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MARK 10: 29-31























For such a time as this.

It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it.

If not now, when?

Allow me to start by saying 

I love you. I love my black race.

Here are the poignant words of a thorough 

talented, gifted, civil rights leader.



James Brown

Now we as a culture have been through a lot. I would venture to even say,

 we have been through literal hell; and I'm not cursing! Literally!!

With that being said, I applaud you young people for fighting for Justice.

However, most of you don't really know what it actually means to

 'fight for justice'

Fighting for Justice, does not include, retaliation, revenge or hate.

Hate puts me in prison, love busts me out!

The Hurricane

Fighting for Justice actually means demanding an opportunity 

to prove your self-worth. 

The racist white man doesn't owe us anything material. 

What he does owe us, is waay more valuable than that.

The one thing the racist, Klansman has stolen from Us for generations is


 'equal opportunity to prove our self worth, our value, our contribution,

our legacy' to America The Beautiful'. 

I'm so sick of the same ancestral racist white man and woman 

walking, running, chiming, singing and dancing to:

 'anybody can do it, but you nigger'

I'm even more disturbed by you, fam, continuing to beg them for

something they have no plan on giving us; reparations. 

Besides, the only debt that's actually owed; is equality; which is priceless! 

Our ancestors bore: blood, sweat, tears and death;

 due to the wretched mind of the slave master..

All while maintaining their dignity, integrity, character and honor.

This Land is Our Land, too!

With that being said, the only one that can change the negligible 

storyline, lifeline, narrative about us, is us! The only one that can stake 

a genuine claim in being valuable citizens of America The Beautiful and 

not visitors passing thorough; again; is us. Aren't you tired of being treated like

a 'renter' in a land in which you stake 'equal' claim in ancestral ownership as well? 

Our debt to America wasn't necessarily paid with anything material.

But, if any of your ancestors bore the whip of slave ownership, then your debt

was paid  by them in; 'sweat of the brow' obedience to the overseer.

This negative perception of us, has gone on long enough.  

..and to a certain extent that perception for some of us; unfortunately is accurate.

I personally think it's time to

 reintroduce ourselves in such a way

 it would honor our ancestors; 

and place our current and future generations

on a cohesive path encompassed, in morals, humility, authenticity, 

self-sufficiency, due diligence, work ethic and respect for others.

Talk is cheap, words on paper are just that!

Unless ignited by a dream, a vision, or a reality plan.

For clarity purposes; the only side I'm on is:

The Trinity Kingdom

Jehovah God, The Father, The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, The Son.

...The Trinity King One's Plan...

EYES The Windows of Heaven LLC!

5 Love Projects: 7 years

The short of the long; meaning I'm not going to give you 

in-depth strategy.; just the intro.


Vision Quest Global-Product Overseer National & International

Prince Yeshua's Vault-World Bank

Trinity EYES Showcase-Investor's Crown Jewel

EYES World Fare-6,000 Businesses

The Melting Pot Project-USA Business & Jobs Plan

EYES Franchises-National & International 

 EYES World Fare: 3 yrs

A major portion of EYE's revenue, 

starting year one: after all investors and investments 

are paid; will go toward: 



No US citizen left behind.

Regardless of faith, color, creed, political affiliation, origin,

belief, or stance. WE come to give back to America.

The Fare will be open Sunday thru Thursday. 

Friday & Saturday will be reserved as Sabbath in honor of 

Jesus Christ.

It will be during this time; all giveaways will take place.

It's time for America to start on the path of healing again.

Whether other businesses, investors of the Fare 

choose to participate; will be optional.

Any individual who visits the Fare during the week; 

will receive a free ticket to:

EYES Sabbath Day 24 hour extravaganza.

There will be no selling, during the Sabbath; only giveaways.

WE aim to put families, towns, cities, businesses, education;

back together again. 

With that being said; Jehovah God unveiled His illumination

of the path that wields us back to respectable wholeness. 

...and since I'm standing in my own lane...

Allow me to humbly command my lane.

Father God, in Your Name Jehovah, 

I command what I see here, into there.

Michael, you Arc Angel prepare ye the way.

Move all obstacles, stumbling blocks; including

 seen and unseen warfare; out of my territory.

Father God, bring forth your impenetrable

supernatural protection. So that I may take every stride

of Your Perfect Will: in love; positively, absolutely no fear, 

intimidation or distraction. You didn't give me the spirit of

fear. But of love, power and of sound mind.

Continue Holy Spirit to guide me

 in humility, patience, compassion, and gratefulness, 

again; in all humility; knowing that You Father God

chose me: an undeserved vessel to come through to display 

Your Agape Love; to all whom will receive it.

It's not about me. 

All Hail King Jesus!

Jesus, You Who paid the price for all of us

arrogant, prideful, vain, self-centered, 

ungrateful human beings. 


I bowdown, I completely submit; have Your Way

Do What You Do Best; Bring Glory To Yourself.

All Glory and Honor Belong to You

my precious Trinity King One 

Father, Son & Holy Spirit

and You Alone.

Nevertheless, Thy Will Be Done.


