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            1ST  &  2ND  HEAVEN



                     EDUCATION  BARNONE
















Z   NATION   $










MARK 10: 29-31









               THE  CENTER

                                OF  THE  EARTH









1 February 22 thru   22

As a radical disciple for Christ,

relentless warrior for Jehovah God

and a toddler student of The Holy Ghost ;

I feel compelled to speak out, let my voice be heard.

It's a dirty, dangerous job, but somebody's gotta do it!

Since I'm on Trinity Kingdom assignment,

I might as well

Go for Broke;

No Fear, Never Back Down; Over & Out!!!

Good Trouble!!!

…Justice must prevail…

For the record, I'm not attempting to meet anyone's standards,

be politically correct; or be sparse with my words. Let me

establish that I'm not a republican or democrat;

I'm an independent. Allow me to also

establish the only side I'm on is

The Trinity Triune One,

Jehovah God, Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit

The Father, The Son & The Holy Spirit


King Yahweh, Prince Yeshua, & The Holy Ghost


I AM THAT I AM, The Messiah, & The Comforter

It’s time for me to step into the Warrior’s lane.

Where I see myself as bulletproof; where whatever I say,

I better mean it; because I can’t take it back;

and I don’t intend to. Where, I’m looking the assassins 

directly in the face; two fingers at you; eye to eye. LOL



Psalm 2: 1-12

Absolutely, positively No Fear, I’m Built for this!!

31 years of preparation for Such a Time as This!

Coming to America

ALL The Money in The World

Vision Photography, Second-Sight Supernatural

Eternity's LIMITLESS Gold


This is real personal; current and future generations are at stake.

Besides; I got what they want, what they secretly claim to be theirs.

What they’ve already plotted to steal.

The Gold, Eternity’s Gold.

The Priceless Limitless GOLD that has no expiration date.

Oh, they know about the Gold.

My 6 internet babies have been on public display since 2010.

EYES Website, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace

More importantly, my photography was copywritten by 

the Office of Copyright, Code 17; Copyright of

 The United States Code. in 2010.

There is no other Supernatural Cinematography in the Entire World.

Which makes me the RICHEST person ON PLANET EARTH.

An Italian Job, Oceans, and Hustlers Special.

Marching Orders: steal, swindle, manipulate, bully, snatch; then kill.

Heck; do whatever it takes and by whatever means necessary.

Just don’t come back without it.

You know greed-mongers, control freaks, always want what they 

can't have; other folks stuff: but some how that thing always

comes back to shoot itself in the foot.

...and then there are the recruiters, the bounties; the soul snatching

perverted blood sucking PREDATORS. The witchcraft, black magic

sorcery, voodoo, treehouse masters, warlocks, valley of the ugly dolls; ghosts,

animals, kettels, digs, golden needles, graveside chats: didn't work..

The Devil's Rejects: five words:

...Catch Me If You Can...

I keep hearing Satan say two-words..

…Useless Humans...

…and here’s the unadulterated truth; you scavengers are hearing him say it too. Because

he’s saying it directly to you. Hello!!! I know you’re shook, because you can’t believe I 

actually heard and am hearing what Satan said and is saying to you; you useless pile of crap.

But you forget, you ‘channel astral’ dragged me, sleeping on 

The Rock; Jehovah God; that you’re gnawing at; into

the core of your BELLY BEAST race. 

Satan’s Candyland:

voluptuous, luscious, landscaped; luxurious, flesh tantalizing, vampire’s thirst: his irresistible

bedchamber of perversion pleasures. You soul snatching, recruiters, hunters;

 bounties, bloodsucking scavengers: when I was fast asleep. 

I awoke only to see the race’s sign;

hanging over my head.


..and perhaps the most painfullly egregious is me waking up and seeing some of my very own relatives; standing with the strangers. Folk that I loved hard; in aggressive pursuit of Spring. Talk about

 twisted! Wow I'm all mess up! Wow, really fam; family secrets! I literally had no clue!!! Wow!

You are about to be exposed; no-holds-bar!! You come for me; I'm coming for you!

No longer family; I forgive; but could, neither would; ever trust you again!!

 You're thirsty, dehydrated, and about to lose everything, power, money and position.

That's right, Satan is seconds away from taking it all back. Yup, give all that you've spent decades

earning; sweat, death and tears: to the next generation of self-entitled ingrates; bebes. In your face! 

He likes to call it his wealth transfer. You fail on your assignment, you lose everything.

Your assignment: now that's a given; soul snatching; through perverted sexual pleasures.

Oh The Vampire Thirst is Real!!!

You're desperate, you need fresh flesh, the innocent, uncharted territory

Man, woman, child and baby, no holds bar; everyones up for grabs.

Mother, father, sister, brother, wife, child, grandchild; everybody!

See I know you know this already; but let me spell it out for those who don't. Perverted Sex in Satan's world automatically opens the doors to his demonic spirit realms of leadership. 

Perverted sex; for example: masochist, sadist, swingers, orgies and annul sex are

 Satan's Throne Masters. '

Annul sex is Satan's Crown Jewel. 

 Annul sex, is what Satan considers his personal branding; 

his right to ownership. From his perspective; annul sex consumates

a marriage between you and him. Now you belong to him.

All preparation for the Devils' ride.

For he has the biggest kielbasa and meatballs, 

they're so huge; like literally humanly unfathamable,

literally like the land of the giants

The kielbasa requires a demonic stretch, I saw it and heard the screams;

the mountain echo hollars.

The screams, the hollars, well lets just say, it can get pretty loud!

It all comes down to Him having annul sex

 with you; whenever he wants!!

Man, woman, child; after all you belong to him.

Once consumation takes place; Satan agrees to reward you power and authority 

over portions of his demonic spirit brigade. His demonic spirits must follow your orders..

No sweat, channeling is how he keeps you soldiers in line;

 one thought, one action; 100% control. 

There's no conflict of interest; when it's comes to your orders to his army. 

Because it's really him, using your channeled vessel. He always need a vessel.

Leadership is optional, you do have a choice. 

But he's slick, he studies his prey. He knows exactly what you 

like and he uses it as a pone of enticement to reel you in. 

The Mt. Pinnacle Bow! 

Bowdown, bend over, get on your knees!

What do you want, just name your price?

Anything! Anything!!

Having perverted sex which also includes; having sex with your family members; 

The Family Thing: animals, and the innocent, uncharted, man, woman, child and baby; whether

 submissive or forced to obey: awards you access to Satan's highest positions: brigadiers, generals, leutinents and grants you access to the hidden doors of darkness. But not without paying a hefty price.

You fail in your assignment; somebody's gotta die; not optional; non-negoitable. You succeed, then the hidden doors of Satan's concealed edge of dark secrets avail you. Notice, I said access; again it's 

your choice. Bowdown now! What's your price?

But you're literally about to lose it all; every last thing..

...and death is knocking at your door. You fail, somebody has to die!

Including you fam, I'm looking directly at y'all; looking half past dead.

Which is why you soldiers are brazenly swinging those doors wide open on every

facet of perversion; and especially to the most vulnerable; the children.

Which is why you're attempting to legally approve innocent minors sex changes; alterations.

Which is why you're obsessed with educating children, ages 5-7 about sex, every aspect of perversion.

Which is why you're trying to eliminate any facet of two genders; man and woman.

Which is why you're pursuing the medical inplantation of uteruses in men.

Which is why you're downgrading sexual assault on the victims to less than misdemeanors.

Which is why you planted your funky buts; through channeled astrals, in my territory.

...and now I hear you saying; This Ain't Normal!

Yup, I can hear you too.; that alone should have you staggering!

...and the Devil repeats in anguish; Useless Humans! Useless!

Oh Your Vampire Thirst and Treacherous Demonic,

Cruel, Heartless Attacks on me, are Real! 

But I have HolyGhost Protection.

Besides, Time’s Up!!!

The Sleeping Giant Has Awakened



If you couldn’t catch me when I was asleep; Your chances are zero to none, now!!!

Again, IMPOSSIBLE!!! That’s not a brag; But, absolute reality.

 Let me replace your sign with mines:










But since, I’m here, I might as well, TAKEBACK what Satan stole from the sheep, the

innocent, me and mine. I have a race of my own to get back to ‘The Eternity Marathon’

The 100-Foot Journey. Last call, move out of my way; and take your hands off our stuff

or be Holy Ghost Trampled; Crushed. I'm standing boldly in your demonic territory

about to come down your lane, which is really my lane.

Yeah, I'm selling noise

You better move out of my way, or you will be Trampled by The Holy Ghost.

Again, I keep hearing Satan call you; useless humans!

If I were him, you'd be fired already

little ole me against your massive demonic brigade

I can't be looking at his best, if so; even he needs to retire.

and let's be very clear, there's only one reason why

I AM THAT I AM, The Father, 

allowed you sorcerers, warlocks and witch doctors

to enter my territory, uninvited, unannounced and unrestrained.

Your entrance gives me automatic access into your territory 

the same exact free rein: for one purpose demonic demolition

all while flaunting Eternity's Limitless Gold in your face. 

Caution, because Jehovah God put the triple 'W' 

in Satan's wicked; it's called 'Wrath' Without Warning';

 instantly your doom, death and eternal torturous damnation. 

He suffered no man to do them wrong, yea 

He reproved kings for their sakes.

Touch not my annointed and do my prophet no harm.

1 Chronicles 16:21-22

..and for those of you who have indulged but seriously want out. 

You're only one repentance away. Satan has been telling you there's

no way out; not true. Jesus died on The Cross for all of us wicked, stubborn,

self-centered, vain, wayward, ungrateful sinners. However, for this particular sin, 

there's a hefty, heavy price to pay. Because your repentance requires authenticity.

A heart determined not to turn back, no matter what, inspite-of, nevertheless!

The Holy Spirit is The Heart Inspector, so He knows whether your heart 

intentions are pure or not. It's the only way The Holy Spirit Will 

Deliver You; Snatch You from the Wiles of the Devil.

Because Satan is going to fight you tooth and nail; scourging torture;

like a deranged, narcissistic abusive, battering husband or wife. 

Who refuses to let go of his or her spouse.

If I can't have you, nobody else will!

But for, I AM THAT I AM, 


Repent therefore and be converted,

 that your sins may be blotted out, when the time of refreshing

 shall come from the presence of the Lord.

Acts 3:19

& The Sacrifice of 


For those of you who don't know Jesus, 

and want out of the treacherous trap of Satan.

Salvation is the Only Way Out!

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth;

The Lord Jesus Christ

And shalt believe in thine heart

that God raised Him from the dead;

 thou shalt be saved.

Romans 10:9-11,13

Come One, Come All

Come As You Are!

It's time to platform holy

The plow; highway thru hell

All Aboard

 The USA Titanic

follow me and watch your step

due to 40-year high inflationgas prices, 

food and rent skyrocketing, climbing to 8.6 percent; 

and the economy shrinking 1.6 GDP in the 1st quarter; 

for the 1st time in 70 years; threatening a recession-depression;

 as early as 2023: all in one year: we can't afford insurance.

Remain skintight close, 

there are  1.3 million illegal stowaways on the ship, 

including unidentified drug cartels, human and sex traffickers

and over 700,000 gotaways. ...and baggage claim tunnels secretly

housing thousands of pounds of fentanyl; enough to kill us all.

All imported from China. 1st they tried to take us out with Corona;

self-sabotage. Now due to dumbo and dumber; the back door is swung 

wide open to kill our millenials: evaporate our future, our destiny.

We've already lost one hero soldier, a millenial; tragically. He jumped in 

the water trying to save two; who turned out to be drug smugglers. A precious 

life lost; for naught. Even more egregious is the B-H faux regime's refusal to take

 accountability for the senseless loss or even celebrate the hero. 

It just seems like dumbo and dumber made a deal with pure evil. Somehow

 faltered and have crowned 'We The People' the scapegoats to their survival.

Listen up; this is an AMERICAN INSURRECTION; 

killers, terrorists; a confirmed 50 are also on the ship;

 and the ship's commanders have no idea where they are. 

They also deliberately let America's most vile criminals back on the street

The most abhorrent; murderers, rapists, child predators, robbers and lifers..

...and this newest revelation ISIS plotting to kill former President George W. Bush.

Attempting to bring the accomplices thru the wide-open worldwide southern border

free-for-all invitation gate. Then there's the death threat on Justice Brett Kavanaugh;

definitely incited by the radical left; Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy

Pelosi, and  Lorie Lightfoot; just to name a few! None of these cold, callous, individuals

have even come forth to acknowledge the death threat; or apologize. 

..and the atrocious delay by Nancy Pelosi, 

to bring a bi-partisan bill to a vote to protect the Supreme Court Justices 

and their families; with 27 of the radical left voting no.; with 22 of the 27 voting

 on protection of their person after January 6; 2021. These are the same exact individuals 

who didn't hesitate to secure the Capitol like Ft Knox; armored national guards; for months. 

They're also the same exact ones calling to Defund the Police; but using tax-payer funds; hiring 

those same exact Police to build a hedge of protection around themselves and their families. 

Protection for me; but not for thee; the lawless crew. It's more than a double standard.

It's just plain heartless. The law only applies when it benefits them. 

For those of you whom don't know I have a book that I have been writing since 

February 2021. The mention is critical for two reasons.

 1st, there are footprints confirming Big Brother is Watching every stroke of my computer 

pen. At one point, I scolded him twice, in writing, because he brazenly eliminated sections 

I had written, specifically pertaining to Hunter Biden; as if I wouldn't notice.

 2nd, I prophesied several times in my book. Prophesy is a biblical gift which means foretell current and future events through the EYES and MOUTH of The TRINITY GOD. An authentic prophet see what 

HE SEE'S and says what HE SAYS; in accordance with their level of faith.; through obedience. 

 In March 2021, 

I prophesied three of America's greatest threats.

Here are my exact words:




Sir Royal Majestyk

Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit’s

illumination of the revelation

USA Invasion

The top three threats:

Coronavirus coming from China

Bioweapon Warfare


ISIS foot patrol coming through the border.

The hate is REAL.

Chemical Weapon Warfare


Vicious, malicious cyberattacks coming from Russia.

Mechanical Weapon Warfare


I know, I know ISIS is dead, ancient right?

Wrong, there’s a new mixed breed. One even

more determined to revenge America. 

The attacks include China, Russia and Afghanistan.

As well, I gave specific details as to where some of the 

ISIS army is located and secretly hidden in America.


