in a meat market. Everyone is slaughtered,

no one is spared; including infants.; and pets.

..and if those latest leaked emails are authentic.

Which show he conspired with other scientist to hide

from the public the Wuhan Lab connection to the Chinavirus.

Think about it; if Dr. Fauci NIAID

knowingly funded China’s ‘gain of function’

research that would make him illicit, complicit in 900K

American deaths and 74M deaths worldwide.

An accessory to murder; in the same respect as the getaway

driver in a bank robbery. Where the robber kills the banker; then

temporarily escapes in the getaway car. In every case, no exceptions;

the driver automatically becomes an accomplice to the heinous crime.

..and if convicted serves a substantial amount of prison

time just like his partner or partners who committed

the actual murder..

This newest development, 

revealing leaked concealed emails

between Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Francis Collins

and other prominent scientists on their team 2020-2021. If the

 emails are proven to be authentic; then the catastrophe is not only

 that these reputable scientist have been lying to 

"We The People'.

 But also the lengths and measures taken to protect China;

instead of Us. Finally, confirming Dr. Francis Collins, his boss

was riding shotgun in Fauci's getaway car.

...and the word on the street; is Dr. Anthony Fauci

owns stock in the vaccines. 

Flat out treason!!! Lock them up and throw away the key!

This is the PANDEMIC of DUMB and DUMBER"!!!

Like dead from the neck up Dumb!


God Help Us!!

Let's see; there's a ferocious fire coming from the front of the ship.

Folk are literally forced to stand outside in 20 degree weather

in long extended lines to get a covid test. Heartless!

Then, there's the savage fires coming up the rear of the ship.

Joe forgot to order More covid test for the entire Country!

Opps, my baad! Ruthless!

Then there are the monstrous fires coming from both sides;

The distribution of therapeutics has been intentionally

banned; and natural immunity is a baad word. Venomous

...and humongous holes in 'We the People's' quarters on

medical and religious exemptions; nonexistent. Prejudice

...with no fireman siren, plumber or carpentry

...workman intervention; prevention...

The elite are partying at top of the ship;

oblivious to any distress. All while 'We the People'

the peons; are stuck in the bottom center of the ship; surrounded

by raging vicious fires, gushing water holes., strangers, foreigners, terrorists,

and career no bail, no jail criminals: murderers, drug cartels and human sex

traffickers; with full access passes; compliments of Biden, Harris and Soros.

Which includes George's paid for hire; crony DA's, Gascon, Bragg, Krasner

and Fox; just to name a few. No ID or citizenship required; everyone

awarded full access and privileges' to consume what belongs to Us

and on our dime.. The horrendous pain this administration

has and is deliberately inflicting without

regret, repent or remorse.

The irony; the elite want the ship to go down.

The stupidity; if it goes down, they're going down too!

Thanks to these communist, socialist, marxist driven

individuals, not only is the ship on fire with gushing

water holes; but we're surrounded by humongous

icebergs. Inflation, national crime wave, Afghanistan

debacle, transgender's in women's sports, parents

labeled terrorist's, IRS looking into our $600 bank

accounts, woke , cancel culture, the assassination

of child education, the great divide CRT, supply chain

massacre, small businesses annihilated nationally, the


in the middle of nowhere...

Violent ship fires and gigantic icebergs surrounding Us.

In what appears to be no way out! Don't take my word for it.

Put your fireproof gear on, suit up; and enter

'We The People's' quarters

so you can encompass this tragedy from Our view

up close and personal.

Listen Up folks,

'We The People'

are so disgusted silence

is not a part of Our vocabulary.

It's been permanently stricken from Webster.

Follow me, take a tour

Isaiah Carter is inviting you to take a

transparent look through his quarter's window.

It takes a valiant warrior to go against his own party.


The truth is, it's really not about party, 

nor is it about race. But these infidels made it 

about party and race. This democratic

party tramples it's constituents and the rest of

America. All because they sold their families for much of naught

to the communist enemies; and somehow fell short. So now out of

desperation want to include 'We The People' in their fumbled deal.

again, this is the

Pandemic of Dumb and Dumber!!

Like Dead from the Neck Up Dumb!!!

but Heartless Ruthless!!!

I say, kick rocks, keep the change, 

Let's Go Brandon!!!

I'll take over and continue the tour 

again follow me, and don't forget to suit up;

...its fire blazing raging hot as hell in here...

...and watch out for the massive holes

with gushing water; put your knee high boots on...