Here's my Plan for the Black Community; Citizens Only.

We're going to reintroduce ourselves:

Meet The Blacks

In these three areas:

1. Precious Children's Academy: K-12

 Children first. Actually this one is for all minority and impoverished

communities. All fifty states; aligned with public schools; yet with an

actual accelerated curriculum. Totally free to the public; the only 

requirements low income and citizen birthed.

2. A nationwide Black Marketplace. 

A Black Showcase. The best of the best!

Perfection excellence: quality bar none... 

3. A Black Wall Street

Men and women of the highest integrity, work ethic, 

with a desire to give back to America too!

All participants must play a role or become a role model for; in

reaching back to raise our children up! Mentorship, tutor, big brother,

big sister. In other words, the entire black community is getting up! 

Nationwide! no more welfare, no more handouts.

We earn our keep! ...and even more importantly; finally

earn the respect; well deserved to take our rightful place in 

the history books

as valuable contributors to this precious land;

The United States of America

 No one left behind.

Our children will no longer be characterized as the slowest learners,

 the dumbest kids on the block; lowest reading and math levels.

 Our youth will no longer be focused on robbing, stealing and killing. 

Emergency room, jail, prison or death 

will no longer be their only alternatives. 

You yourself, will no longer be looking at or experiencing

 living from paycheck to paycheck. Homelessness or the ability to

 own a nice thing or two. 

Now I'm smart enough to know my Plan is not for everybody.

Some of you are not mature enough to see the vision.

Or simply don't have a desire to become a part of it.

..and that's perfectly fine...

See cause my focus is similar to Harriet Tubman. 

We all know and have heard about this

Beautiful Black Queen

& The Underground Railroad. 

How many slaves she rescued. 

But what we barely hear about, if at all. 

Is how many slaves she was forced to leave behind.

Not because she wasn't trying to rescue them; 

but due to their resistance; whether good, bad ugly or indifferent. 

Yet that didn't stop, slow down or hinder her quest in any way. 

Some whom she penciled in on the first round, didn't make it until 

the fifth, seventh; or barely made it out. 

Again, she had an agenda; it too was a dirty job;

and wasn't waiting on anyone. 

I'm even confident, some her journey: she went for many,

 left with none;

but acquired several unexpected along the way. 

Those were the one's whom were the most grateful.

 All because it wasn't anything even fathomable in their

wildest imaginations; an escape: impossible.


I'm said all that; not as a comparison to 

Beautiful Queen Harriet Tubman. 

She wore destiny shoes that were specifically designed for her.

Tailor-made one of a kind. However, her rich legacy of

 Let Freedom Reign

is the inheritance she left for us.

..I'm privileged to do my part...

..service to man..

Just like her, I'm extending the invitation, but

I'm not waiting on anyone and will leave you behind.

Some of you don't want to work with me; due to my method. 

I hear you; war on everybody.

No, war on 'the spirit' of:

 evil, deception, lies, perversion, destruction;

by speaking the unadulterated negative truth. 

The negative truth, is truth; no one wants to hear; 

 it's hurtful, explosive, and provokes exposure.

But that doesn't make it not be true. 

I know my assignment: plow through 'hell' to platform 'holy'. 



Prepare the way for my Master to reach out and touch 'you'.

The same way 'He touched me'.

Your reception or acceptance has nothing to do with me.

I'm just a radical, zealous messenger of 

The Trinity Kingdom.

Some of you have a totally different vision. 

While others are just plain dream killers. I'm not taking it personal. 

Although, some of you, Jehovah God has commanded me not to work with.

Due to malice, hate, envy and secret attempted sabotage.

I transparently see you!

Again, I'm not taking it personal.

Besides, I truly believe this is the season of the underdog,

the forgotten, the taken advantage of, the walked on, 

trampled, the down trodden; the rejected, the mocked,

the shamed; and definitely the givers.

Let's be very clear:

there's only One that I'm aiming to please:

My Precious Trinity King One

Jehovah God, The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ

In that Great Day, my only desire is to hear 

Him say,

my daughter; well done; well done!

Also, this will not be a nah, nah, nah, nah,

moment toward any white person. 

I'll be commanding my lane

 to replenish: work with white individuals also; 

all American citizen

 whom has a desire to advance, and enhance America.

I truly believe everyone should be represented. I personally am

envisioning three Wall Streets: The Original, Black and Christian.

America is the Paradigm Leader of the World!!

It's time for us to soar where the Eagles Fly.

I love my God, my Country and my freedom.

I am pro:

 Supreme Court, The Constitution, and The Bill of Rights

America 1st


Israel is Jesus Christ's chosen family.

So for me to extend special privilege to them;

is a no brainer. It has nothing to do with whether

or not they have chosen to worship Jesus.

That's between Him and them.

 It has everything to do with


Jesus The Christ chose them.

 EYES Love Projects 

are purposed to bring back 

unapologetic, with a vengeance:

The American Dream

Look Up America!

Become A CloudWalker

Take A Walk In The Supernatural Clouds

Venture Into Inner-Outer Space

Journey To The Center of The Earth

Discover Underwater Worlds

Never Ever Seen Before

See The Invisible, Become Visual 

Right Before Your Very Eyes

Like Wow!