It was Joe and Kamala, who let the unvetted terrorists in;

while leaving an estimated thousands of Americans and allies behind.

also on;

1 July 2021

I prophesied about the tunnels being built along the southern border. 

I  gave explicit details; in my book. For obvious reasons, I won't mention 

the specifics of either ISIS or the underground tunnels. However, what I'm pointing

 out is Big Brother saw the prophesies a year ago. Instead of providing more protection for 

'We The People', he's swung and is determined to keep the doors to our demise wide-open; without a conscience. ...and if this new attempted attack on a man whom hosted his same exact position; the President of The United States; isn't enough for him or dumber to shut the door to every possible destructive intrusion. Then there's only one perception; that makes sense; they are

 on the side of the aversaries. That's right defectors, meaning 100% aligned with 

America's most vicious, malicious, vile enemies. After all Biden has commited himself 

to visiting Saudia Arabia; who's leader recently killed more than 80 men in a single day.

What would be in it for them, I'm glad you asked; the same exact thing 

the aversaries possess: perpituity power. It's the only way to accomplish, 

One World Order!

Seriously, what rational individual turns their house alarm off, leaves

 all the doors and windows unlocked; and open. Then puts a sign up.

‘All strangers, foreigners welcome: No ID required’.

Bring your generations. Just waltz on in; and enjoy the amenities; at no costs?

What sane individual trusts their most malicious enemies to not capitalize on such a grand gesture? What competent leader who swore an oath to protect and defend their country 

and its people; would instead, entice, provoke and incite an invasion, a deliberate assault on 

that very nation and Its citizens? That would  be considered treasonous right? Wouldn't that party be legally liable for such an impending disaster; catastrophe? Wouldn't the same apply to the 

Biden-Harris faux regime? It really appears as though They Sold Us Out folks. 

Anything for perpetuity power. 

..and despite all the hardship and anguish their actions are placing on Us, citizens.

They're still adamately moving in the same direction, as if it's too late for them to turn around.

Now based on credible reports, allegedly massive payments were made to the entire Biden 

family. $31 million, with $11 million; including a $500, 000 diamond ring; going directly to 

Hunter: via, China, Russia and Ukraine. But there's no record, again allegedly, 

of any services rendered equitable to the pay-outs.

To add icing on the cake.

The 11 million dollar man.

 ' Is the most protected man in America'

' Hunter Biden.'

 'like assassins guns pointed; protected'!

Come on, People, according to recent reports the Secret Service pays $30,000 

a month to protect Hunter Biden. If true, who is the Secret Service protecting him from? Prior, several credible sources; claim Hunter's own laptop revealed; his relationship with oligarghs, top government officials; suggesting millions in payments coming from China, Russia and Ukraine. 

Question: are these communist Country's officials and associates

 calling the shots through him; or has he defaulted on an original arrangement?

The one involving The Big Guy; again allegedly?

The Big Guy, according to extremely credible sources; whom

 produced what appears to be authentic receipts: publicly; is Joe Biden. 

The New York Post, The Daily Mail, Hunter's laptop technician,

and  a previous business partner, a respectable military soldier:

...and most recently The Daily Mail has even unveiled a voicemail from

 Hunter's laptop;; from Joe Biden: where Joe is telling Hunter he's in the clear.

The Washington Examiner reported records from Hunter's abandoned laptop show 

that Joe Biden aparently unwittingly finances son's participation in escort ring tied to Russia.

and if any of this is true, then there has to be a debt exchange, 

arrangement at some point, right?

Prophetically speaking

"From a prophetic standpoint: I saw the assassins with their guns pointed; People". 

Yes, pointed at several B-H regime current and some of Obama-Biden 

administration officials and their families. 

In one instance, there was the official and his family members

huddle in a bedroom; with men in foreign uniforms with guns pointed at the official..

I will admit I didn't make any correlation when I saw what I saw.; via the prophetic vision.

I was too shook, like who can I tell? Wow, that vision just came out of nowhere.

There was nobody to tell. There was only one resolve; study. Study the bible until 

He whom is The Glory Shows Up to restore my peace.

However, if the correlation of what I saw with my very own eyes

and the presumed allegations, by what seem to be viable sources

accompanied by what appear to be bone-fide evidenceprove to be true. 

Then from my perception; the Biden-Harris faux regime's relentless path and

 determination to steer the USA into dire straights; comatose; code blue; 

without relief; is calculated.

Via the highest inflation in 70 years; and an economy that shunk 

1.6 GDP in the 1st quarter, 2 seconds from a recession-depression; 

covid test, medical tools, baby milk and food shortages,

 gas prices doubling; in some places tripling; 

with Biden saying 'there will be no relief';

 blaming everybody but himself; from Trump to Putin: 

fossil fuel independence deliberately wrecked in exchange for dependence on 

3rd world leaders; Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia; natural born killers 

of their own people; to deliver the fossil on their terms; killers: 

vaccine mandates that literally stole folks lives and livlihoods;

 a massive attack on religion and faith; close down all the Churches, 

Synagogues, and Mosques; but keep the liquor stores, spirit stores open.

 Biden's authoritarian rule of 'obey or else'

 rendered middle-class folk and chinavirus heroes and sheroes jobless; 

from home to house to homeless; 

and dumber is bragging about a jobs report; with more than 11 million jobs available; 

the ones showing up are the ones whom lost their jobs due to his illegal authoritarian vaccine mandate; the ones not showing up; are still traumatized by his illegal totalitarian rule; or just plain homeless and have lost all hope; moreover refuse to experience that type of 

horrendous government faux marist, communist overreach again: 

the Afghanistan debacle hosting cowards, wimps as leadership; 

Operation Death & Doom. 

Completely senseless; millienials killed and several permanently injured; 

weaklings gave one of our most fierce enemies ISIS our airport, let the vicious terrorist out of prison, left our equipment behind and ran like chicken little; flying home with the unvetted;

 risking terrorists invasion, everybody but our citizens and allies; 

with Biden eating cookies, licking ice cream with his sippy cup; in Delaware; 

and I agree with him, Kamala hiding, crickets: 

the outside-in 3rd-world invasion of the southern border;

drug and sex trafficking, human smuggling and 1000's of pounds of fentanyl,

 the defunding with hands tied behind their backs ICE, border patrol; with zero funding sustainabilty to governors along the border coming from the Biden-Harris administration; their refusal to continue the wall; with slats already paid for, rusting; but instead shuck out millions to the contractors for unfinished work: 

the secret flights of immigrants, free room, housing, food, jobs, driver's licenses, election votes throughout the Country into our neighborhoods; law-abiding tax paying citizens completely surrounded by illegal aliens; without our approval on our dime:

 the inside-out 3rd-world invasion 

murderers, criminals, killers, lifer into our communities expedited 

by democrat woke district attorneys, prosecuters: 

the defund the police and deplete their funding by democrat radical mayors, governors; 

the false narratives on white supremacy vs minority racial hate; 

and critical race theory; the great divide to conquer; 

labeling parents terrorists,

 the sexual assault on our children ages 5-7: 

the demand for equality recognition of biological woman and transgenders; 

censorship; the attempted obliteration of free-speech; near lock you up for spoken words; 

the inside man attack on the Supreme Court and their families; 

with radical democrat top officials inflaming the attack and delaying intervention;

 the constant threat coming from the far-left democrat lunatics

 demanding their way or they will completely ignore the US Constitution,

 the 2nd Ammendment and the Bill of Rights; 

by threatening to abolish the filibuster,

 any objections from the Supreme Court they will pack It: 

the Christian shaming on OUR HOLY PRAYERS, 

in a vicious attempt to intimidate; to eliminate; 

the greatest threat to their vile perverted path; 

The Church; the Saints: 

and finally; there will be no rest 'their words' until they take away

 OUR; the law-abiding tax paying citizen's GUNS!

...All in a matter of one year and five months...

The handwriting is on the wall.

For the nonbeliever this is definitley 1984, advanced.

The rigorous rigid push for socialist, communist, marxist authoritarian rule.

It's the only possible interpretation of this deliberate attack on the US framework

and structures; inciting an instantaneous collapsing, deprivation of and to America. 

..and has anyone else noticed; radical democrats attacking white conservatives

faith; as if blacks, and people of all nationalities, including democrats, libertarians,

independents, and unaffilliates; aren't a part of the faith. 

Also, why are you democrats who are of the faith; not defending 

your faith; publicly? Are you ashamed of your God? 

If, so, you're treading a very dangerous path.
Ok, this one is for christian leadership; whether the pulpit: apostle, prophet, pastor,

evangelist or teacher: the government, entertainment, business or head of household.

Some of you are s.o.o fragile, I want to be delicate in my delivery but I can't;

because your authenticity is predicated on your determination to fulfill;

 Discipleship 101: Elementary Basics


Go Ye Therefore; is a Command; non-negotiable

Matthew 28:18-20

But instead, you're standing around like spectators or benchwarmers

in an arena that you have been given the Authoritative Lead. 

Which equates in keeping it real terms to: punks, wimps, chumps; betrayors of your faith.

You have 50,000 in the pew on Sunday; or 1000 staff, or 2,000,000, followers on Instagram, 

Twitter, Facebook, Tik-Toc or Linked-In: and micro-to-zero mini-me's, also known as disciples.

Folk brazenly oppose your faith disrespectfully and instead of you taking on the opposition, 

contradiction biblically; you remain silent; like crickets. 

Here you go; and when folk do step to you for a WORD; instead

 of you being The Trinity Kingdom vessel of deliverance. 

You give them worldly, generic advise,

 with a follow-up of intellectual books and famous voices.

 I'm talking to you christian leader; the one annointed, appointed, strategically planted;

heaven assigned; in every spectrum, venue, platform, of the universe. 

Church, business, government, entertainment, education, science, history; medicine;

 to be a voice crying out in the midst of the demonic wilderness.

The Church is NOT the building; YOU are the Church

JESUS"s Command; Go Ye Therefore!

But instead; all The Trinity Triune One witnesses is: punks, wimps, chumps; betrayors of your faith.

 ..and some of you have more respect for the man or woman standing behind the pulpit; 

than you do for The Trinity Triune God.

...and where in the bible does The Trinity Triune God say: children's choice.

I'm hearing Pastor's say children's choice; this is a helly disgrace.

The bible I read says; train up a child; theres no prefix or suffix;

because it's a COMMAND.

Proverb 22:6


Whoever shall be ashamed of Me and of my Words; 

of him shall the Son of man be ashamed; 

when He shall come into His Own Glory;

 and in His Father,

and the holy angels

Luke 9:26

Translation if you choose to be a closet christian,

hide you faith, allow others to trample It; while you remain silent;

 without a witness, a confession, a conviction, a testimony; 

or even more significant a persuaded heart to


against the opposition; the contradiction; 

then your Messiah will suffer you the same exact humiliation.


Whosoever therefore shall confess Me before men

him will I confess also before My Father 

which is in heaven

But, whosoever shall deny Me before men

him will I also deny before my Father

which is in heaven 

Matthew 10: 32-33

Translation, if you confess, testify, brazenly praise,

fearlessly worship and defend your Messiah with a pure heart, publicly;

despite, opposition, contradiction; resistance 

He will represent and defend you before His Father; 

at The White Throne of Judgement.

But if you deny Jesus; via actions, words and deeds before men of 

great stature; whether it be politics, presidents, popes, pastors,

ceo's, the rich and famous; family, friends or foes.

Jesus will deny you, before His Father; as if wearing the same label as

Judas, the son of perdition. There will be no remedy, no recovery,

Again, I want to be delicate in my delivery; because for the most part I'm looking at 

christian leadership shaking like a leaf; at any hint of criticism, objection, or hostility; 

but I can't t.o.o m.a.n.y souls are at stake. It ain't about you; it's about the souls.

Besides, if I hold back and souls are lost; their Blood is on my hands.

So let me just give it to you, straight; no chaser.

Those of you whom are still teaching JESUS's flock, His Sheep; or simply believe

 'once saved always saved' 

are either immature, too intellectual to see spiritual, called but not chosen;

 backslidden and too blind to see, carnal seeing everything through the natural eye, 

not saved, a profitliar or satan's disciple.

...and let's be very clear; maturity has nothing to do with how long 

you been teaching, preaching, singing or the size of your following.

Heck, you can purchase pulpit titles, sermons, and teachings online these days.

It has everything to do with how long you have been giving

 JESUS your undivided attention.

Satan knows the bible by the back of his hand; he was the Conductor

of Heaven's orchestra; he too has an annointing and an inheritance:

he just can't live it.

Let me keep it simple stupid.

The bible says; but he that shall endure to the end shall be saved. 

With a prefix and a suffix of suffering, persecution, and rejection. 

It means exactly what it says.

Matthew 24:4-14


To the Church of Laodicea

I know you well, you are neither hot or cold. I wish you were one or the other.

But since you are merely lukewarm, I will spit you out of My Mouth.

Revelation 3: 15 TLT

JESUS is Supernaturally Holy; for Him to say He's spitting you out of 

His Mouth; would allude to you being godless, blasphemous, wicked; 

perditious; after salvation. He's talking directly to us; the Church.

Him vomiting you out of His mouth is equivalent to 

you losing your gift of salvation.

I hear you, why would JESUS take back His unconditional love gift?

I'm glad you asked; He wouldn't! He would never take back a gift He has given.


But, freewill alots you the freedom; to determine what to do with the gift. 

Keep it, nourish it, wear it, put it on the shelf, ignore it, give it away or forfeit it.

I hear you, why and how could a christian give salvation away, forfeit an eternal gift?

Greed, lust, vanity, piety, deception, theivery; false pride, lying, perversion; just to name a few, 

 Satan's playground.; which; without repentance; all lead to traitorship without a cause.

I want what I want now!!! 

You forfeited it, JESUS didn't or would never take it away.

The love unconditional salvation gift; is gift wrapped; with a free-will bow.

Which simply means you have a freewill to choose which direction you 

want to go; after salvation. You just don't have a freewill in 

the consequences of those various choices.

Heck, there are preachers standing in the pulpit right now; teaching the sheep to

 'demand JESUS give me my stuff'! 

Woe to that preacher!!!

There's only one recipe for that disaster; Portals of Hell!

Deliberately forfeiting holy for helly; without authentic repentance.

Repentance means you make an about face; from helly to holy; 

no go back, no look back: mind, heart, body, soul or spirit; 

no matter what, in-spite-of; nevertheless!!

JESUS is ETERNAL LIFE without sincere repentance you leave Him no other choice

but to condemn you to eternal damnation; fire and brimstone death.