Danger Zone


There are several reasons the jobs category is more vacant than it should and would be.

First being the coronavirus burnout. Folk especially essential workers are literally parked on zero. Like have at it; enough already. Second, careers were ripped away from dedicated workers; in the pipeline, fossil fuel industries. Over a figment of folks imaginative pipe dream. Imaginative because the plan lacked substance, structure or sustainability.

They were literally putting the cart before the horse.

Third, businesses were crushed to death by the unconstitutional nationwide mandates.

Unconstitutional vaccine mandates that demolished America's Small Businesses,

bulldozed lifetime citizen careers, incomes, dreams and lifestyles.

While the rich still eat steak, live in mansions, drive Bentleys and secure private planes.

Fourth, teachers unions refusing to send teachers back into the classroom,

2 months short of 2 years. Giving parents no other option but to homeschool their children

instead of returning to work.

....and fifth; citizens just plain

furious, like keep the change, kick rocks; when pertaining to the

government's unwarranted authoritarian overreach

into our personal lives.

The growth employment numbers and depleted unemployment numbers are all fake news.

For example; when a person’s unemployment funds run out, some are still unemployed.

Yet the new unemployment numbers are upgraded as if the individual is now

employed. When there should be a category that reflects those individuals

whose unemployment has ended; and they're still unemployed. As well;

the new additional job numbers don't display where those new positions

were added. What states, what cities, and what industries?

Overall the massive nationwide labor shortage for the most part has been caused by

adding insult to injury. Insult; the self-inflicted wombs made by the government;

when We were already massively injured by the pandemic.. As a direct result, America

without commonsense measures taken; is headed on a downward

spiral right into a recession.

The reality, there are three major issues that have stagnated Our growth and are quickly bringing it to a

recession halt. Inflation, the supply chain debacle and worker shortages. Currently inflation is like an

open profusely bleeding womb. Maybe if We ignore it, it will disappear. Wrong answer, food

prices have in most cases doubled; gas is at an all time high and still rising;

and heating whether gas or electric costs are at astronomical levels.

... and all three food, gas and heating are necessities.

Inflation causes the national marketplace to suffer because no one can afford the products.

A product remaining on the shelf, is worse than selling it for half its value. However, selling it for

half it's value means it's owner doesn't make any money. If ain't nobody making money,

then everybody might as well close up shop; and all go home.

The supply chain shortage, how can one sell a product that can't be obtained or

has no specific delivery date? How can a seller ensure the customer that when the product finally

does reach it's destination it's going to be in mint condition. At this point, that profusely bleeding

open womb caused by inflation; is now highly infectious due to the nationwide supply chain shortage.

The infection is spreading and if it can’t be contained and cured

then the mindset becomes salvage zone. Salvage the limbs; but how can anything

be salvage when the worker shortage is catastrophic? Now the infection has advanced into cancer.

The cancer is spreading, so here's where we're headed, depending on the stage of the cancer

and the lack of professional, mature, adult intervention.

Sell everything below market value, cars, houses, furniture, clothing, and food.

Large and small businesses permanently closed due to the depressed economy.

Other Companies dramatically downsized for survival sake.

With that being said, let's keep it real, look

around folks. We are currently on the USA Titanic.

Wading in the middle of nowhere; surrounded by massive icebergs.

Inflation, the supply chain debacle, nationwide worker shortages.

Democratic Leadership One Party Rule Overreach

Progressive Unethical Standards for Lawlessness:

of protect the vilest criminals, criminalize the victims.

National Police mistreatment of African Americans.

Defund the Police- destroying low income, poverty and

minority communities. Death at a funeral.

Fake News.

Big Tech, Media Censorship.

Government Hostile Overreach vs Parental Rights.

Citizen Rights vs Illegal Immigrants Rights.

Border Crisis-open door to international sabotage on Homefront.

The Afghanistan Withdrawal disaster.

Energy dependence

The fentanyl crisis.

...and as if these gigantic icebergs aren't enough

the ship itself is on fire.

Savage, merciless, fires coming from three different directions.

Let's see; there's a ferocious fire coming from the front of the ship.

Folk are literally forced to stand outside in 20 degree weather

in long extended lines to get a covid test. Heartless!

Then, there's the ferocious fire coming up the

rear of the ship. Someone "forgot" to order More covid test

for the entire Country! Opps, My Baad! Ruthless!