Did You See That?

Is It Real?

I Need to See It Again!!! 

The Only Game In Town, Country & World

Vision Photography

Second-Sight Supernatural

Eternity's Gold

Coming to America 


$ Z Nation $

International 2031

But first things, first!

Back to the matter at hand.

When I say racist white man; woman.

I'm not referring to all white people.

There are many precious

 white people 

in existence today

 and even during slavery times. 

There were many precious 

white folks 

who lost their lives, trying to free black slaves. 


There were many precious 

white people

 standing beside you, marching with you, day and night. 

With the same exact passion for justice; 

when it pertained George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Tamir Rice

Breonna Taylor, Trevon Martin, and Eric Garner. 

Just to name a few of our precious lives lost. 

A majority white jury

 convicted the three white racist men

who killed Ahmaud Arbery.

 There were a humongous amount of 

white people 

who donated to the fake 

Black Lives Matter Organization. 

That's right fake, not one victim benefited.

I'm not even sure if any of the victims received

as much as a visit; a card, a telephone call?

It's really sad, because those brilliant brand leaders; 

could have become the modern day; 

'Patriots, Sheroes of Social Justice'.

Instead, they chose to squander all donations;

'mostly contributed by 

white people': 

amongst themselves, family and friends. 

Then endorse black boys walking

 around with men's pants on; as leaders

to stoke violence against 

white people.

Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon,

which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man

who wields it. It is a sword that heals.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Pure genius corrupted by greed and 

delusional dominion grandeur.

Listen, I'm not talking about 

white people in general;

I'm referring to the racist ones.

Starting with Joe Biden.

Who is one of the fakest individuals I've ever witnessed in my entire life.

It literally pains me, every time I see a black individual rooting for him.

He's arrogant, hostile, and God syndrome vain.

He's like tricky Dick, he's smiling in my peoples face, while 

placing daggers in our backs. Every reference he makes pertaining 

to black African Americans is degrading. 

He started with; " If you don't vote for me, you ain't black".

Then he labeled legitimate voting rights legislation as 'Jim Crow'

because quote unquote 'black people don't have, neither can afford proper IDs.

As if we're still living on plantations, with little, to no access to an education.

Translation: 'anybody can do it but you nigger'

This is the guy that said; 

"integrating schools would create racial jungles":

 "without orderly integration, his kids would grow up in a racial jungle: 

he didn't want his children to grow up in racial jungles.

In 1993 he pushed the crime bill

 "warning of predators on our streets who were beyond the pale 

and said;

"they must be cordoned off from the rest:

 "lock the S.O.B's up"! 

He was referring to our black men.

Not just calling them S.O.B, but demanding they be 

locked up; throw away the keys.

Biden's best friend was a well known Klansman; 'Robert Byrd'.

Robert Byrd was an exalted Cyclops of the KKK.

An Exalted Cyclops reports to a Grand Giant-Provincial Leader, 

a Grand Dragon-State Director, and a Grand Wizard-National

Chairman. Robert reported directly to those three; the rest of the 

positions were structure under him.

Robert Byrd was a 'recruiter' of Klansman.

 'Recruiter' is the operative word here.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist

to imagine Joe and Robert's behind the scenes

conversations about, us niggers.

 Biden performed Robert Byrd's eulogy.

Would a non-Klansman be allowed to eulogize a

nationwide 4th in Command

Cyclops Klansman?

Come on fam, walk with me.

By Kamala's own words;

 Joe coddled with admiration the Senators

in Congress who were Klansman; 

during the 2020 Presidential debates.

Then she joins him; and apologizes on national 

television for telling the truth, about this slave master.

She actually said; she should have never said it.


 This is where Big Mama says' 

come here little girl

I'm going to tear your hind parts up; 

you know good and well; 

you weren't suppose to cross the street!

I taught you better! Endangering the entire family.

Go upstairs, I need to calm down.

I'll be up there in a minute.

I'm talking about Kamala. The 1st woman and black woman 
to become Vice President of The United States of America. 

Who won't even open her mouth, to stop the influx of migrants

from infiltrating America. Sexual predators, drug cartels, human smugglers;

and global terrorist. A literal attack on impoverished minority and black communities.

I take that back; she just said on national tv; the southern border is safe.

WOW, WOW; can she get anymore disgraceful. There are photo's of 

individuals dressed in camouflage; with thick ropes; climbing  and scaling 

the walls. Placing their feet on America's turf and then running 

uncaptured off into the sunset. Placing the entire country in danger.

She is worst than I ever imagined. Heartless!

Kamala, who waged a war on black neighborhoods, when she incited and continued to ignite the blazing fire of hate, revenge and retaliation; during George Floyd.

Instead of exampling authentic leadership; in such a tragic situation.

 She was recruiting funds to let real criminals out of jail. 

Egging them on 'they won't ever stop and they shouldn't!

Criminals who pursued innocent victims lives and the destruction of our communities.