For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened;

and have tasted of the heavenly gift;

and were made partners with the Holy Ghost;

and have tasted of the good word of God, and the powers

of this world to come,

and if they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance

seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God

and put Him to open shame.

Hebrews 6:4-6

Translation: the word impossible is self explanatory. 

and fall away places the indictment on you.

As in you calculatedly severed the relationship, intimacy, fellowship,

 between you and Him. 

You walked away; which is your freewill choice.

If JESUS Who is MERCY; deny's you before HIS Father Who is JUSTICE. 

The Holy Spirit Who is GRACE surely ain't stepping in to defend you. 

JESUS already paid the price for your funky but; 

there will be no do over. 

Repent now; before it's too late!! 

Walk Out Loud Your Salvation; Unapologetically !!!

For The White Throne of Judgment bears only two declarations

heaven or hell; there is no middle. Your denial of Him, after you have 

supped with Him in prayer, fasting, study, praise, worship, fellowship,

testimony, repentance, tithing, giving and unconditional love: 

warrants only one response from The Trinity One Triune;

 eternal fire and brimstone flame death.

...and let's be very clear; JESUS doesn't send anyone on a guilt trip; 

guilt is Satan's master tool. 

JESUS convicts your heart though the POWER of The Holy Ghost.

All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable 

for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. 

That the man of God

may be thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

2Timothy 3:16-17

Translation; every biblical word of the bible

is the revelatory illumination The Trinity Triune God!

There's no trickery or contradiction; but there in mystery.

Hidden Kingdom secrets, wisdom, knowledge and understanding

that only the obedient christian 

would be given the privilege to discern.

However, regardless of your level of faith, each WORD

is purposed to meet you where you are in these four areas.

The 1st is Truth, it's doctrine 

It's the Holy Spirit's job to place undeniable, overwhelming,

love unconditional, supernatural assurance in 

your heart that every WORD,

 you read, study, memorize, meditate is from 

HE That is TRUTH, The Trinity Triune God 

The devil knows the bible 

inside and out intellectually. He just can’t live it. He’s actually brilliant; 

more brilliant than man: not even a comparison. He knows way more about heaven than

man too. But he does not have insight, nor access to The Trinity One’s wisdom, knowledge, understanding; spiritually or supernaturally. He was kicked out of heaven.

Therefore, he’s on the outside desperately looking in.

In other words; 

reading the bible without The Holy Spirit’s guidance 

prevents one from hearing, listening and experiencing the illumination of The

Trinity Kingdom’s revelations and secrets. A revelation that’s not intellectual but 

supernaturally spiritual. The bible is not like any other book in the world. Natural books

you read and maybe imagine the experience. But the bible when digested through

The Power of The Holy Spirit’s becomes your Life Experience.

 It’s like Jesus comes in the room andhas a direct conversation with you.

It's holy miraculous personal!!

…Every time…

Every verse is pregnant.

Repetitive reading of the same verse breeds a combustible explosion of wisdom,

knowledge and understanding beyond any man’s human comprehension. 

The Holy Spirit takes what is intellectually complex and makes it simple; easy to understand. 

His illumination never changes the text or it’s context.

 He just breathes life into it.

 For example;

 if the verse is: The apple is hanging on the tree.

The apple will always be hanging on the tree. But The Holy Spirit’s illumination will

break it down for you. In other words expand your view. The apple is hanging on the tree, on a

hot sunny day; with a beautiful breeze. ..and every time you come back to that same verse your view expands even more. The apple is hanging on the tree, gorgeous clouds, on a

hot sunny day; with a beautiful breeze flowing through the flowers.

That’s what I mean when I say the word is pregnant. 

You’ll be saying; wow,

as many times as I read that particular verse; I never saw or heard that before. 

Sometimes what you hear will be so profound; it will you leave

mesmerized by the Experience.

So much so,

you’ll be compelled to share it with someone. You won’t be able to keep it to yourself. 

That’s the 1st sign of the fire anointing of The Holy Spirit residing in your heart.

 …and you’re 1st major step toward evangelizing…

The fire is too strong to contain.

Then the Words

on the page begin magnifying themselves as if trying to get your attention. 

That’s because He is, those very words begin to permeate your heart.

Sometimes bringing you to tears, singing, praying and or peace 

beyond no man’s understanding

silence. …and when you become mature enough you actually begin to hear Jesus’s Voice. 

The entire Holy Spirit Experience becomes personal, intimate with

surround sound floodgates of unconditional, incomprehensible; unending love.

Of course, I’m using a generic sentence;

in exampling a verse; but it’s only because I’m attempting to get you to see the process

 from an elementary standpoint. Every Word becomes processional, personal, prophetic and extremely intimate. Each illumination is spoken into your heart; not your mind. 

Not only what you just heard proves to be bigger than your little finite brain;

 but it’s bigger than life itself.

The Holy Spirit

is the Trinity Kingdom’s Bodyguard.

No one gets in without coming through Him.

He’s also a Gentleman; all compliance must be

freewill- adwill.

The Church exalts,

reverence Jesus Christ, Yeshua.


The Trinity Kingdom

exalts, reverences Jehovah God, Yahweh.

...and once you experience JESUS intimacy

the adventure begins in the other three areas if and when necessary;

and are ignited in your heart for reception

Reproof; which ultimately means rebuke, reprimand, chastise, you 

for following, self and sin which opens the door wide to Satan. 

Correction: point you in revelatory direction; with intimate guidance 

for one purpose; submission to The Trinity God's Submissive Will.

Accompanied with instruction:  step-by-step directions

 immaculate wisdom, knowledge and understanding

in reference to doing a complete about face from self, sin and Satan.


because again; the Holy Spirit is a gentleman;

freewill-adwill is always your option.

Once you adhere in the area of obedience the ultimate adventure

between you and your Messiah begins. He sweeps you off your feet; 

as if caught between Heaven and earth

in animated suspension seated on Mt Rush-Peace.

and begins to show you destiny and eternity

with an overflow of spiritual and supernatural gifts, promotions, and 

mountain shaking, glowry awakening, man uncomprehendable 

unconditional love... Your gifting transitions from spiritual to supernatrural.

..and HE begins to share The Trinity Kingdom's most intimate secrets.

Once you prove HE can trust you, HE does the ultimate

HE introduces you to His Father


Now your experience transitions from Mt. Rush-Peace to Euphoria,

like animated suspension between heaven and earth.

Your here; becomes heaven, your there; becomes earth.

In other words your priorities change; self and sin become background singers;

no longer hosting a grip-hold; which shuts the door completely to Satan.

Now you're only desire becomes to please The Father, the same as JESUS.

It is at this point you are declared joint-heir to The Throne with JESUS

In laymen's term, you officially become a Jr. partner in all of 

The Trinity Kingdoms, assets, natural, spiritual, supernatural

on earth and in The New Jerusalem

Theft proof, yeah you get to take your inheritance with you to the other side.

Upon hearing this message, if you're not experiencing 

heart illumination of the revelation; 

 or heart conviction for lack of holy insight; 

or heart conviction for sin;

then what I said earlier stands true.

You're either immature, too intellectual to see spiritual, 

called but not chosen; backslidden and too blind to see,

 carnal seeing everything through the natural eye,

not saved, a profitliar or satan's disciple.

I'm just the messenger

 I'm not attempting to convince you that what I'm saying is true.

 I'm not here to debate you; one way or the other.

It's The Holy Spirit's job to defend The Trinity Kingdom, not mine. 

through undeniable heart convicted illumination

My only recourse is to 'obey'. As an apostle, tell you what I see and hear 

The Trinity God Say through the Power of The Holy Ghost. 

Not one word extra, not one word less. 

Whether you receive it or not has nothing to do with me. 

That's between you and The Trinity King One. 

Once I tell it, as in 'obey' your blood is off my hands.

...and you are held accountable whether you receive it or not

 once you've heard the 'spoken word'.

You heard what JESUS Said; He didn't stutter

Go Ye Therefore....

against, the opposition, contradiction, resistance

Heed this word of wisdom, knowledge and understanding

 repent now;  before its too late!!

God got jokes!

This is the perfect time for you to prove your loyalty.

Who's side are you really on? We've have been strategically placed in the warzone;

against our will; by Satan. He's relentlessly stomping hard, with his agenda; especially

 toward the christian. Crushing every value and lifestyle associated with our faith.

 I hope you don't think there's room for JESUS in the stable

 of socialist, marxist, authoriarian, totaltolitarian, communist rulership. 

..and God has allowed it to happen for one reason...

you're lukewarm; pick a side;

 christian leader....

As for the believer, you already know what it is, but just in case

 you forgot; allow me to scriptually remind you; without intervention; meaning 

faith without works is dead.

James 2:20

 In other words, we are responsible for saving Our Country too. 

Ok, some of y'all are so infantile and immature in your faith; due to the fake 

profitliars and trickery scripts; giving you a scriptual negative truth might cause convulsions. 

So let me baby step you. 

For every beast of the forest is MINE, and the cattle upon a thousand hills.

I know all the fowls of the mountain; and the wild beasts of the field are MINE.

If I were hungry, I wouldn't tell thee, for the world is MINE and the fulness there of

Psalm 50: 10-12

Translation every creature on earth, mountain, forest and valley;

the earth and everything in it; belongs to the Living Trinity GOD

The earth is the LORD's the fulness there of and they that dwell within it.

Psalm 24:1

Translation the earth, everything including every humanbeing 

belongs to the Living Trinity GOD

The silver is MINE, the gold is MINE 

saith the LORD of Hosts.

Haggai 2:8

Translation even man's most prized possession,

 the silver and the gold which inevitably includes money 

belong to the Living Trinity GOD.

The ultimate translation 

You believer, from the pulpit to the pew

Church, business, government, entertainment, 

education, scientist, historian, medicine, households; 

are held accountable to 

Take Care of, Protect; The Trinity God's Property 

Jehovah God, The Father

Jesus Christ, The Son

& The Holy Spirit

which includes, humans, animals, money, silver, gold, water and land.

..and for heaven's sake be courageous; don't allow the bullies,

 faith hatred or the devil's rejects to intimidate you.  

Stand strong, brave,  and courageous with boldness, 

hosting unwavering conviction, without apology

 on this one thing: 


until Jesus Returns!!!

You heard what HE Said, It ALL Belongs To HIM!!

...and we're joint heirs with Jesus to His Throne...

Romans 8:16-18



'WE The People'

Must be more than secure with Our Grip-Hold on

America, the Beautiful, the Land of the Free

more like armored guards of 

'I wish you would take another traitorous, treasonous step'



Perhaps, the real question is: how did we get here? 

How did we get to a point where America's own citizens, those in 

leadership; the very ones we elected; to power; seek to overthrow the 

US Constitution, the 2nd Ammendment, the US Supreme Court,

The Bill of Rights, the Electorial College and the Fillibuster? 

 Which would automately amount to collapsing, 

dethroning this Country's rule of law.; forfeiting all freedoms 

and every liberty awarded to US citizens.

 Instantly turning the USA into a 3rd world authoritarian

one-party rule in perpituity power.

It definitely ain't a race issue, 

because there are US government officials representing

most nationalities with the same exact agenda.

Far left-radical democrats, these are not the dems, my grandmother,

mother or even I signed up for. Which is the reason I left the party

and became an independent.

Don't get me wrong there are some legitimate democrats; sadly far few than 

those dangerous marxist radical nuts: but they do exist. 

Here are some thorough dems, dedicated to 'We The People'.

 Henry Cuellar and Tulsi Gabbard; 

I'm stretching my eyes trying to identify more. I'm confident there are more, 

but they're hiding in the trenches, scared to speak out against those radical nuts.

It ain't that difficult people. 

We're just looking for leaders that really love this Country; 

the Constitution, The Amendments, Bill of Rights; 

The US Supreme Court; Electorial College, its Judicial System, 

America's Sovereignty, Homeland Security, Food Security,

the ability for all citizens to prosper

which encompasses rights, freedoms, and liberties. 

Leaders with active vision; starting with 

Save America, America 1st; 'The American Dream'. American Independence, 

American Wealth, Booming Economy, Zero Inflation; Global Reputation Restoration

and ultimately Child protections; 

from gun violence, sexual abuse; indoctrination; and intimidation.

But unfortunately; this current administration has temporarily bamboozled Us!

Again; question?

What sick sinister mind would want to sabotage the Free-World?

The Greatest Nation in the entire world?

Trample on human rights, reduce the richest Country in the world to poverty? 

Devaluate geniuses and celebrate incompetence?

Viciously, attempt to control how people live, eat, sleep, at their beckon call?

Vehemently, attempt to destroy all those who refuse to obey: whether; censorship, 

socially, economically, financially, environmentally, imprisonment or 

the inevitable death; actually.

The answer: pure evil. 

The evil, vile heart cares for no one.

It celebrates itself; while defiling everyone else.

It possesses no conscience, conviction, total neglect.

Instead, its cold, callus, creepy, brutal, savage and remorseless.

Nice try!!!

Big Slew Foot stepped in the lane waay too soon!

Z-Nation $


Now the Global, International and National Markets 

can continue to move toward a worldwide economic authoritarian disastorous shipwreck!

Or feast their EYES on the mini Mother Yacht whom has come to Save The Day!!!

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The Only Game in Town, Country & World!!

The Sky Has No Limit!!!

The King of The Road

Whoever, has the Gold, make the rules; heck new rules!!!!

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The geniuses, prodigies, out-of-the box thinkers playground

The American Dream!!!

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 Equality; not equity; 

your earn is your keep!!!

The rich get wealthier, the middle-class get rich

and the poor become stable.

America's XXtreme Home Futuristic Makeover!!


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are the Prosperous Future of America.

US Birthed Citizens 1st & US Citizens Only

The Entire World will Respect 

The United States of America

Once Again!

Coming to America

Who's Coming to America?

Everybody, to, from and around the World!!!

 America Alone

Is The Paradigm Leader of The World


It's time to be brutally honest, folks!

Analyze, your last year and six month experience

with Biden-Harris leadership. Every top official is Missing-In-Action; 

on free paid vacations; zero work ethic; as if hidden behind the Iron Curtain.

...and when they do show up for 2 minutes of fame; they sling condecending retarded talking points, as if 'We The People' are somehow mentally challenged. Zilch, no answers,

no solutions; when it pertains to their failing policies. The ones put in place that are crushing Us.

No sense of urgency; because they're still feasting.