Then there are the ferocious fires coming from both sides;

The distribution of therapeutics has been banned; and natural

immunity is a baad word. Malicious

There are also massive holes in 'We the People's' quarter

on medical and religious exemptions are nonexistent. Prejudice

Then there are the two most dangerous icebergs.

You can't miss them, those huge towering icebergs are strategically

positioned to crush the economy and keep one party rule residuals in perpetuity.

The economy annihilator Build Back Better and the fantasy fake

Voting Rights Bill ghosting John Lewis's name.

Build Back Better is actually Break America's Back Broken!

Left for dead, no resurrection unless 'We The People' obey

the government's socialist, authoritarian totalitarian rule.

John Lewis Voting Rights Bill is perfecting designed to sucker punch

'We The People' minorities; again. This bill actually give the democratic government

the authority to determine who wins elections forever. It literally silences the

voice of "We The People" and all other parties.

icebergs, raging vicious fires and gushing water holes.

...with no fireman siren, plumber, carpentry workman or engineer prevention...

We are not only surrounded, stuck but the ship is sinking

and there appears to be no way out.

...and perhaps even more egregious is the Captain

of the USA Titanic, The Commander and Chief's posture.

The one steering the ship into catastrophic disaster.

Let me say it again, I really need it to sink in:

This is the Pandemic of Dumb and Dumber!

The Cabinet

Come on lets be brutally honest, do you see any

smart, intelligent people in the Biden-Harris cabinet?

I'll just name a few : Kamala Harris, Tony Blinkin, Lloyd

Austin, Janet Yellen, Merrick Gatland, Pete

Buttigieg, Alejandro Mayorkis, Jennifer

Granholm, Miguel Cordona

and Ron Klain.

Name one credible thing any of these individuals have brought to

the table on behalf of 'We The People' that has proven to be an

asset. In every position they host America is falling apart.

All I hear is gibberish.

..and at the risk of being redundant; the

extended party. Folk are laughing at serious matters, labeling

crisis's minor or nonexistent, vacationing on our suffer, capitalizing on

our misfortunes; and spruing misinformation on relevant issues. Labeling

their lies as truth and authentic truths as lies. ...and bully daring anyone to challenge

them; as if this is their perpetuity monarchy and we're under their rule

in a third world communist country.

1st Family 

All while Joe and Jill's son Hunter gets to gallivant and flaunt his

perverted, corrupt, arrogant self around the country and world,

as if he's Prince of America. ...and Jill Biden needs to be ashamed of

her self. 1st for encouraging Daddy daycare Joe to step in the ring.

2nd, for secretly conspiring deceitfully to viciously

stamp out parental rights and assume government

control over our children; through education

(teachers union) and vaccines.

We see you!!!

3rd, for acting like everything is normal,

when it's you Biden's that need a

lifetime of therapy.

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

The Puppet Master

Where are America's real men?

Republican, democrat, independent, libertarian

and all the others??

Other than Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema

are there any real democrats left? Willing to defend

"We The People" over the Party?

I'm an independent, but I started out a democrat;

and I have voted both ways.

The democratic party is embarrassing right now.

Every issue is based on race, hate, censorship,

and Donald Trump. Braindead folk in leadership,

with a senate and congress of democrats; either afraid to

challenge them or are aligned with them.

You didn't and haven't hesitated to challenge Donald Trump with

two impeachments and this Capital faux Committee. But you

remain silent when Biden, and his background cronies obstruct the law,

blatantly disregard the constitution, atrociously dehumanize American citizens;

invite millions of strangers into Our Country without Our consent or permission.

...and flaunt his America Last, China, Russia and Iran 1st agenda on the world stage!!!

With Kamala staunchly sending fingers signal salute of allegiance.

Can't you see we're on the USA Titanic

This is catastrophic!!!

Help!. Help! The USA Titanic is sinking!

Are there any mature adults, if so can you please

step forward and Mann the ship?


No worries the Mother Yacht EYES LLC

is in transit, small enough to squeeze through the icebergs,

 fireproof and large enough to accommodate "We The People".

We will be leaving all scavengers, and traitors behind.

Z Nation $

When EYES LLC puts its mark on the Map.

I'm going to purchase a host of mansions in

Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Sanders, Schumer, Obama, AOC,

Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, just to name a few;

in their fabulous, luxurious, posh neighborhoods.

..and I'm going to invite some of the same immigrants and afghans

that were allowed into our country; illegally; and cheered on

by them; and have Us feeling extremely vulnerable.

To become prominent residents of their

upscale gated communities. Secretly shsh.