No more grocery stores, barber shops, 

hair salons, clothing stores, gas stations, malls,

advancing poverty to extreme levels. 

How much were we worth Kamala;

for you to sell us out like this?

She is a disgrace to all women, especially black women, 

and minority communities.

Can anybody tell me one good thing Kamala had done 

for Us, since she's been in Office?

I take no pride or pleasure in pointing out any black woman's

deficient, ineffective path. It's actually heartbreaking to watch.

We have too many pioneers, who bred blood sweat and tears, to get 

us to this point; to settle for anything less; than the authentic empowerment

of black women, men or children; is ludicrous. To remain silent would prove

to be death to all future generations. ..and an indictment on those

whom deliberately choose to turn blind eye.

It's not like we don't have great black women, true pioneers,

geniuses, masterminds, brilliant, prodigies, intelligent

 to model ourselves by.

Whom came before us, whom actually fought through slavery,

prejudice, racism, segregation, lawn cross burnings, Churches

torched, husbands assassinated, children hung in trees.

The black culture has been through too much suffrage,

to not catch the Freedom baton that has been handed to us. 

Run the Race.

We collectively must pursue with vigor, what we have been

denied: our opportunity to prove our self worth; equality.

Our contribution to America.

 Not with hate, retaliation or revenge; not by stepping on, 

or over each other; or leaving anyone behind.

..and boy are we guilty of that..

But instead, by taking every stride in love, compassion,

understanding, caring, humility, and strength.

Platforming our magnificent gifts, talents and skills.

Never settling for less; than the respect that we give.

Martin Luther King Jr gave Us the mantra

Free at Last, Free at Last

Thank God All Mighty

I'm Free At Last!!

Equity Enslaves Us, Equality Frees Us!

Continue to run this 'justice race'; until equality 

platforms Itself.

...and just in case you need to look back in order to 

p.u.s.h, move forward; with stability and stamina. 

Here are some the most 

extraordinary, character driven, due diligent, selfless,

passionate, precious, compassionate, precision focused,

time sensitive, self sufficient, self managed, integrity

bar-none, authentic pilots, visionary, trailblazing

results proven, beautiful black icons.

Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Ella Baker, Josephine Baker,

Daisy Bates, Mary McLeod Bethune, Elaine Brown, Shirley Chisholm,

Septima Clark, Anna Julia Cooper, Angela Davis, Marian Wright Edelman,

Amy Ashwood Garvey, Fannie Lou Hamer, Dorothy Height, Claudia Jones,

Flo Kennedy, Pauli Murray, Diane Nash, Rosa Parks, Jo Ann Robinson,

Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin, Maria Stewart, Mary Church Terrell, 

Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Barbara Jordan, Claudette Colvin, Madam C.J. Walker,

 Lyda D. Newman, Ruby Bridges, Fannie Lou Hamer, Marsha P. Johnson, Audre Lorde, Marian Anderson, Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, Mamie Smith, Ella Fitzgerald, Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Mahalia Jackson, Etta James, Coretta Scott King, Maya Angelou, Mamie Till, Betty Shabazz, Ruby Nell Bridges

Run The Race

Chase Freedom Down


Back to Joe:

"poor kids are just as bright as white kids"

Just disgusting!

..and we don't even want to discuss how his egregious unconstitutional vaccine

mandate corrupted all communities; but particularly the black community; and especially our children. He has at least three pones right now, with 

'their foot on our children's neck'. 

Still inflicting this illegal vaccine mandate on our precious children. 

Muriel Bowser, Washington DC, Kathy Hochul, New York, 

and Gavin Newsom, California. 

Muriel who is black; won't even allow children to do online 

learning if they haven't been vaccinated.

 Statistics say only 25% of black children have been

vaccinated in Washington DC. Which literally means she's

blocking 75% of innocent black children from acquiring

 an education; 

after this atrocious two year lockdown. 


Mayor Eric Adams and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul have

 both said they support making Covid vaccination 

for all public school children mandatory (May 2022).

 Who does it effect the most; the

 impoverished; and especially African Americans. 

 72% of African American children have not been vaccinated. 

Seriously, Eric eliminates covid mandate requirements

when it pertains the athletes.

 But still wants to hold our precious children hostage. 

When studies show children are least affected.

We hear more about him partying amongst the celebrities; 

than anything concrete; when it pertains to crime solving.

 Eric was hired to take down, handcuff, the bad guys; clean New York up.

Yet it appears the only gun he has pointed is 

actually a needle; chasing 72% of innocent black children down,

no shot, you lose your spot; to an unvaccinated illegal immigrant.

He ought to be ashamed of himself, bullying his own. 

Vulnerable parents and children.


The US Supreme Court, annihilated Joe and Kamala's unconstitutional

vaccine mandate. Yet, he's still open to oppressing our, precious black 

children with it. Which would cost them additional disparities 

when it pertains to acquiring a solid, vibrant, thorough education.

He needs the original Mandingo 

 to snatch him up and throw him in the ring.

As a staunch reminder of

 all the bruises, stripes, beatdowns in chains 

he took; in order to protect, black women and especially 

our precious black children. 