The steak is still on their table; Mercedes, Bentleys, private planes;

are still parked out front; the maid is still cleaning their houses; the butler is still answering 

their door; their bank accounts are still advancing; and stock are plenty.

...and it definitely aint about the children either... 

 This newest fake cry coming from Biden's mouth about 'protect the children,' from

 law-abiding citizen guns. and his back up chorus coming from the radical left; 

Jamal Bowman' the radical Squad; is atrocious. 

Has Jamal been this passionate about the black children being  

gunned down daily in Chicago, Philadelphia? As a black man he ought to

be ashamed of himself; and as a husband and father of three black children.

 But he's not because it's all political theatre. 

Protect the children; keep the change!

There's no baby formula?

'What about the infants who are at risk of death; because there's no baby formula? 

Who's in charge; never mind, it doesn't matter; everybody in the Biden-Harris

is missing-in-action; especially Harris? Instead, the illegal immigrants babies 

are the priorty. While Biden egregiously brags about one airplane,

 with foreign baby food; not ordered for grocery store shelves.

What about Chicago?

What about the black children whom risk their lives coming out their front doors to attend 

school in Chicago, every single day. The same children witnessing their brothers or and sisters getting killed right before their very eyes? Has he visited once; the Chicago warzone?* 50

years in Congress, 8 years as Vice President and now as President? Has he once; use his executive order power pen to refund the police to protect those children? Has he used his executive power pen to bring in the national guards, heck; the military into little North Korea and confiscate the illegal guns; killing all the black children?  I keep hearing people say, this time it's different. No it's not;

I beg to differ! What's the difference between these children and the ones in Uvalde?

Nothing, all children are precious: except these are black, impoverished 


...and what about Lorie Lightfoot, she's got to be the worst mayor in the country. 

As a black woman, she hasn't made one attempt to 'save our children'. I would even venture to 

say she doesn't even possess a conscience about it. She defunded $80 million from the people; whom if our black children had any chance of survival; outside of God; it would be the police. 

Yet, she had the nerve to call to arms, for the gay community; against the Supreme Court. Publicly curse Clarence Thomas a black man; 

when the ultimate decision was a collaboration of 6-3.

 Her actions are so offensive; zero professionalism. I'm going to be nice and say;

she's too imature for leadership that requires unwavering and unprejudiced

accountabilty to it's people; the community, staff, state and federal government.

whether she agrees or disagrees with legitmate legal decisions. 

She definitely owes the black children of Chicago, the police department and 

Clarence Thomas a public apology. The type of apology that' reverses course immediately. 

Like 'refund the police'; bring in the national guards; and emotional restraint in public. 

Let's see if she's mature enough to do the right thing!!!


What about the children in San Francisco and Portland?

whom are forced to step over and around homeless encampments, surrounding their

schools; engulfed with used syringes; just to get to their classrooms; every single day. 

Has he used his executive power pen to 'order the cleanup and housing for the homeless to protect those children; with all the millions of unused covid relief money? No, instead 

Biden is spending our tax-paying money to house the illegal immigrants and unvetted Afghans;

ignoring America's homeless; which places our children in unforeseeable dangers daily.

 What's the difference between those children and the ones in Uvlade?

What about Uvalde? 

Has he executive ordered armed security for all schools in Uvalde, heck throughout 

America? Instead of campaign photo-opping and condemning law-abiding gun owners?

Is there at least one thing he and Kamala have done for Uvalde, besides 

photo-flexing and child monitor tempertantruming? No, because politics is their #1 agenda.

Not the citizens whom placed them in Office.

What about Philadelphia?

Babies, pregnant mother killed in drivebys; while sitting in moving and parked cars

Has he stepped into this Beruit warzone, deployed the national guards, the military?

Executive penned a demand for refunding the police? A predomenently black community? 

Where's Kamala?  She was street dancing with the voters whom have become her constituients

during the Presidential campaign. Roll back the tapes! Why isn't she doing anything to protect 

the black children of those; whom placed her in Office? Her leader-board in the race was

 Joe's Klu-Klux-Klan racist; but I'm the black, asian; woman; to the rescue; right? 

Again; Roll, back the tapes!!!

What about the Southern Border?

 all the innocent children coming through the southern border?

Who are brutally, inhumanely, subjected to human, sex and drug trafficking

by the cartels who are allegedly making $30 million a day? While our children, including 

the infants are subject to starvation; and violence; due to the Biden-Harris 

faux regime's outside-in & inside-out 3rd world Invasion-Insurrrection!

Where's the pen; his favorite authoritarian tool? 

The point I'm making his words are the complete opposite of his actions. 

It ain't a race issue and It ain't about the children; folks.

Its all about CONTROL; suppress, oppress, and depress Us on every comfort 

level, beat us into submission. Biden's words: It ain't about personal freedoms!

The vaccine mandate obsession, cosigned by Dr Fauci; has fizzled out.

But the thirst for perpituity power hasn't, by any means necessary.

Boy have 'We the People' been placed in the pressure cooker, deliberately!

Biden's own words:

“[When] it comes to the gas prices, 

we’re going through an incredible transition 

that is taking place that, God willing, when it’s over, we’ll be stronger 

and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over,”!

There's no debating this one People, he just admitted to the entire world, 

the decaptitation of America's fossel fuels; escalated gas prices; 

inflation, the highest in 70 years; 

including a shrunk economy 9.1 GDP in the 1st quarter 

is premeditated, purposeful, intentional calculation!!!

Now let's talk about the B-H faux regime

The City of the Elite Entitled Babbling Slackers!

The Lawless Crew

The Pretenders, No Plan, No Substance;

 Small City; Big Mic!!!

One Agenda

Anti-Free Nation America 


 the Supreme Court, the Filibuster,

the Constitution, The Bill of Rights

Electoral College, Voting Rights



'We The People'

by any and all means necessary!

Prick your ears, listen, put your ear to the wall; 

Joe and Brian are talking; quiet please; just listen 

but don't worry, there are some 

America 1st voices on The US Titanic too

as a matter of fact they're 


We want the entire Ship to hear them

...allow me to continue to guide you through...

Jamie Dimon

CEO JP Morgan Chase

Warns of an Economic Hurricane coming 

Brace Yourself! 

Oil prices may triple in in coming months.

Wall Street braces for Economic Hurrican

1 June 2022

Biden: There's a lot going on right now but the idea we're going

 to be able to click a switch bring down the cost of gasoline is not likely near term.

30 June 2022

Reporter: How long is it fair to expect American drivers and drivers

 around the world to pay that premium for this war? 

Biden in Spain: As long as it takesRussia cannot in fact defeat Ukraine. 

This is a critical, critical position for the world.

1 July 2022

CNN Anchor Victor Backwell: They say this could be a long war, measured in years. 

I think everybody understands why this is happening; but is it sustainable?

Well what do you say to those families that say listen; we can't afford

 to pay for any $4.85 gallon for months if not years this is just not sustainable!

Brian Deese: Well what you heard from the President today

 is a clear articulation of the stakes. This is about the future of

 "The Liberal World Order" 

and we have to stand firm.

Elon Musk

 CEO of Tesla Motors

Says he wading into politics to stop the 

woke mind virus from destroying civilization.

Biden's mistake is that he thinks he was elected to

 tranform the Country,

but actually everyone just wanted less drama.

Musk doubles down on recession fears

says it's inevitable.

Hold up wait a minute

Brian finally said out loud, what's being said 

behind closed doors.

Our "We The People" suffering, anguish, hardship

deterioration, to the point of decimation

unconstitutional vaccine mandates

40 year high inflation, 9.1 GDP, shrunken economy,

2 seconds from a recession,

gas, rent and food prices astronomical, 

baby food, medical supply deprivation

small business decapitation.

nation-wide crime spree

useless homeland security

shrunk & woke military

outside-inside invasion of cartels, drugs and

human smugglerssex traffickers, 2 million illegal immigrants,

750, 000 gotaways, tens-of-thousands unvetted Afghans, at least 56 terrorists

and an inside-outside invasion: criminals-murderers, lifers

An American Insurrection; against Our Will

All in a matter of 1 year 6 months

Is All for the sake of 

The Liberal World Order.

Hold up, 

I see at least 2,833.716 people heard what he said.

Who's a liberal? Are you a liberal? Is she a liberal? Are they liberals?

I'm definitely not a liberal.

The current poll shows 

37% of Americans described their political views as moderate, 

36% as conservative and 25% as liberal. 

Just in case that didn't quite sink in;

  73% of Americans are Not liberal.


 why would the majority bowdown to the minority?

..and even more egregious this is a perpituity move.

Which is exactly what I'm alluding to when I say:

these individuals are nuts, lunatics, crazies, 

Ok, so let me get this straight. Those of Us whom are not 

liberals and in the majority; as in moderates and conservatives

are supposed to submit and stand boldly, and valiantly for the liberal 

communist, socialist, authoritarian, totalitarian; in perpitutiy cause.

Again, are"We The People"  supposed to fight diligently for the neverending

 liberal agenda: by willfull submission in ginny pig status of starvation 

and deprivation of everything pertaining to 

life, liberty, freedom, solvereignty and the pursuit of our happiness?

Biden's words: for as long as it takes!

27 July 22

Joe Biden

Janet Yellan, Jerome Powell, Brian Deese, Karine Jean-Pierre

 No, we're not in a recession.

It doesn't look like a recession to me.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Former White House Secretary

Candidate for Covernor of Arkansas

If I had tried to redefine recession

' I probably wouldn'r have made it out of the room alive.

Economist Nouriel Rubini

CEO  Roubini Macro Associates

“The idea that this is going to be short and shallow recession;

 is totally delusional.

Severe Recession, Financial Crisis Coming

Jim Rogers

American Investor

Predicts the worst bear market of his lifetime

brutal recession

Van Jones

 CNN Contributor & Host of The Van Jones Show

I think for African American voters in particular, there's a special heartbreak, 

because first of all; the pain is more intense. The rise of gas prices, food prices, really

 walloped the black community particularly. But the hopes were so much higher.

So you have the black community came out in huge numbers in 2018 and huge numbers 2020 expecting things to get a lot better, and instead economically at least. It didn’t come true. 

It got worse. 

So you’re going through a summer now with real heartbreak of black voters. 

Polls show that and I think Biden’s got to take it very seriously.

Charles Payne 

Making Money- Fox Business

You know listen the White House is really hurting themselves tremendously

 by telling people don't worry about how you feel. This is how you’re supposed to feel.

That strong consumer that consumer spending number I’m still going through the historic end it didn’t get back to where it was. Last quarter we were at 1.8%. That was the lowest fourth quarter since 2019. Business investments are not what it was. It's coming down really dramatically. and I gotta tell you Dagen; we're gonna get a job, real soon in the next month or two. That's gonna be dramatic it's gonna b fall off over the cliff; because all the signs are there. That tick up of an initial jobless claims in some other reports; it’s right there.

As far as the unemployment rate let's stop using that when people drop out of the labor force and the unemployment rate goes down. That does not reflect a healthy jobs report, in fact just the opposite.

You know it's ironic and its last jobs import no one wanted to talk about the fact that a quarter of a million black Americans dropped out the labor force and 166,000 lost their jobs. Real people in this economy are getting crushed in this very moment and we need real answers. No more no more public relations. Accept what's happening so maybe we can deal with it.

Again it’s unfortunate, in part of the clips, someone said; the second quarter of data doesn't suggest we’re in a recession. It actually suggests we’re in a depression. You know Dagen new home sales a couple of it came out two days ago average home prices are down over $100,000 in just two months from April to June.

Almost every economic data point that came out, it didn’t miss. Most of these things that just simply this Wall Street consensus they miss by a country mile. I would be very; very afraid about you know worrying too much about this reception talk because a lot of folks are just gonna be talking about depression talk Let's figure out how to fix it. By the way stoking this thing with more money; is how we got here in the first place.

They need to stop forgetting about these so-called political wins ahead of the midterm elections and have a win for all of Americans; once and for all.

While the Biden-Harris faux regime continue to party like it's 1999

Rules for thee but not for me.

Have you examined their net worths, take a good look.

No wonder they're all blabber mouths, hosting zero toil.

Not one of them is affected by this current dehumanizing situation.

They are feasting and vacationing big time;

Italy, Paris, London, Dubai

They can't even relate,

completely tone deaf, out-of-touch.

Even more egregious the suppression, oppression is deliberate.

Jeff Bezos

Executive Chair of Amazon

Ouch. Inflation is far too important a problem for the White House

 to keep making statements like this. "It's either straight ahead misdirection or

 a deep misunderstanding of basic market dynamics, 

Manchin saved Biden's Administration

from themselves.

Robert Herjavec

CEO The Herjavec Group & Shark Tank

Herjavec warns stocks could plunge another 30% 

- and says the market is gripped by fear and doubt.

Emily Bowersocks-Hill

CEO and Founding Partner at Bowersock Capital Partners. 

The Beneficient Company Group, L.P. Yale University.

Stocks are in Bear Market Rally.

Acts like a recession. Contracts like a recession. 

Is It a recession?


Joseph Biden net worth 41 million 

Vice President 

Kamala Harris net worth 28 million

US Commissioner of FDA

Robert Califf net worth 1.02 million

Secretary of Transportation

Pete Buttigeig net worth $750,000

Secretary of Treasury

Janet Yellen net worth 20 million

Secretary of Commerce 

Gina Raimondo net worth 10 million

Energy Secretary

Jennifer Granholm net worth 8 million

State Secretary

Anthony Blinkin net worth 10 million

Secretary of Defense

Lloyd Austin net worth 7 million

U.S. Secretary of Health & Human Services

Xavier Becerra net worth 7 million

Homeland Security

Alejandro Mayorkas net worth 8 million

White House Chief of Staff

Ron Klain net worth 10 million

Attorney General 

Merrick Garland net worth 20 million

Press Secretary

Jen Psaki net worth 30.65 million

Karine Jean-Pierre net worth 2 million


Rochelle Walensky net worth 5 million

NIAD Director

Dr. Anthony Fauci net worth 10.4 million


Miguel Cardona net worth 1 million

Federal Reserve Chair

Jerome Powell net worth 55 million

The Director of National Economic Counsel of US

Brian Deese net worth 4 million

Council on Foreign Relations

Thomas Donilon net worth 1.7 million

Secretary of Interior

Deb Haaland

Secretary of Housing & Developement

Marcia Fudge net worth 2 million

Secretary of Labor

Marty Walsh net worth 2.5 million

Secretary of Veteran Affairs

Denis McDonough net worth 3 million

Secretary of Agriculture

Tom Vilsack net worth 4 million

NSC Coordinator

John Kirby net worth 2 million

National Security Council

John Kirby net worth 2 million


The Radical Left

The defunders of the Police, ICE, Border Patrol

The annihilators of the real woman and mothers

The demolishers of Christianity & Israel

The inciters of I declare war on the US Supreme Court

The emasculators of moderate Joe Biden

The relentless exploiters of sexual prowess of our children, babies.

The faux coo, the only one buying what their selling is

 fragile Joe and slick Jill.

 Joe is definitley frail, but I'm starting to question

the stage of his dementia. It's like he's overselling it.

He appears to be going out of his way to make sure 

the public see those cue cards. ...

Come on man!

..and if he really needed a cue card that tells him when to sit, or speak,

and who to speak to, and at what time; which is nursing home status;

not world stage.

Forget the republicans, the power hungry, greedy 

dems would have been replaced him; with Kamala, scramble brains, her 

agenda is the same as theirs. I'm not complimenting her, not only

has she proven to be a disasterous embarrassment to the black community;

but to all women. Let's face it, she was only hired for image, and minority

check the box, quota purposes

Sarah Carter

Foc News Reporter

 I almost always agree with you Steve and you too Clay; almost always. But right now we're 

gonna have to disagree. We’re gonna have to disagree on this. I think she's a chameleon.

 I think she's an opportunist and I think she's a wolf in sheep's clothing. 

 Those are my three descriptions of Kamala Harris.

…and I think she like President Biden are a disaster for the nation. 

We don't want people in Office that are just gonna sway wherever the wind is blowing. 

 We want people to stand firm on principle. We want people that are gonna stand firm on principle. She's already proven.

Look she compared ICE to the KKK. She believes in ‘defunding the police’.

 She turned around. Although she was tough in California at one point in her career, as an Attorney General. She then turned around, and you know; gets people to try to donate money to bail out rioters in Minnesota.

She is, you know, you gotta think about; you gotta really look deep into the heart of a person. … and sometimes all you gotta do is see is what they are in the outside; and they're telling you exactly what they are. If it walks like a duck; and it looks like a duck; guess what; it's usually a duck. …and Kamala Harris is definitely a duck.

Oh, a gift to Republicans. I would say like please, please nominate Gavin Newsom cause I think that would be a gift. I think right now the American people, the independents and Democrats as well are saying no more of this. Our nation is in a wreck right now.

… and look Kamala Harris had an opportunity to make something out of herself. She was

 given the opportunity to give be the Border Czar. To be the Border Czar; and 

what has she done? Absolutely nothing. The border is a complete wreck. 

Our nation really needs a change; 2024 cannot come fast enough. 

I say that over and over again and midterms as well.

Allow me to take the MIC for a minute

Apostle Spring Washington

CEO & Founder

EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC & 




Allow me to put a quarter in the meter on Kamala.

As a black woman this pains me, but somebody's gotta do it.

I'm talking specifically to females, women, ladies, mothers. 

Where was Kamala's 'voice for justice' when Joe said;

"This is not about freedom or personal choice"!

Joe put a 100% DEMAND on your entire family's body in all 50 states. 

He was arrogant, nasty and condescending, 6 months of literal hell torture.

Folk loss their dream jobs, homes; dignity,

lives and livelihoods behind this tyrant's egregious abuse of power.

Non-negotiable. I'll tell you where she was, standing right beside Joe. 

She even this very moment says, she's his ride or die.

Where was Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Bush , Rasheeda Tliab, 

Ilhan Omar, Maxine Waters, Lori Lightfoot, and Chuck Schumer?

These fake politicians, sounding the bullhorn of do or die;

 pretending to be handcuffed for the abortion cause; but comatose silent 

on Biden's unconstitutional vaccine mandate on your entire family? 

Schools can vaccinate your children without your permission.

This is serious people!!! Don't go to sleep 'People' stay woke!

The same unconstitutional mandate that costsome of you

 single mothers, your jobs, incomes, child's education, family's mental health, houses, cars; completely disrupted your lives. According to statistics 24 million children live in single parent households. That means at the least 24 million innocent children were affected by Joe and Kamala's draconian illegal enforced

 authoritarian rule of obsession.  

Seriously where were they? Ok, roll back the tapes. No need to guess, we all saw the tapes.

 They were vacationing, partying, living their best maskless lives. 

Backed by their next egregious overreach in power. No explanation as to why the 

vaccine mandate didn't apply to them; in the middle of what

they described as a global humanitarian crisis, of no escape 

without an enforced vaccine.

Sidebar: have you noticed the people that received the vaccine had

 more problems with covid, than those of us who didn't.

Listen closely to the felonious legal finagling to protect them from 

dictatorship. You're not dumb 'People", the mandate was bigger than the covid shot.

It was and is about 'conditioning'. Another word for slavery, bondage. 

Listen: to the legal verbiage.

"You know why; President Joe Biden cannot, 

because of separation of power, tell Congress what 

they are required to do regarding vaccines," 

KHOU legal analyst Carmen Roe.

Now you and I both know ultimately this is hogwash, because 

he didn't have the legal 

authority to place a mandate on ALL citizens

 but he did.

Allow me to remind you sisters, marching to the Justices homes, into their private live,

incited by these fake politicians.

It was the US Supreme Court that came to your rescue.

Your rescue, because I would never allow a politician to tell me what I

have to do with my body, I don't care if he is the president. 

He's just a man. No I did not get that vaccine.

Besides: Jehovah God said; "No dangerous"!

....again, just in case you missed it, allow me to repeat it again...

It was The US Supreme Court that came to you and your family's rescue.

The same Justices you are attacking ruled in you and my favor against

Joe and Kamala's unconstitutional communist vaccine mandate.

Keep in mind, for the most part; they weren't even allowing religious exemptions.

These scavengers put a $13,600 fine per employee

 on all employers; 100 employees and over. 

Whom didn't enforce the vaccine mandate 

and a $136, 000 fine for willful violation.

Absolute compliant dictatorship rule; no exception; or lose everything.

Are they really the ones you want to listen to, follow behind.

It's all smoking mirrors. They have one agenda, control 

"We The People" by any means necessary!

Again, for the 3rd, time it was

The Supreme Court that came to the rescue.

Now let' address this issue of 


Contrary to what these crazies want you to believe 

The US Supreme Court

didn't make a decision either way. 

They didn't rule on whether you could legally get an 

abortion or not. They simply placed the ultimate decision 

back in "WE The Peoples" hands.

They charged accountability of the abortion issue back to each individual state.

..and boy did that cause authoritarian convulsions;

major threat to the entire Biden socialist, authoritarian,

totalitarian, Marxist agenda.

The hissy fit you are witnessing them have has nothing to do with you.

 It has everything to do with their loss of control. Their inability 

to finish what Biden-Harris started through those unconstitutional vaccine mandates;

control our lives. These people are human cargo control freaks.

They are more than upset, more like outraged; because 

The US Supreme Court decision on

 'Roe vs Wade undermines their socialist stance.

 Keep 'WE The People' in poverty; which is the 'pretty pig' for the word 'equity'.

Equity becomes the new name for human cargo,  slavery. 

Why else would Biden-Harris be insistent on letting Cartels, human

 and sex traffickers, humans and drug smugglers to trample our open borders; 

unidentified; making millions? Offering them free rent, healthcare, 

housing, jobs, driver's licenses, grants and loans.

...Even the terrorist get free rein... 

...and let violent criminals out of jail, to remain on the street;

full of aggression on chaos, corruption and criminal activity.

I perceive, based on their current unwavering path or plan; 

their goal is to trade in this government for terrorist, cartel, 

and criminal controlled territories;

all placed under one party rule in perpetuity


The US Supreme Court did their part; now We have to do Ours.

Back to why I started this conversation


Contrary to the way it may a appear, politics is not my thing.

I have zero desire to step in the ring, it's simply not my lane.

My voice is that of "WE The People".

 Business, and Ministry are my lanes; 

people are my assignment;

servant leadership.

...and since Kamala has chosen to boldly step into my assigned lane  

voicing corruption of any and everything "HOLY". 

You do know;

the authentic Church is the greatest threat

 to socialist, authoritarian, marxist, totalitarian, 

communist rule. Again, the emphasize the authentic, real, warrior,

watchman, souled out, Trinity Kingdom assigned, aligned Church.

This one is real personal for two reasons: 

1st, I myself am guilty of getting an abortion.

This was before I knew what scripture actually says

 that anihilates any notion of abortion.

One that I had to later ask for forgiveness and repent from. 

I am 100% aligned with women's rights; no one has the right to tell

 us what to do with our bodies.

 Accept for ONE...

The One who created our bodies.

 ..and even HE, whether you know HIM or not; 

gives you the freewill to do what you want. 

However, you do not have the freewill 

in those very choice consequences. 

...and whether you believe in The Trinity; Jehovah, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit; 

is neither here or there; when it pertains to the consequences of your choices.

Similar to when you have to go to Court for a violation; 

that you weren't aware was illegal. 

The US, Supreme, District and Appeals Court all abide 

by the same 'ignorance to the law is no excuse'; the consequences of your

illegal actions still apply; without leniency; nonnegotiable.

For example: you give your friend a ride to the store. He or she robs the store.

You have no clue; until you're surrounded by law enforcement. You are still

labeled the accomplice. ...and there's very slim chance of you being cleared.

Well, maybe not with these radicals George Soros, bought and paid for

Governors, Judges, DA's, Mayors.  You get the point though!

The same is similar in Jehovah God's Court, in which every humanbeing

on earth; dead and alive; whether you believe in Him or not.

 Will stand before; in that Great Day

 to be accountable for our actions; pertaining

 to self, sin and Satan

 the good, bad and the ugly during our life. 

The White Throne Of Judgement 

Allow me to put a quarter in the meter for a minute.

While I stepped to the mic; for all women; for this is our time

our voices matter. I really have to address the Christian and black

women. As for the Christian woman, get these stanky politicians,

television host 'out of your ears'; and even your carnal pastors 

'out of your ears'  This issue does not come down to you and your physician.

It comes down to you and your GO.D. What does your GOD have to say about it;

in HIS WORD. Not what you think or assume, but what you know

 HE SAID, spoke directly in your heart.

For the black woman, the entire Biden-Harris agenda is poised in place to 

eliminate, eviscerate, gut, mutilate the entire black community.   

According to them, we're dumb, stupid and too illiterate to acquire ID for voting. 

Their illegal immigration, the drugs, human trafficking sex trafficking and 

violent criminals are being strategically placed in our communities. Black on black crime

 at an all time high. Do you see Joe or Kamala coming to our aide. The demand for covid-19

vaccinations is still on our children for school; with mask mandate. 

When studies show children are the least vulnerable.

 Perverted sex, oppression, will be taught to our child; as early as age three, 

without our permission.  According to them Our children belong to them. 

 The real Klansman who is Biden, has come to fulfill the legacy.

 Look around the illegal immigrants are receiving more amenities than us;

and the irony is; we're the ones paying for it. Now they have the bullhorn on,

black women can't afford to cross state lines for abortions. This is their final act

of evisceration, destroy, at least take our numbers down to minimal, so that 

we once again become insignificant, irrelevant; an impotent culture.

Allow me to remind you of one more thing. We are currently on; 

US Titanic Wreckage

This ship has major holes in it, water is gushing through;

and there are ferocious fires; throughout. In other words the ship is sinking without 

intervention. ...and guess where our cabins are located; at the bottom of the ship. 

Some of us are sleeping in the cargo area. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to

inform you the bottom of the ship is the 1st to go under. 

Look out those windows, do you see any Biden-Harris life rafts with our name,

our culture, our citizen, taxpaying right on it. A resounding 'NO'!

Yeah, I'm gonna say it; as arrogant as Trump was, at least we could eat, 

house, car, school, vacation, bank, work, entrepreneur. Our little innocent girls weren't 

to being exposed by grown men wearing dresses in bathrooms. Not an attack on

the gay community. My brother was transgender before there was a descriptive 

word of identification. ...and my closest friends have been gay males. 

I was called the fag hag. I didn't care they were my loyal friends.

I'm alluding to an innocence boundary; this faux regime has none.

But JEHOVAH GOD got jokes

HE may not come when you want HIM but 


I'll elaborate later. back to the matter at hand.

Ladies, listen carefully as to what 

The Trinity God says; that anihilates any notion of abortion.

The 1st one is obvious, but could be categorized as vague.

Don't worry I'm gonna rein it in for you.


Thou shalt not kill.

Exodus 20:13

Translation: It means exactly what it says.

More importantly, it's a command not a request.


These six things doth the Lord hate: yea seven are an 

abomination unto Him. A proud look, a lying tongue, 

and hands that shed innocent blood. An heart that deviseth

wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief.

A false witness that speaketh lies; and he that soweth discord among brethren.

Proverbs 6:16-19

Translation: innocent; whom amongst us is innocent, none of us except

 the babies and children. The shed blood; what He is referring to; is murder. 

Because he labels the act as an abomination to Him.

Abomination means: atrocity, disgrace, horror, monstrosity, curse, violation.

Those whom willfully, ad-will freewill choose to murder the guiltless, virgin;

are an offense, monster, evil; and in direct transgression, breach, 

violation with the Lord.

...without confession and repentance...


Lo children are an heritage of the Lord

and the fruit of the womb is His reward.

Psalm 127:3

Translation: children are a birthright (heritage) of the Lord.

and the embryos (fruit) are His recompense, award, prize possession.

In other words, those precious ones belong to Him.

To bestowed the honor of birthing  them is a Heaven privilege.


Or as an hidden untimely birth, I has not been;

as an infants which never saw the light.

Job 3:16

Translation: God sees aborted embryos as infants

newborns; even in the womb. Who weren't given the opportunity to live.

Based on human freewill, ad-will choices. 


For thou has possess my reins, thou hast covered me in my mother's

womb. I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Marvelous are Thy works: and that my soul knowest right well.

My substance was not hid from thee; when I was made in secret...

Psalm 139 13: 15

Translation: It is God who created and controls the life of the embryo, 

infant, preborn, growth process while still hidden. He alone protects the baby

 from the time of conception;  until the time of birth.

Not one part of the fetus is hidden from Him. 



The the Word of The Lord came unto me saying;

Before I formed you in the belly, I knew thee; and before 

thou camest forth out of the womb, I sanctified thee; and

 I ordained thee a prophet to the nations.