Is it too early to fire him?


Now when you look and hear Kathy it becomes very obvious

 she's out-of-touch with reality. 

Come on, she bragged, about the ruthless criminal who

deliberately knocked an innocent man out, unprovoked.

She bragged about him being locked back up. Declaring she, New

Yorkers should take note, she was the one whom had him locked back up; 

as if she literally went there and placed the handcuffs on him

and shoved him in the police car. 

Is anybody home? The answer, NO!

Seriously, New Yorkers, hasn't she and Bill DE Blasio placed enough

oppression on you; when it pertains to the unconstitutional vaccine mandate?

That was a lot of authoritarian power right? 

..and neither of them hesitated to enforce it.

Restaurants, schools, grocery stores, all public places: forcing

Private Businesses to be unpaid Covid Police; otherwise strict penalties.

 DE Blasio bragged on national television, 

about being an unrelenting Enforcement Officer.

 They must obey! Because, I said, So!

...roll back the tape...

Kathy can't possibly relinquish the totalitarian grip, right! 

Let's see the new bail reform laws, 

implemented by Alan Bragg

keep the communities under direst

The criminals do the work, keep rereleasing them.

..and a continuation of covid-mandates on schools 

reinforce resolute compliance.

Control must be maintained, no matter the cost.

New Yorkers, haven't you had enough? 

Their draconian authoritarian rule have run prominient

businesses, police officers, fire fighters, doctors,

nurses, emt's school teachers and families; out of town.

Kathy, with Eric's approval were even attempting to 

invade your law-abiding citizen voting rights, by including

illegal immigrants. 

Fortunately, The New York Supreme Court ruling

eliminated any such notion.

Which proves how valuable you are to them;

seconds away from illegal unvaccinated immigrant replacement.

Then Kathy had the nerve to insult your intelligence,

by saying; Lee Zeldin and the republicans are dictators.

Talk about adding insult to injury; that would allude

to you, New Yorkers are too stupid to realize who's 

 covid dictatorship 

whip and chain you've been suppressed by; 

with DE Blasio screaming from the skyscraper

rooftops; and Hochul clenching his hand. 

Obey or else! Because I said, so!


Again, I asked you New Yorkers; population 87,867,000

with a minority population 8.85 million; haven't you had enough?

The trajectory has changed from competition between democrats and 

republicans. The trajectory: 

Oppression vs Freedom!

The deadline: November 8, 2022

Action speaks louder than words.

Will you choose Freedom over Oppression?

Power to 'We The People! 

Snatch America Back 2.0

November 8, 2022

..and then there's Gavin Newsom, whom has literally 

did or accomplished what was impossible; unimaginable. 

Beautiful, flourishing Cali! Anybody, who wanted to be recognized 

as somebody, would move to Cali. The home of the rich and the famous.

One of the top tourists traps in the entire Country; if not number one. 

At least, before Gavin came to town, wielding his Covid whip and chain.

He, all by himself, has destroyed California. Tore up from the floor up!

More than 360,000 people left California in 2021. The state of California's

 population declined 0.3% between 2021 and 2022. Hollywood fleeing 

California high taxes for New Mexico. Hollywood is also headed east 

to resume content creation.

More than a quarter of a million people ran, like in flee mode from a war.

Big businesses, small businesses, families; run, run, run for your life!

The majority of the ones still there are those who can't afford to move. 

Don't get me wrong his rules

 don't and never did apply to the rich and famous. 

We've witnessed them, including him, continue to violate

in our faces. Whether, partying, ballparking, or restauranting.

This is not an indictment on the rich and famous.

But it is an indictment on the politician. Who was hired to

cater to all his constituents, not a select few.

The democrats oppression, suppression

 is aimed at the little guys' the peons;

 'We The People'. 

He used Covid as a weapon to tear up, rip to shreds;

 black, minority and impoverished communities education. 

Shut the schools completely down, while opening them to unvaccinated

illegal immigrant children. Then, he put up a massive sign, to taxpaying 

parents; no shot, your children lose their spot. ..and by the way, we don't 

need your permission to give them the shot. 

Homelessness, there's probably almost as many people living

on the street; as there are living in houses. Zero intervention.

All criminals welcome, especially you blacks ones. Steal as much as 

you can. No penalty, time served. We'll called it reparations. 

...hold that thought...

A covid wrecking ball of ruination.

You and I both know, these deliberate oppressive acts; 

have nothing to do with Covid.

When Covid was at its height; children were the least affected. 

 It has everything to do with annihilations of education 

when it pertains to the future generations of blacks and minorities. 

Its a constant reminder of what every African American citizen 

experienced in previous years. The white racist man saying; 

'anyone can do it, but you nigger!

Muriel needs a good ole fashion behind whooping 

to remind her where she comes from; 

where her loyalties should lie

Not with some old racist white man.

But with the future of our precious generations. 

If she had any dignity, an ounce of integrity,

 she would resign.


...and then there's racist white woman 

Janet Yellen suggesting

'black women' 

are affected the most by this new direction;

 pertaining to current abortion laws";

due to poverty. 