Jeremiah 1:4-5

Translation: Self explanatory

God is a Spirit and they that worship Him;

must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

John 4:24

Let's first establish that The Trinity God is a Spirit.

God, The Spirit, knows us before we are conceived in the womb.

Which means we are supernatural spiritual beings 

before we become natural human beings.

Although, pregnancy is result of a sexual act between a man 

and a woman; or an egg and a sperm; in the natural.

It is God alone

Whom breathes life and formation into the embryo.

It is literally a transitioning of life from the spiritual supernatural;

(before I formed you in the belly I, God, The Spirit; knew you);

into humanity natural. 

This truth alone, eviscerates any and all

arguments pertaining to an embryo not being a life

at the beginning of conception..

God, The Spirit; knows every individual before conception,.

He is the Master Mind: Maker, Creator, Initiator, Assembler,

 Builder, Architect of every part of the human anatomy

of every members in the belly; which is the womb.

He is also the Sanctifier and Orchestrator of our preordained lives.


...and it came to pass, that when Elisabeth heard the 

salutation of Mary (Jesus' mother) , the babe (John The Baptist) 

leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost.

Luke 1:41

Translation: Jesus; while still in his mother, Mary's womb; 

(immaculate conception) anointing through the

 Power of The Holy Spirit 

touched the embryo of John the Baptist' causing him to leap; 

in Elisabeth, his mother's womb.

 Elisabeth was six months pregnant with John.

 The Holy Spirit simultaneously filled Elisabeth and the son

she was six months pregnant with..

A preordained anointing of Power and Authority 

Orchestrated by The Holy Spirit

awarded to John, Jesus's cousin, the chosen one

to fulfill  his 

 Trinity Kingdom aligned assignment.

The Command 

John The Baptist 

Prepare Ye the Way in The Wilderness

for the Coming of The Messiah;

 Jesus Christ

Again, this truth eviscerates any and all arguments

of an embryo not be a life; especially for the Christian woman.

With that being said, caution ladies; while we do have a freewill,

ad-will to do as we please with our bodies. This one, abortion is real 

personal to Jesus. Every embryo is His prize possession.

Each one is precious in His Sight.

  He admires Himself, praises Himself, of these are His reward.

It actually makes sense or should; to those of Us who know Him.

He paid a horrific price 'natural death' to save our souls.

Ungrateful, vain, selfish, lusty, arrogant, hostile, self-centered; 

just to name a few; females ...and that's after salvation.

The only balance to horrific undeserved death, is innocent life. 

Lives of that, inwhich he is the Creator of!

One of his seven abominations is the shedding of innocent blood.

That simply means whether you received salvation or not;

On that Great Day, The White of Judgement;

 you will be standing before

 His Father; King Justice and Unconditional Love

with the sin of murder on your hands.; without repentance.


without Jesus heartfelt Mercy and The Holy Spirit's Grace.


 So what I'm alluding to; is if Joe was really that far gone; there are no loses to be taken

 replacing him with her for the dems. As well, Pelosi would love to take the rulers seat.

Does Joe have dementia, yes, but not at the extent inwhich

he, himself is betraying it.

Think about it, his very public overthetop bout with dementia

   protects the dems image if this Liberal World Order 

thing doesn't work out. Inwhich it Won't. 

Trinity EYES Showcase

changes the game

December 2024

America 1st Investors Only

As well, it would also prove to be an excellent escape from any 

alleged impending Biden Family Business indictments; right?

Russia, China, Ukraine treasonous collusion?

...I'm just saying...

and now Columbia, listen!


 Mike Emmanuel: Chief Washington Correspondent-Fox News

The New York Post reports Hunter Biden met with his father at least 30 times

 in the White House for the Vice President official residence; typically just days 

after returning home from overseas travel. 

The thought being Hunter maybe relaying messages on behalf of foreign clients to his dad; 

while Joe Biden was Vice President. The meetings were found on 

personal calendar on Hunter’s laptop.

Some examples in 2011 Hunter and his business associates were chasing business in Colombia. March 12th Vice President Biden met with the former President of Colombia according to emails on the laptop. There was a $1.8 billion Power Plant Project and a $3 billion upgrade to the 

Bogota Colombia Subway System.

The New York Post reports;

 Hunter Biden business associate Eric Schwerin emailed Hunter in 2011 saying,

 ‘if it works we’ll all be rich’!

Schwerin was listed as invited to 21 of 30 in business meetings with Joe Biden.

A month later, a former contact with construction company OAS was sent up. Hunter and Schwerin discussed possible multibillion dollar bonuses if the projects in Colombia worked out.

The Top Republican on House Oversight (James Comer) draws this conclusion

When you look at the Biden whole business model with respect to Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. 

It’s always been to peddle influence. To sell the Biden name and to promise particular investors and potential people who would pay for their services; access to the government at the highest levels. Not just in the United States but in other Countries.

The White House is not responding to my request for comment today 7/18/22 .

Take a good look 'People' according to Brian

'We The People' are feasting our eyes on 

America's Leaders whom are determined

to force us "We The People' to becomes slaves 

code word 'blackbird' to

The Liberal World Order

US Senator

Bernie Sanders net worth 3 million

US Senator

Elizabeth Warren net worth 67 million


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez net worth 29 million


Ilhan Omar net worth 83 million


Cori Bush net worth 2 million


Ayanna Pressley net worth 1.5 million


Rashida Tliab net worth 27 million


Jamal Bowman net worth 5 million


Maxine Waters net worth 10 million


Jerrold Nadler net worth 200 thousand

Senate Majority Leader

Chuck Schumer net worth 69 million

House Speaker

Nancy Pelosi net worth 135 million

US Senator

Corey Booker net worth 14 million

They are funny, like hilarious!


The Back Ground Chorus

Liz Cheney

Adam Kinzinger

Little China-Gavin Newsom net worth 20 million

Eric garcetti

George Gascon

Little Russia- Kathy Hocul net worth 2 million

Eric Adams

Alvin Bragg

Little North Korea- J.B. Pritzker net worth 3.6 bill

Lorie Lighfoot

Kim Fox

....and the background singers 

Little China, Little Russia and Little North Korea.

are even more hilarious

they've allowed their imaginations to run wild.

They've already started structuring their faux communist states

Taking pure advantage of minority, impoverished , ravaged


This one is real personal; but I got a plan.

Hold on; helps coming!!!!

'We The People'

are about to have the real

Black, Minority, All Lives Matter Movement



Save The Children

with Law & Order

Run for president; kick rocks

WE The People

Vote, Recall & Impeach

Run out of Town & Country

Little China

Dr. Nicole Saphier- Fox New Contributor

Harris is completely right; you have Gavin Newsom putting up ads in Florida right now; 

are you kidding me. Because he's completely failed in what he has done in California.

 Particularly as it pertains to the pandemic. You had about 660,000 people leave California

 It was the great exodus from California going to red states; such as; Texas, Florida. 

Florida alone had about 330,000 people come to Florida.

So the governor has shut down businesses and schools, has a massive homeless and drug abuse in California. They wanna bring that to Florida. I mean; why does he think that people want California on a national level. In fact more people leaving California than any other state; tell us people do not want him at federal leadership; and they need to actually look towards the red states to see how they handle things; because they’re doing much better.


Larry Elder

…and Bill don't call me Lee… but let me tell you something. What is Gavin Newsom

 going to say his fingerprints are all over George Gascon career. He appointed him a DA 

of San Francisco. He supported him when he ran for a DA of LA County. He supports all of his policies. Gascon drafted proposition 47 that allowed you to steal 950 bucks not a day; but per store. Gavin Newsom supported it.

They both support proposition 57; that reduced a whole bunch of categories of crime to nonviolent offenses: including assault on the police officer nonviolent offense; rape of an intoxicated victim nonviolent offense; serial arson nonviolent offense; and Gavin Newsom haven’t criticized any of George Gascon policies because he supports them. 

He'd have to look in the mirror and say I was wrong he can't do that.


Chris Rufo Journalist

So what’s happening in public schools across the country in this case in Los Angeles have taken the principles of academic queer theory and then turn them into a K through 12 pedagogy. They're training kids as young as kindergarten; to experiment with sexual identities; such as: transgender queer, pansexual, gender fluid, two spirit. All of these are really crazy and synthetic constructions that we once thought were relegated to academia; now mainlined into elementary school classrooms all over the school district in Los Angeles.

Little Russia

Joe Gamaldi National fraternal order of police VP New York

Well It is certainly refreshing to hear him (Mayor Eric Adams) say that; 

because New York City is at the epicenter of the disaster. That is the revolving door of the criminal justice system. Robberies are up 39%. Felony assaults which is shooting, stabbing someone is up 19%. Rapes around 11 %. Every single one of those statistics is victim traumatized for life. You got woke politicians in New York and across this nation; who basically submitted citizens to a failed social experiment: and it has been a complete disaster .

They had no statistical data or studies to back it up. They just did it. You know what, they played with people’s lives, Harris and they lost. and the perverse thing is; they're not reversing course; in stopping these things. They also know that violent crime is disproportionately impacting our minority communities to the tune of 12 times a homicide rate for black Americans compared to everyone else. and they still won’t stop. I lay the pain and suffering and the trauma of these victims and these families directly at their feet. …and you're gonna be d…n sure that the FOP will make sure that people will not forget who did this to them. …and we all have to work together collectively to make sure this is never done to our communities again.

All the president's men and women; 

for the life me I've been trying to figure out 

why this administration has showed no sense of relevance in reference to basic

 strategies, structures and vision

when it pertains to running America safely, efficiently, and consistently. 

To protect it's 

people, property, and prosperity.

After all, it is what each were hired to do in some form or capacity right?

Instead, short of everything associated with job performance

We've had the pleasure of witnessing individuals in these powerful positions 

even appear to be incapable of communicating verbiage associated with their job titles. 

They can't even fake the funk!

Then we have the radical liberal progressive left, boy are they bully loud.

They mow down Biden, Pelosi and Schumer whenever they don't get their way.

...and they don't come up for air, until they submit.

Biden and Pelosi run around like chickens with their head cut off.

While Schumer stands full salute , shaking like a leaf, with the bull horn.

The radical liberal progressive lefters,

 of attack everyone whom opposes their agenda.

What agenda?

Faux Climate Change

 Defund the Police, ICE, Border Patrol

& Israel

let the illegal immigrants in

we need their votes

Set the criminals go free

eliminate imediately

the Supreme Court, the Filibuster,

the Constitution, The Bill of Rights 

bully hate the Christians into extinction

oppress, suppress American citizens, 

beat them into submission; non-negotiable of

The Liberal World Order

socialist, marxist, authoritarian perpituity dictatorship

Again, we're looking at babeling slackers. 

Hustling verbiage that makes absolutely no sense;

with a strong valiant support system of zero work ethic.

Zero, zilch, nothing. Is anybody home? 

The stench is so atrocious it's like We're looking at foreigners

calling themselves Americans; whom are attempting to confiscate 

Our children, family structure, profitability and Our land!!1

Annie get your Guns!!!

Oh, that's right they're trying to take them too!!! 

Newt Gingrich- former US House Speaker

Ok, I think this is the worst president

 since Buchannan in the 1850’s who went into the civil war; Joe Biden.

If he would have come out of the basement and we would have realized 

how cognitively impaired he was; I think he would have never been elected President. 

If he would have been honest about how radical he was going to be;

 he’d never been elected president.

If he simply told the American people you know; I'm not willing to go to Texas; but I'm gonna go in Saudi Arabia. I'm not going to deal with Western Pennsylvania Energy; but I’m going to beg Iran. 

The ‘People’ would have thought he was crazy. 

This is the most ani-American energy President in the history.

 ..and you can’t quite understand why he’s so deeply opposed to his own Country.

I think, deep down I think he buys into the big government socialist argument. 

That if we could only be punished enough. We’d all have to get out of our gas-powered cars

 and our diesel-powered cars. and so I think in a sense they're waging war on the

 American people I don't think this stuff is an accident.

Joes prioities are completely different from ours.

Thanks to Tucker Carlson pointing it out!!

'We The People'

1. Rising Gas Prices

2. Inflation

3. The Economy 

4. Violent Crime

5. Abortion


The Liberal World Order

1. Climate Change

2. Abortion Rights

3. Ukraine War

4. Capital Riot Investigation

5. Defund America's protections and securities

The B-H regimes Liberal World Order policies mainly pertain to climate change 

and the Ukraine war. Which gravely effect Our priorites;: gas prices, inflation, and the economy.

Tucker forgot one, defund America's protections and securities; which has 

advanced blue states nationwide violent crime. 

Attorney Leo Terrell-Fox News Contributor

They’re gonna take their lumps in November. They're gonna get punished, in November;

 because Joe Biden sold his soul to the progressive left. 

That’s all he wanted, he didn’t care if he was going to be a good president or bad president. 

He just wanted to be president.

 He's taking his marching orders for the progressive left which represents 

maybe 10 or 15% of American.

They don’t want the Green New Deal. They don't want high gas prices. 

We don’t food shortages. We don’t want shortages of baby food.

They want a country that stays in the middle center at least. They wanna make sure traditional values are kept in place. They want school choice. They don't want critical race theory. They don’t want this woke community.

 They’re gonna get their lunch. 

…and as far as Joe Biden; I don't know if he has a political future after 2022.

Don't trip 

be very careful we're coming around a sharp corner.

Take a good look in the bridge, the commanding station.

Take a real good look; it's kinda foggy. 

Put your glasses on if you have to; you need to see this.

Look who has their hands on the steering wheel.

The radical nuts, lunatics., the anti-america crew. 

No wonder the US Titanic is sinking, on fire,

moving in the wrong direction and stuck!!

Hold on! Without intervention We're about to hit 

some pretty rough terrain, those massive iceburgs over there. 

I said, hold on and calm down! Alright take a seat 

along the ledge so I can breakdown what is 

undoubtedly mutiny, an American Inssurrection.

Now their motto of

rules for thee, but not for me, make perfect sense.

It's the platform of The Liberal World Order.

Think of China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and every country

that's determine to control humans as if a commodity.

Those countrys are rich, but their people live in stagnation poverty. 

Their dictators have control over their bodies, minds, family

structures, education, diets: sound familiar.