Are you kidding me?

There are only 11 States with strict abortion restrictions. 

Leaving 39 more with limited or no restrictions. 

Seriously, black women travel wherever they 

want; to get but, hip, breast implants and face lifts.

Some even venture out of the country. Give me a break!

I am pro-life. 

But, I was on the other side.

Meaning, I had an abortion. I killed one of my children.

God's precious gift of life.

 It was before my illumination of the revelation by 

The Trinity Kingdom

Jehovah God, The Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ

with Jehovah God Commanding the Lead;

with His firm stance on the matter.

 He was firm, with the reality of what I had done.

Like heart wrenching, heart breaking, 

unacceptable; tear jerker, unwavering firm.

About my irrevocable selfish choice.

Then He smothered me with, His unconditional love.

Glory Cloud Surround Sound of forgiveness!

Overall, my advise to pro-life men and women;

 is to be sensitive, gentle, kind, and understanding; 

when it pertains to the pro-choice male or females stance. 

While we might be total opposite in posture;

Delivery is King.

 We all have a freewill to make life choices. 

We just don't have a freewill in the consequences 

of those very choices.

...and my advise to pro-choice men and women.

The reality; this is America.

The Land of The Free

Freedom of expression, beliefs, faith

culture, speech, and choice.

We pro-lifers have just as much right to want 

abortion to be illegal; as you do; in wanting  

abortion to be legal. 

The beauty in The US Supreme Court Decision

is it allows both you pro-choicers and us pro-lifers

to have our voices heard and stances platformed.

Negotiation, compromise, respecting 

one another's postures

whom are totally opposite; not agreeing but respecting

 without violence, intimidation, revenge or retaliation.

Is true democracy.

This is how you know democracy is working.

There are 13 states that ban abortion.


There are 21 states with zero abortion restrictions.

Abort up until birth.

There are 16 states with limited abortion restrictions. 

Abort up until, a predetermined amount of weeks.

Any further negotiations must be pursued at State levels;

between the voter and the Office Holders.

Democracy means citizen voices are heard and 

and resolutions are comprised that not only represent

but include all.

Now, the only way to crush a vicious malicious lie;

is with the transparent authentic truth.

Let's start with; 

the democrats could care less about

pro-choice abortions. Otherwise the fake Squad,

AOC, Rasheeda Tliab, Ilhan Omar who

are women of color, by the way would not have been

 perpetuating being locked up; in hand shackles. 

It's all a farce. 

The despicable Lori Lightfoot made a 

'call to arms'

on gay rights; not abortion rights.

Detestable Chuck Schumer's, only goal is deep state.

100% perpetuity power the democrats, so he can 

rule over us, from his rocking chair.

Nancy Pelosi, tore up Donald Trump's

Presidential Speech on national 

tv; while he was speaking.

She called for his impeachment; 

over a phone call

where he brought up a question about

Hunter Biden's business dealings in Ukraine.

They impeached him arguing; he was using 

The Power of the Presidency

 to go after a political opponent.

 Yet, she remains quiet, silent as Joe Biden

circumvents, the constitution, literally, breaks the law;

on such things as vaccine mandates, open borders endangering

our lives, places a choke hold on our economy, squeezes the literal

life out of us; while flirting in our face; with the most malicious

enemies on the planet. Begging them to help us. 

Us, the Free World,

The Paradigm Leader of the World. 

Turning corrupt bills into laws; 

that perpetrate the actual path. Creating the greatest

wealth transfer in the history of America. 

The Infrastructure Bill cost $3 trillion.

Question; does anybody see any roads being fixed, airports 

restructured, new buildings to house America's impoverished and 

homeless? As of August 2021, there were 580,466 citizens homeless.

Among the nation's racial and ethnic groups, 

Black Americans have the highest rate of homelessness.

It's time for 'We The People

to be come good steward of our money.

Require online accounts of all monies being allocated.

The when and the where.

Results otherwise wealth transfer

There has to be a tracker

 Show Us the money or results!

The American Rescue Plan cost $1.9 trillion.

 Can anybody tell me who are the 

beneficiaries of this plan? Rescue involves recovery. 

Somebody need to testify to rescue and recovery.

All I know is Nancy got a park in her neighborhood.

Again, tracker, results or the money!

The faux Inflation Reduction Act.

According Mark Theisen and Bjorn himself.

Bjorn Lomborg; the climate expert took his COQ numbers

 the from the bill and plug them into the UN climate model.

You know what he found?

 By the end of this century, the bill will reduce global temperatures

 by 0.009% degrees Fahrenheit to 0.028 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century. So not only will it not reduce inflation, it's not going to reduce 

global temperatures. The greatest, white racist wealth transfer ever.

Listen, black people, my precious family.

 You know we inherited from this faux law?

The Po-Po,

 An Iron Army!

 The deployment of 87,000 IRS agents to harass all Americans.

But you know we're the ginny pigs right? 

The first to experience the wrath!

Well, I take that back, this time they started with

their nemesis, arch enemy, rival, their greatest threat another 

white man: Donald Trump.

Nobody should be laughing at this situation right now.

They're literally flaunting their lawless power and authority

of fearmongering. Whether you like or hate Donald, it's transparently

clear, this is their last illegal attempt at a public lynching.

Basic law states innocent until proven guilty.

Yet, the co-chair Liz Cheney of the Jan 6th Committee

vehemently expresses her hate publicly for Donald. Had her father

do a national commercial about his hate for Donald.

All while the January 6th Committee is still in session. 

That's discrimination, a violation of equal treatment under the law. 

On those legal grounds alone, the January 6th Committee should

be immediately disbanded. It bares no constitutional standing.

 It has been egregiously tainted, corrupted by 

it's Own leadership. 

Every citizen and noncitizen

is entitled to fair unbiased trial; under the law.

 The DOJ, the FBI, invaded Donald's mansion;

with a general warrant; that said; collect whatever you

see; like everything. Which clearly, based on the warrant

would include Melania's panties, if in a box, next to a box

with papers in it. They did enter her bedroom.

A violation of his 4th amendment right.

The DOJ, Merrick Garland, who brazenly told us.

we had no right to criticize the DOJ or the FBI.

Yet, he hasn't said one public word to ensure again;

Donald's equal treatment under the law,

 when it pertains to the daily leaks coming from the very Agency, 

he's demanding our respect. No one word to ensure us, he's 

going to intervene.

That's because his stance with us, the general public,

is that of; Fearmongering: censorship; shut up!

Rules for thee, but not for me!

Some of the same Supervisory Government Officials 

of the DOJ, the FBI

and few Biden's cabinet members

involved in the Russia Hoax and Hillary's

legally proven fake dossier are overseeing or in some way

in legal connection with the current investigation.

Sounds, like discrimination to me; at the least a conflict of interest.

Two impeachments, the January 6th Committee, a 4th amendment

breach on Mr. & Mrs. Trump's personal private property;

which included her panty drawer.
...and the best they got is Liz Cheney saying

she's running for President in 2024

to stop Donald Trump!

It would be hilarious, if it wasn't so egregious!

Again, black family, stay with me, stay woke.

 I know long winded; but OG lessons are life sustaining.

Back to Nancy,

 who hasn't called an impeachment on Joe Biden. 

Where her republican colleagues Chuck Grassley and 

Ron Johnson are saying they've witnessed the evidence 

on Hunter's laptop of probable collusion 

with foreign countries. Proof of monetary exchanges

at levels that don't equate with normal business transactions.

...and have whistleblowers approaching them

every week about the FBI's coverup. It's demand on lower level

staff to hush on anything pertaining to Hunter's laptop; specifically

during the 2020 Presidential campaign.

Where Mark Zuckerberg is admitting the FBI told him and 

his staff it was Russian disinformation; and should be treated as such'

In other words; censor the public; whether news outlets or general public.

Where Twitter censored any such communication; and shutdown accounts

business, professional or general; pertaining to the Biden Dynasty.

White House records, revealing oligarchs visiting Joe on numerous 

occasions, in the White House; when he was Vice President.

Hunter's partner, unveiling emails between and Hunter's 

associate and confidant; labeling Joe Biden 'The Big Guy'!

There are photo's of Joe, Hunter and oligarch's in Mexico.

There's legitimate evidence connecting

Hunter to Russian, Ukraine, and Chinese Oligarchs.

There's proof he accepted millions from all of them.

There's proof he paid his Daddy's bills with some of the money.

There's corroborating evidence and witnesses that 

Joe Biden is The Big Guy. 

Yet, there's no proof that Nancy has solicited, rounded up

her democrat and republican colleagues to

 file impeachment papers on Biden!

 Instead she turns her haughty head in the opposite direction. 

Tries her best to drown the republican voices 

with her big speaker mic. 

From the outside looking in. This is Swamp corruption; at it's best.

Rules for thee, but not for me!!

Fam, I hope you realize by now, although the massive 

attack in on Donald Trump, it's really not about Donald Trump.

It's about 'We The People' starting with us, blacks, minorities and 

the poor. If they are allowed to flex their authoritarian,

totalitarian, marxist socialist unconstitutional rule of law on 

him; and get away with it. 

Then our houses will be surrounded 

by the newly enforced Po-Po. 100 deep at the break of dawn;

guns pointed; man, woman and child. 

Take everything, lock and key. 

Where's the nearest sanitarium

they had a gun? Legal, who cares?

This is a declaration of insanity.

Whatever, I say goes!

What are you waiting for, cart them off to the nearest sanitarium.

Take what we want and put a government lock on the property.

 Back to the matter at hand; abortion.

First of all, let's break the democrats vicious lie; 

with the authentic truth.

The US Supreme Court did not place any restrictions on abortions.

Please stop listening to these frontline lying democrats. 

They're deceptively trying to gain your vote.

The Supreme Court actually took the side of 

'We The People' 

Their Decision actually protects 

'Us "We The People"

in the future;

from the government overreach; controlling our lives .

As Biden-Harris tried to do with the illegal vaccine mandate.