Afghanistan decimation of Americans human life

Unconstitutional vaccine mandates 

8 million jobs lost due to defiance to the goverment

Sexual exploitation of our children, babies in school, 

against our approval or permission

Divisive treacherous division between whites and blacks;

the prey, our chlidren: CRT

The complete anihilation of women, 

The decapitation of the family structure,

by replacing nouns with pronouns; again the prey; our child

Turn America into a jungle of inside-out and outside in 

criminals. Now gangs, terrorist, cartels, and family businesses 

 host total control of America, the newest 3rd world country.

Inflation do high only the entitled can afford

An economy so tathered only the rich benefit

Detroy the value of the dollar and the stock it represents.

A recession 2 seconds from shutting the entire contry dowm.

Which is perfect, all apart of the plan. 

Shut it all down, therefore the only ones that can afford to rise are 

America's dictators

The Liberal One World Order.

at least that was the plan..

Big Foot never saw me coming even though

I've been here along

Boss Baby 

unveiling The Mother Yacht

Z Nation $

Two; these stellar collegiate minds are dumb as doorknobs.

Pretenders, No Plan, No Substance;

Small City; Big Mic!!!

I get it their greed, vanity, and lust led them here.

But without a genius plan, and solid backing; no way to pull it off.

They never took into account Our country's freedoms 

are protected by 

 the Supreme Court, the Filibuster, The Ammendments

the Constitution, The Bill of Rights

and without a majority rule of democrats and republicans

the decimation of any would be literally impossible.

That's why Biden is flying around the world pretending to be 

the man; the leader of the free world. But We're starting to see

what's really going on behind closed doors. He's begging 

worldwide dictators for help in two areas. 1. Futher instruction on

how to overthrow America with 4 months left. and. 2. oil, unless

they give him oil; he will be forced to turn our spigets on again.

Dumbo and Dumber were so sure this cart before the horse

asinine debacle was going to work; he even allowed the enemy to 

sucker him out of our strategic reserve oil.

Of course he's not the mastermind, Mr. Peabrain is. 

Peabrain, limited thought pattern; that's why Biden and Kamala

were the perfect frontmen; and those coming behind them 

with talking points are simuliarly pitiful.

Perhaps the only one that has made an impression

is the one with guts enough to spit out the truth;

or was it out of desperation. They desperately need major

assistance to pull it off. As in a cry for help, help are there any

additional takers, come on y'all we can have it all, and tell the 

pions what to do!!

Let's all give a vigorous hand clap

 to Brian Deese and their figment of imagination

The Liberal World Order

The Liberal One World Order!!


'WE The People'

Who will win, I'm a chess player,

I love a challenge. I tell you what

'We The People' 

don't even need the Queen on board for this one

she can continue to get her beauty rest. and let's make sure 

the rules are very clear; there's no such thing as a stalemate.

We will CHECKMATE them with one pon.

Amateurs pretending to be professionals.

Let's show the entire broke dictatorship world 

How The Free West Was Won!!!


Allow me to start by identifying all those 

on the USA Titanic

Let's start in the bridge, the commanding station.

None of them are qualified to drive; The USA Titanic 

but somehow all of them have been given authorization,

 privileges and power to completely call the shots, behind the scenes. 

It has become extremely apparent because every time they don't get their way: 

they start screaming threats to Our democracy; to the top of their lungs

even at risk of exposure.

Allow me to give you an example of what I'm alluding to: and to be 

very sure I getting my point across I'm bringing some significant voices along too.

But before I do.....

Let's start with this fantastic idea of every american 

running out and getting an electric car. 

November is just around the corner.

..and every time I hear them talk about electric cars;

 I have to laugh; because its a pretty pig. This is not about Americans 

getting electric cars. It's about eliminating all the gas which will cause gas prices 

to escalate and become unaffordable. At least for Us peons.

Restricting driving privileges. Because now we can't afford the gas to drive. 

Everybody, reduced to public transportation; reflecting on the good ole days.

 That's why they keep highlighting electric buses. 

The average electric car cost $59,000. Seriously, a person would have to 

 earn between $100,00 to $200,00 to even consider purchasing an electric car?

According to statistics for 2022; only 15.82 % of Americans make $100,00 or more.

That equates to approximately 84% of Americans catching the bus.

An enforced downgrade of 84% of Americans to public transportation; with a 

few select folks driving electric cars. 

The ones with the biggest mouths are obviously the million dollar slacking babbelers;

 everybody appears to be stuck on stupid. 

For example: Senator Debbie Sabenow with a networth a little less than $1

million; bragging about her luxurious ride; snidely passing the gas stations. Talk about condecendence, arrogance, completely out of touch with today's, American struggles.

Or Peter Buttigieg, networth $750,00. Mr. Baby LOA, & MIA throughout this horrendous 

national supply chain crisis. A slacker, free paycheck for absolutely no display of skill. In his 2 minutes of fame; instead of him giving Us supply-chain solutions. His dialog; electric cars. He had the nerve to brazenly urged folk to buy electric cars to counter gas prices. Electric cars; that even if the average american could afford; wouldn't recieve due to his jacked-up supply-chain.

By the way, we know he's not struggling to get baby food. 

...and John Kerry, the faux Climate Change Czar, networth $250 million; flying around the world

in his private gas guzzler. But, subjectively, aggressively imploring "'We The People'

need to chuck ours immediately. A car or truck vs a jet; picture that. He's taken 16 trips overseas

within the last year. Can somebody; please calculate his gas usage? His babbling entitled slacker words: "The mission could not be more clear: We must slash emissions by a minimum of 45% by 2030. If we do not, it will be near impossible to reach a pollution-neutral planet by midcentury. Has anyone, I'm refering to Us Peons seen the Climate Change Czar's Plan? What's the Plan John? Has anyone seen the blueprint? How do We slash emissions by 2030? 

How bout We start by eliminating your gas guzzler. 

A 45% slash of emissions by 2030, seriously; this is how you can be assured it's a false narrative. There is no legitimate plan in place, to consistently; with precision; place America in withdrawal from emissions to solar by 2030. The only plan that appears to be definite;

that even Ray Charles could see; is China would become the sole-provider. Now if that's

not giving OUR Country away; I dont' know is? This appears to be as snatch and grab; solution. Snatch everything from "We The People" and grab with force to accomodate only the Global Totalitarian Elite; the Illuminati; One World Order.  The point, rules for thee, but

not for me. The babbling slackers give up nothing ; and snatch everything; including our freedom.

Here's one of my favorite babbling slackers Jennifer Granholmwho hysterically laughs 

when asked about this issue pertaining to the energy crisis; which is supposed to be her lane. Supposed, we know she receives a pay-check; but there's zero evidence of a work ethic..

Actually, free paychecks for everyone appears to be the 

Biden-Harris motto; staritng with themselves!

Question; are Joe and Kamala giving US citizens free electric cars? 

I'm not being facetious ; that's a serious question!

They're giving the illegal immigrants and the unvetted Afghans, everything free.

Actually, that's not quite true "We the People' are paying for it.

The point: to place major limitations on the general public, our lives and livlihoods

calculated suppression; would prove to be a massive step toward their goal;

socialist; marxist, totalitarian, communist, authoritarian rule.

 The final weapon; the confiscation of law-abiding citizens; OUR GUNS!

Unable to defend Ourselves from the outside-inside 3rd world country purposeful invasion.

It's a pretty pig, people; human slavery by another name.

Sound familiar, China, Russia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan!

I believe I asked this question earlier; how did we get here?

Well, in order assess fairly the democrats current agenda for America

lets do a quick rewind.

January 2021

Revoked the permit of the Key Stone Pipeline

February 2021

Biden Halts Oil, Gas Leases

March 2021

12 major cities led by Democratic mayors broke homicide

 records in 2021, a result of trying to defund the police.

More than 20 major cities have reduced police budgets in some form.

$870 million cut from police.


Biden's Jim Crow 2.0

April 2021

Biden cancels border wall projects

Inflation speeds up in April as consumer prices leap 4.2%, fastest since 2008

July 2021

Biden’s attempt to rope Big Tech into more censorship

August 2021


The American Soldiers Slaughter, Citizens & eauipment left behind

September 2021

Biden's Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates

November 2021

The U.S. Border Patrol reported more than 1.6 million encounters

 with migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border in the 2021 fiscal year.

December 2021

 US inflation rate rose to 6.8% in 2021, its highest since 1982.

January 2022

US inflation hits highest level in 40 years in January as prices rise 7.5% from 2021

February 2022

Let the illegal immigrants in

Oil & Gas Lease Restrictio

National Crime Wave

Defund ICE & Border Patrol

Jim Crow 2.0




Supply Chain

CDC Czar misinformation

The Green New Deal

Woke Military

Critical Race Theory

Terrorist Parents

Ukrain -Russia war

Ministry of Truth

Supreme Court Threats

The Liberal World Order

In all fairness

Let's hear the B-H regimes take on some of their policies

and the responses from some critical voices.

Let's start with the one they need the most recruits for 


The Green New Deal

Woke Military

Lloyd Austin net worth 7 million

Mark Milley net worth 2 million


Miguel Cardona net worth 1 million


Rochelle Walensky net worth 5 million

Press Secretary

Jen Psaki net worth 30.65 million

Karine Jean-Pierre net worth 2 million

John Kirby net worth 2 million


Secretary of Interior Deb Haaland

Secretary of Housing & Urban Developement Marcia Fudge net worth 2 million

Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh net worth 2.5 million

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough net worth 3 million

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack net worth 4 million

Secretary of Health & Human Services Xavier Becerra net worth 7 million

Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo $10 million

The Southern Border

Homeland Security

Kamala Harris net worth 28 million

Alejandro Mayorkas networth 8 million

Merrick Garland net worth 20 million

National Crime

National Security

Merrick Garland net worth 20 million


Abortion Rights

Defund the Police

Corie Bush

Alexandia Ocasio Cortez

Ironically, after I wrote this section, starting from the acknowledgement of my book 

yesterday (5-26-22). I received a call from Shanghai, China. I was tickled pink when I saw 

where the call was coming from, so I answered it. Sure enough a Chinese female said the name

of a Government entity. She was talking so fast it was hard for me to make out the exact name.

Then she started speaking in Chinese. She repeated herself twice and the call automatically ended.

I redialed, so I could hear the name of the entity again; instead there was more chinese dialog, ending with the female saying in english; the line is busy. LOL, I really struck a nerve.

In all seriousness, if the assassins guns, top chef; are pointed at me over 'mere spoken words'. 

Words, I stand by with integrity, no rescinding. Then, if current alleged allegation prove to be true 

about The Bidens': I can only imagine a $31 million default would undoubtedly warrant 

'Gun the man and his family down' especially; The Big Guy; right?

hosting a narrow window of escape

walk the line or else.

...I'm just saying....

I screen shotted the number, I'll upload it somewhere during this Titanic Tour; as proof.

I can only assume Big Brother gave them my phone number; as a scare tactic. 

Wrong answer!  I have the same exact resolve as those assassins. 

Only, I'm on assignmentfor The Trinity Kingdom.

My assignment is to boldly step into those places that most fear

and witness to those most overlooked due to their lifestyles;

the mafia, illuminati, the underworld, atheist, KKK, 

agnostic, communist, sophisticated gangs and satanic cults; 

with ZERO expectation.

Folks choices are between them and The Trinity God

My only ambition is to Obey 

The Trinity Triune ONE!

Share, Witness, Live and Walk-Out-Loud; without apology

The Trinity Kingdom

I have a job to do. it's a dirty, dangerous job, but somebody's gotta do it.

...and my flight will not take place until my assignment is complete.

Besides, I already saw The Promised Land.,

The New Jerusalem 

which is far beyond beautiful; it more like BREATHLESS.

Words like stunning, beautiful and gorgeous are understatements. 

Like nothing I've ever seen or experienced before, so tranquil 

and serene like, WOW, AM I STILL BREATHING!


No Fear, Never Back Down!!

While they have guns pointed at me,


will wipe them out in miliseconds.

There's only one thing between them and The Fire


2 Kings 1: 10-12

The People vs The Bidens

Listen up People, I'm really thinking about a expediting a lawsuit.

Seriously, dumbo has a fortress built around his house, that 'We The People paid for.

 Yet, he refuses unrepentently to place a fortress fence around our house. 

Undeniable proof: he's literally challenging the Hero Judge that was courageous

 enough to atleast keep the band-aid in place: Title 42..

 I'm seriously thinking about bringing a 'We The People' class-action lawsuit against 

The B-H lawless regime. They break the law; and enforce lawlessness on us. If 'We The People'

 can't have national and international homeland security; neither can he or his faux regime!! 

Who does he think he is?

This is America, 'We are entitled to the same exact inalienable rights as him,

 his family and his socialist, communist adminstration.


50 unfounded terrorists, tens-of-thousands of unvetted afghans

which is actually the front and back door to ISIS; wide-open border

 to more than 176 countries; America's prison break including lifers;

sponsored by left-wing radical District Attorneys AND at minimum two 

assassins recruiting in an attempt to gun down a former President

and a current Supreme Court Justice!!


Take away our guns, that's ludicrous. It's time to stock pile.

Carpool to the law-abiding citizens only, gun range!!!

Practice, Practice; it's not an option.

Law-abiding Citizens Domestic Terrorist Neighborhood Watch

They come for Us, we take them out!!

Unapologetically, on demand; no-holds-bar!!!

Protect Our Freedoms, with Avengence!!

Many countries; all allowed to board free of charge, full amenities

compliments of dumbo and dumber..


...enter at your own risk...

Listen, this last year was never about covid;

it has been about conditioning Us

'We The People'

for their vicious plot of perpituity control. There’s one thing hampering the

Biden-Harris faux regime of dumbo and dumber; malicous vile agenda. 

Sustainabiliy! I got the Gold and we're on opposite sides.

Big Slew Foot stepped in the lane flagrantly confident; Waay too soon.

Their agenda America Last. 

Illuminati One World Communist Socialist Authoritarian Order 1st!

In other words, mind, body, and financial control: human slavery

Decades of planning and it all comes down to this very moment.

My agenda

The Trinity Triune Kingdom

Jehovah God, Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit

Service to Man

America and it's Citizens's 1st.

which includes Israel


The Ministry of Repentance

The Sons

Spotless Blameless

The Trinity Kingdom 

Miraculously Aligned Assigned Universal Church

Z Nation $

All the Money in the World

Coming to America

Eternity’s Priceless Limitless Gold

Second-Sight Supernatural

Vision Photography

A League of It's Own

The Only Game in Town, Country & World.

EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC


The Mother Yacht

...America's Rescuer...

The lane that defends and protect

'We The People'!