In essence 'The US Supreme Court" is saying the federal government

which includes the President, Congress, House or Senate have no;

absolutely no; authority in this matter. This matter should only be

determined at individual State levels; by the leadership that 

"We The People vote into State Offices. 

Now that's major because these wicked individuals whom currently 

lead are far worst than racist. They're socialist, marxist, authoritarian,

totalitarian, pursuing communism. 

You heard it for yourself fro the Secretary Brian Deese.

The Liberal Order, no matter the expense or casualty.

(paraphrased). They will stop at nothing in their delusional

attempt to control human cargo. What did Schumer say,

when they passed the fake Inflation Reduction Act.

His words: 'we did it, we changed America. The hidden agenda,

the Inflation Reduction Act, The Infrastructure Bill, and ___


The illegal Student Debt wipeout, is a WEALTH TRANFER 


Leaving the rest of us, including some precious white people

doomed for horrendous deprivation, hardship and destitution.

These individuals are heartless. But then again, their being led by 

a racist, prejudice, bigot; who's best friends and closest associates

were Klu, Klux, Klan.

See I truly know what racism is, I experienced it, as early as four years old. 

I recall my mother taking us back to her home state, home town, of New Orleans, Louisiana. My great grandparents live in a beautiful rancher in New Orleans; my grandparents lived in a not so nice area; in Baton Rouge.

I remember, us sitting in the front of the bus, on our way to see our grandparents 

in Baton Rouge. It seemed like the bus wasn't moving for a very long time. 

Suddenly, the bus driver turned around and asked, my mother where she was from. 

She said, originally from here, but I have been living in New Jersey for many years now. He said, ma'am, I am unable to move the bus until you move to the back.

She didn't say a word, she grabbed us and we move to the back of the bus. 

The bus driver started the engine. Finally, we get to my grandparents 

house and I notice it didn't look as nice and my 

great grandparents house. 

Now even, though I grew up in Camden, New Jersey,

 which has always had the ghetto label. We always had nice things; 

I'll even venture to say, in most cases the best; of the best.. 

My mother was a seamstress, artist, cook, and poet.

 She was a hard worker, with good credit. We never lived without lights,

 a telephone; or food. ...and as for clothes; we had the best; because her and my oldest brother made them. He was a designer; he designed and sowed clothing without a pattern. Whatever we couldn't afford, she made.

 When my stepfather came on the scene, our lifestyle became even more enriched. 

So to see my grandparent's living conditions, even at four, was a culture shock. 

But, it gets worse, several blocks away, were Klu Klux Klansman burning crosses

on lawns. I was scared out of my wits; again; I was only four.

Once my mother realized, we heard her

and my grandparents talking about it; she gave us a mini lecture. 

There are four things I remember her saying, 

that I have lived by my entire life.

1. Hush child, God will protect us.

2. Besides we have Stokely Carmichael and Dick Gregory defending us.

3. Listen, when you grow up, be the best you can be.

I don't care if you become a trash collector. Be the best trash collector

 that ever existed.

4. Be tough (my mother was very petite), I may be a small piece of leather;

 but I'm well put together.

I said, all that to say; the majority of you have the right motive;

but not quite the right method. There's never a time or era 'to 

get up' on hate, retaliation or revenge. 

Have we, Black, African Americans been oppressed; yes!

For decades; and without appropriate intervention.

But this time it's worse, without intervention

we are on the FastTrack toward annihilation.

This current Administration has it's foot on our neck.

While It smiles in our face.

It ain't personal it's how they live. They think of us as illiterate,

ineligible, uneducated, Ginny pigs. We are their experimental 

projects. We're the ones they get to boss around and do 

whatever they want to, whenever they want to. ..and don't

be distracted by the blacks on the frontline, simply pones;

who have agreed to sell us out; for the sake of self preservation.

I'm not mad at them, it's the choice they chose. It's the choice 

they have to live with. Let their own conscience, be their guide. 

But from a heart-to-heart perspective;

 it's time for us, the very ones, labeled as peons 

'to get up'! 

...and we ain't asking for permission either. 

It's time to grow up people. 

Let go of our emotions and see the transparent

picture here. There is no room in the Biden-Harris agenda for us. 

There isn't an honest bone; all fake. 

Take this transparent walk with me for a minute. 

But before you do allow me to say; I have the answer that's

going to finally release the invisible chains 

and egregious crosses off our backs. 

We ain't going back!

 Press play: Forward March!!!

Also, allow me to reestablish, the only side I'm on is 

The Trinity Kingdom

Jehovah God, The Holy Spirit & Jesus Christ.

EYES The Windows Of Heaven LLC,

demolishes their chains

on blacks, minorities and the poor.

 No longer will we be their pone, or pet pilot project. 

This last vicious, wicked moves by The Biden-Harris Administration, 

as in the redistribution of the wealth.

Set themselves, their families and friends up in protection from harsh times.

While leaving, place additional weights of suffer: on all those who disagree

with them; as well blacks, minorities and the poor. 

Will prove to be a set-up of self sabotage. 

They eat, we starve. 

At least that's the plan

A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's; children, and the 

wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.

Proverbs 13:22