EYES Mission:

The American Dream

Put America 1st, Put America Back to Work,

Make America Safe again, Make America Whole again;

and for God Sake Protect the Children.

Today; with a vengeance; without apology!

Boss Baby

Is The New Sheriff In Town, Country & World.

Whoever Has The Gold Makes The Rules!

Heck Makes New Rules!!!

Coming to America!!!

All The Money in The World!!!

Zillion $ Marketplace

Z Nation $

Unstoppable, Uncomprehendable, Spectacular!

No matter which direction I choose, I enter the Marketplace

strong, 9 zeros, cash and carry 100% debt-free. Where 1000-dollar bills

become more common than 100-dollar bills.

Move over boys, there’s a girl in the room, seated at the head of the table.

Not your table; mines, I’m in a league of my own; meet, Boss Baby.

Yours; broke busted and disgusted: and Mines;

 good Limitless Jesus's Gold and plenty.

Despite the current verbiage;

all sides nationally and internationally

are desperate because thanks to good ole Chinese corona;

quiet as it’s kept the entire world is broke…

...You're in recession barter territory...

It ain't personal; it's business. No financially secure entity would align

 itself with unwarranted debt. This is not the judgement zone,

 we just have two completely opposite visions.

Yours America Last:  Mines America 1st.

Yours socialist, communism: Mines freedom, liberty

Yours; One World Order; totalitarian dehumanization

Mines America the Greatest Independent Nation in the World

Yours censorship; Mines free speech

Now there are two tables in the room: Like I said,

 Big Slew Foot stepped in the lane waay to soon!!!

Unstoppable, Spectacular, Phenomenal!


Follow me, stay skintight close and again, watch your step!!!

There are floodgates of illegals barging thru the frontdoor.

If you're not careful you'll get run over or accidentally fall overboard.

This mass invasion appears to be purposefully calculated by the B-H faux regime. The goal

turn America into a 3rd world country. Beat us into submission, take away our voice,

make us welfare dependent; where we can't afford food, houses, or cars.; unless we obey. 

Also, they're counting on the illegals vote; out of loyalty which automatically 

gives them the leverage needed to retain perpituity power.

But for 'We The People' 

Take the Giant Step

Let's annihilate their plan; 

and give them each free one-way tickets to the 3rd world country

of their choice.: China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, North Korea

Z Nation $

dont take my word for it, see for yourself.

Allow me to take you on a Tour of the USA Titanic Wreckage.

We'll start with the Upperdeck, where the rule makers are 

partying. blissfully. The biggest bash of the century. The party of 

Rules For Thee but Not For Me.

Heterosexual Women & Mothers

 Sitdown & Shutup

You've Been Nullified!!!

..and your children, babies, toddlers; mentally, sexually belong to us...

Partying: oblivious to all the pain and heartache they've 

caused, are causing us; without remorse or regret.

Stay focused.

Take a transparent bifocal look folks,

the scoundrels leading America the Biden-Harris

faux regime 'dumbo and dumber' have led the entire

world into a recession; miliseconds away. They literally turned

America's control keys over to our most violent adversaries.

Oil-Russia, economic supply chain, intellectual property superiority,

family wartime secrets-China, and our massive weapons of warfare-

Afghanistan-Taliban featuring ISIS; with Iran and North Korea coming up the rear.

Hosting a freelance terrorist invasion from allsides through the southern border.

Consistently writing blank checks in a deliberate attempt to bankrupt 

America. Spruing every vehicle or tool to keep Us divided; 

demonizing each other from; censorship, cancel culture, 

woke, crt, Jim Crow 2.0, The Black Lives Matter Org. Imposters

the counterfeit voting rights bill, labeling parents terrorists, vaccinating

 our children without our permission, the processional obliteration of straight

women and mothers; the advancement of transgender as real women, the perverted 

sexual war on our children, the free speech fear-factor 

 and the demolishing of the middle-class and the rich who 

refuse to obey.

...public sujugation of the defiant...

...a straight out public lynching...

 ...and then there's their greatest threat; the Church. 

Pethaps not, because I'm looking at punk pulpit pontificators

flagrantly flexing hand allegience too;  to the Illuminati One World Order. 

..and let's not forget channeling with the devil instead of submitting to The Holy Ghost.

These are the worst; traitors to The Trinity Kingdom; without a cause.... 

Oh that's right; the Mt. Pinnacle bow: in exchange for fame, fortune and power.

Luke 4

Observe their inheritances , then observe mines

They have mansions, bentlys, mega churches and planes.

I have inherited Eternity's Limitless Gold.

..and what I have been awarded, the Devil doesn't even have access to.

I'm simply pointing out how they have been duked by the Devil.

Even what he gave them is minuscule compared to what he actually owns.

They're bold enough to flex hand signals to the Illuminati; One World Order.

Jehovah God said; expose them; call them out!

It's all good!

No sweat; Jehovah God, The Father, has hidden warriors

 male and female already warmed up to take their place.

The Sons!!!

Romans 8: 1-14

Besides, We're about to throw the greatest

Authentic Come to Jesus Bash

Phillippians 2:10-11

that ever existed on planet earth. 


Clean House: Rework

Matthew 11:12

...and just so there is no discrepency about the Jesus, We come to boldly celebrate; 

unfortunately due to fake profitliars, there are many different versions.: clarity.


The ONE Raised In The Hood


Can anything good come out of Nazareth?

Who hung out all by himself; gangsterlene as a child.

Even Mom Mary and Pop Joseph had to look for him.

Who’s best friends and closest confidants were gangsters.

The 12 disciples; He actually started out with 70.

Shoot! Peter cut the soldier’s ear off in defense of Jesus.

Of course, Jesus rebuked him and put the ear back on the

soldiers face. But the fact remains that was a gangster move.

The Jesus who gangster whipped; beatdown the imposters

while using strong words; and kick them all out of the Temple.

The Jesus who endured that brutal execution silently


But rose like KING GOD!!!


John 1:46, Luke 2:41, Luke 6:13

John 18:10, John 2:15,

Psalm 24, Psalm 50:12, Psalm 2:1-12,

Matthew 27 & Matthew 28

This is a significant moment in the history of all mankind. 

For the very 1st time in the history of man Jesus and Satan are

expecting the same exact thing. Well actually Satan is demanding it,

Jesus is freewill-adwill requesting it. Either way the great divide, wheat vs tare.

What is it, I'm glad you asked? Unwavering allegiance, loyalty and dedication.

Breakin news, frontpage, out of the closet, ready to die for; wait for it.

Satan's demand; Jesus's request: zero ounce of betrayal.

...last chance; pick-a-side...

..keep walking...

..Captain and Co-Captain's Quarters...

...Stay close...

...and allow me to elaborate the backup weapon 

that ensures 'we peons stay in our place; welfare controlled dependent 

on them. The phoney climate change initiative. I kept wondering why supposedly 

the most brilliant people in the room; graduates of Harvard University, Stanford University, Massachusettes Institute of Technology, University of California of Berkley, Oxford University, Columbia  University, Yale, and Cornell University: Wall Street, Silicon Valley: millionaires, billionaires:

business moguls, worldwide philanthropist; the best of the best.

Would conjure up a plan,' that makes absolutely no sense. 

Absolutely no sense! A plan that literally places the cart before the horse. 

Completely, asinine; and I'm not cursing. There's simply is no other

descriptive word, to get my point across. 

 I'm thinking can they really be that incompetent? Or do they think we are?

 Then I started analyzing their pattern. Low and behold, I realized

 Biden's executive orders have pursued the same exact asinine pattern 

throughout his entire agenda: 

From the border ' just let them in' citizen's safety insignificant.  

Vaccine mandates; 'obey or else' you won't work, eat or sleep

except on skidrow. 

Oil, gas and coal: shut it all dowm now! You will respect and honor our adversaries.

We buy from them instead. Independence what? 'come on man'!

Afghanistan: let them have everything, compliments of Joe and Kamala.

I can't be up pass eight; and I need my sippy cup of milk and cookies.

Dead soldiers; what about them. They got what they signed up for! 

Hello! Come on Man!!! Stupid S.O.B.

Russia; listen my hands are tied;

 as long as he's still my friend; that's all that matters. 

"Remember during the Summit, I talked about the proposition that certain

 critical infrastructure should be off limits to attack period. I gave him a list,

 if I'm not mistaken;  16 specific enities: 16 defined as critical infrastructure for 

U.S. policy; from the energy sector to our water systems". 

Well I can't afford for him to get mad at

me and begin attacking them!


...what you talking about willis?! is he insane, senile, and international adversary complicit?

can someone put him in a nursing home; quick with guard

 rails, a muzzle and a child monitor?

The fastest and strongest way to collapse a Country

is to attack it's energy and water systems. This idiot, by 

his own admission; gave Vladimir Putin a specific list of our

 most vulnerable power and water infrastructures. 


The B-H faux regime's

 1st Public Auction of America

16 Front Door Key Free Giveaway

The Pandemic of Dumbo and Dumber

Again, wouldn't that be considered treason?

Like White House; house arrest, life without parole?

...listen for yourself; you can't make this stuff up...

...push play...

Here's a brief illustration 

of why 

SnatchBack America 2.0

is Our ONLY Option

Everybody, democrats, republicans,

libertarians and independents

Snatch America, The Beautiful; Back: Right Now; 

with avengence. Do not come up for air; until 

'We The People' have the entire land back.

This land, America, The Beautiful, is Our land.

Our forefathers-mothers bore blood, sweat, tears

and death for It's Independence!!! 

Nov 2022 thru Nov 2025.




 "President Joseph Biden"

"There's a lot going on right now but the idea we're going to be able to click 

a switch to bring down the cost of gasoline is not likely

 in the near term nor is it in regard to food".

CNN Anchor Victor Blackwell: 

They say this could be a long war, measured in years.

I think everybody understands why this is happening; but is it sustainable?

Well what do you say to those families that say listen; we can't afford

to pay for any $4.85 gallon for months if not years this is just not sustainable!

Brian Deese

 Well what you heard from the President today

is a clear articulation of the stakes.

This is about the future of "The Liberal World Order"

and we have to stand firm.





Congressman Henry Cuellar

You know simply, there's a left sector of our party that feels that the only standard that should be out there

 is that you should agree with me 100% of the time; and the far left is trying to purify members just like the Tea Party did;

 back some years ago against my republican colleagues. so it's the at the fringes are doing this and

 in my party the left just doesn't understand reality.

The simple left movement is not good for governance, because if you start setting up a circular firing squad. 

and start going after people that you just don't happen to agree with. That's not good you know; I always saw the Democratic Party as the big tent party. You know it's interesting when you look at the word liberal or progressive it talks about looking at diversity. In looking at diversity; the only thing is some of those progressives don't believe in diversity of thought and ideas. 

The marketplace for ideas and that's one of the deficiencies that they need to understand the word progressive.




















On 5/26/22 I felt compelled to share excerpts from my book pertaining to my prophetic visions. A book I started writing in February 2021. A book that Big Brother has left his footprints all over to ensure me he's watching. Prophesies, prophetic visions I shared then that have become realities now. Nobody knew, unless they read the book. Within, 2 hours; I recieve a call from the Government of Shanghai, China. The part of China where not only are there inhumane chinavirus lockdowns; but also deportations to concentration camps

and let's not forget, the most obvious;

assassin guns pointed. 

LOL, I guess it was supposed to be a scare tactic. 

Is this what these greedmongers have attempted to turn Our Country into? A place of fear and intrepidation by the Government' and It's adversaries. 

Not on my watch!!!

























Steve Forbes

Yes, he conveniently ignores the fact the economy is now in a stall. Instead of creating more jobs; 800,000 jobs 

are still short from what they were doing, from pre-COVID. If we had put a normal trajectory we’d have 5 million more jobs today

. … and he's doing; his administration is doing everything they can to block oil and gas development in this country. …and what they ignore is that OPEC for example; has no more slack left in the oil capacity

. We’re at the edge and we've got winter coming up. Where heating prices are going be twice of what they were one year ago. 

That's something people can't really cut back on. So when Pete talks about how glorious things are; people wonder what planet is on. ..and it's not planet earth right now; and he needs to be brought down to earth; and sadly it's gonna take the election to do it.






Steve Forbes

That’s right, but it means more spending; and where do they get the resources from? 

 They get it from the real people in the way of inflation; which is a form of taxation.

 Or over taxes which hurts the economy as well. Printing money is not the way to conquer inflation. 

So you have an administration where you have the nonmonetary factors causing inflation and they're

 making them worst. You have a Federal Reserve that has over $2 trillion overhanging the 

economy of excess money they created last year.

. ..and so they’re like doctors 300 years ago. How did they treat patients? 

They bled them. They thought that cured the patient. 

Well it got rid of the pain and suffering; 'cause they got rid of the patient.



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Jackie DeAngeles

I'm not only a journalist but I'm a student at the stock market too. 

 As of Friday the Dow Jones Industrial Average saw its 1st 8 week losing streak since 1932. 

We all know what was happening in the early 30’s in this Country, that was 90 years ago.

Let's talk about the US stock market this week (5/20/22) down 2.9% , the SNP down 3%; the Nasdaq down 3.82%.

And year to date the numbers are even worse. 

The Dow down 13% , Nasdaq down 27% and the SNP 500 down 18%. 

I'm not talking about protecting hedge funds that invest in the market here. 

I'm talking about mom and pop that invest in their 401K; and they have seen

 massive wealth destruction since January. These people deserve a real answers; 

not we don’t watch that (White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre)!


Dr. Nicole Saphier

 But at the end of the day this White House really needs to get their messaging together.

 Because you have Americans that are suffering and I'm just not talking very small percentage of Americans. But everyone is feeling it from the prices at the gas pump to the prices at the grocery store. To the fact that we as physicians and healthcare facilities. 

We are rationing supplies we don't have Ivy contrast for our medical scans. We don't have lidocaine for our biopsies, and we have there's so many things. Like every day; it's like a little game we play. 

Like oh what are; what do we not have today to do patient care. 

…and unfortunately you hear the President come out and all he's like oh Putin's doing this and Putin's doing that. …and I'm like no Joe; what are you doing; for the American people. Because Americans are suffering, and I don't see you doing much to bring that suffering to an end.





























Dave Chappelle

You Can't Cancel Me.

When you say I can't say something.

 The more urgent it is for me to say it

. ..and it has nothing to do with what you’re saying I cant say.

 It has everything to do with my right, my freedom; to artistic expression.